Supernova RemnantA while back I was spending time with my good friend Hope. We were having a fun time discussing the supernatural, God, etc., which is pretty common for us. A topic we have regularly touched on is supernatural physical transportation. This has many names, but among the most common are ‘translocation’ and ‘teleportation’. Oftentimes the word used has little to do with any notable difference, but is just a matter of who is using the terminology.

For those who are unfamiliar with this concept, it appears it at least two notable places in the Bible. The most oft-quoted Bible-passage where this phenomenon occurred is in Acts 8:39-40 when Philip was taken up by the Spirit from the presence of the Ethiopian eunich and moved to Azotus, some distance away. The other obvious instance of physical transportation found in scripture is in John 6:21 when Jesus stepped in the boat with his disciples when he was walking on water and they were immediately on the far short. This phenomenon can be placed within the purview of the ‘gift of miraculous powers’ in 1 Corinthians 12.

God has shared a few details about translocation with me from time to time, and one of the concepts He showed me is that this is to be a team-process, not just an individual one. What I was shown about this concept of team-transport is that it isn’t going to be something that one person learns and then shows or instructs everyone else, but that a team of people was going to work together to bring the revelation and experience about. He didn’t specify who this team was, as I am sure it is a much more global event and many of the ‘team members’ would never know each other. In spite of this fact, the interplay between people and the sharing of revelation and experiences from one person to another causes everyone together to achieve more than one can alone. With that said, I already knew that Grace was a part of my local ‘chapter’.

Long before I even knew her, the Lord told Hope that she would one day be teaching people how to physically transport themselves from place to place supernaturally. I have felt a desire for this as well – both to do it myself and to teach others. On a natural level it seems imminently practical. With the price of gas rising over the past number of years and no real stabilization in the world’s commercial markets, we can only assume this trend will continue. The way I see it, why pay hefty gas prices when I could simply skip most of the travel-portion of a trip and arrive at my destination with a full tank of gas? Additionally, it is a prudent use of resources, far better for the environment, reduces wear on your vehicle, and saves time. Or at least that’s what I had thought until I started to learn more by discussion, revelation, and experience. What I thought, while true, is only part of the picture.

To back up a while before this conversation with Hope, my wife and I had a couple of experiences of being transported while driving together. The two most recent ones happened while driving back from a home-group that usually meets two hours north of us. The first time we translocated home from one of those get-togethers we observed that we skipped 22 exits on the highway and arrived home approximately 15 minutes early. The second of the two events happened during a snowstorm – it had started snowing on the drive up, and by the time we were ready to leave and driving back, the roads were much more snow-covered. A number of cars had already been escorted into the ditch, so we drove at half speed. We spent one hour of the trip at normal speed and one at half speed and arrived home in the normal 2 hours. What SHOULD have happened is that our two-hour trip should have taken three hours, but instead we traveled the same distance at half the speed and arrived in the same amount of time, traveling the entire physical distance.

I learned something from those two experiences which I have never heard anyone else share, and that is there are at least TWO different ways someone can get transported. One is by alteration of space and the other is alteration of time. As I said above, my thoughts about the benefits of physical transport are true but aren’t the whole truth, and that’s because I had discounted the option of traveling with a time-alteration. The benefits I had listed only apply if there is a space-alteration. And there are other differences too.

For instance, the benefits of space alteration are very useful if we need to get from one location to another. We can arrive faster, or even instantaneously, if we transport in space. We save time that way, and if we are using a vehicle we gain the other benefits I listed above. There are other possible benefits as well. For example, let’s say we need to travel across a body of water that is otherwise impassable – say from the Mainland US to Hawaii. The amount of faith required to drive ON the water for that distance, not to mention the amount of gas it would take and/or to faith the gas tank full, the length of time one would have to be driving, and any other hazards of driving a car across a vast ocean all come into play. Given that option, translocating and cutting all of the watery parts out of the equation is a much better plan. Think of it as a type of space-bending where you fold space and drive across the smaller distance. The water would be in the folded-over part and land on both of the shorter pieces. That was how I have conceptualized it in the past, and while it is an overly simplistic explanation, it adequately addresses the basic concept.

Time alteration is equally beneficial and it has some unexpected applications. Some of these applications were obvious to me at first, but others didn’t come to light until Hope and I got together and talked months after the two transport events. The main benefit of altering time is that you travel the whole distance but do it in less time. If you are late, trying to avoid rush-hour traffic, on a long trip, etc., altering the flow of time around your vehicle is a fantastic way to travel. While you don’t get the gas savings, you save a bunch of time that can be ‘spent’ at your destination.

For instance, if I woke up late one day for a plane flight, and the flight was supposed to take off in five minutes, no amount of physical transportation is going to help me. Even if I was instantly transported to the baggage check area with my baggage, and then transported to the security line and then spirited away to the terminal and walked onto the plane, it would take more than five minutes. I probably wouldn’t be dressed and ready to LEAVE in five minutes, and besides, even if I was ready to leave immediately, the security checkpoint would make me late for sure. This is where time alteration becomes handy. If I alter the flow of time around me, I can take my good old time getting up, dressed, and making my way to the airport. I can leisurely check my bags and move through security, then saunter confidently onto the plane, all with three minutes to spare before takeoff is scheduled.

What makes this particular aspect of translocation is that the benefits are not limited to travel. As I said before, this method is useful even if there is NO trip to be taken. Using time alteration properly, it is possible to complete two hours-worth of yard-work in fifteen minutes. If I were particularly tired at work, I could take a LONG nap on my ten-minute morning break and wake well-rested and ready for the rest of my day. These are only two examples, but the variety of applications are immense.

As we looked at the benefits of each type of translocation, Hope and I realized that there are times when one method of travel is more useful than the other. In other words, each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to be aware of them if this is to become a common practice. As mentioned before, no amount of time alteration will move the Pacific Ocean out of the way. But if we bend space, it disappears and we can travel easily. If there is ever some sort of impassable object in the way – whether a dead end with a road on the other side, a river with a bridge out, or a mountain with no roads leading across it, physical transport is an imperative. It comes with the fuel-savings benefit and because the trip crossed a smaller amount of distance, it also takes less time.

Time alteration is useful when there is business to be conducted while en route. For example, the amount of prayer, conversation, etc. that can happen in a six-hour car trip with a friend is substantial. But what if you were able to have the span of time INSIDE the car that covered about six hours, but your actual experience external to the car was only about forty-five? You would arrive at your destination far sooner than planned, but you would have been able to engage in all of the prayer, communion, revelation, etc. due to the length of time you were able to spend talking and sharing with each other? If you had been transported physically, you would have lost the benefits of that trip together. Time alteration is also useful when there is no trip to be had, and when you just want or need to get something done faster.

When Hope and I were discussing all this, something else very cool happened. There are times when the best way to learn things you don’t know is to teach someone else. The reason for this is that at times when you are explaining something to someone else you may say something really profound which turns out to be new revelation. The fun part is that you heard it for the first time when you heard it come out of our own mouth. In fact, it may have been so good that you stopped talking just to process whatever you just said. Knowing that this happens it is possible to take advantage of the revelation-on-the-go method of teaching and start trying to teach people how to do this stuff, knowing full-well that I would learn on the way. Hope and I discussing this topic had this very effect, and we uncovered additional understanding.

We discovered that when physically traveling, there is no actual bending of space taking place. If we were doing that, there would be an alteration of physical structures which is obviously not happening. Entire buildings would be crushed in the bending-process, which means that bending isn’t what happens. While it makes explanation easy to our limited minds, what is happening is that our EXPERIENCE of space is being altered, not the space itself. The same is true with time. Time as a whole is not altered, but our experience of it is. When my wife and I drove home in that snowstorm, there was a jeep in front of us most of the trip. While it is possible that jeep was an angelic vehicle, it is equally possible it was just a jeep with normal human passengers. If it were the latter, they most likely did NOT experience the time-change that we did, and therefore their trip took the whole three hours while ours only took two. The only reason this is possible is that our experience of time and that of the vehicle we were in was altered, but nothing else. A way to conceptualize this is if you think of moving through time while traveling a distance, then stepping sideways outside of the flow of time while still traveling the distance. When you step back into time, you step back in where you stepped out, and thus the experience that little or no time has passed. If we spent an hour on our trip at normal speed, an hour at slow speed, and then one hour’s worth of time where we stepped out of the stream of time entirely but were still traveling, that explains how we were able to travel three hours-worth of distance in two hours’ time.

Where this idea starts to mess with my brain is when I look at other possibilities. What would happen if at the end of the trip that jeep and we ended at the same destination? If we compared watches, would theirs be an hour after ours? Or would they too get brought into our time-alteration experience as well? How is it possible for two vehicles to travel the same distance within view of each other, but have one arrive an hour sooner than the other? I have no answers to these questions at this time, but these are the sorts of questions that get my mental gears moving.

I’m the type who likes to understand the hows and the whys of things, and like to really grasp not just THAT they’re happening, but like to understand them in-depth. I honestly believe that we are stepping into a time where this sort of thing is necessary to learn, and believe that God WANTS us to learn how to do it at will. The only way I know how to learn something that no one else seems to know how to do either is to ask, seek, and knock for the revelation and the experience, and to evaluate my experiences and those of others. I hope and pray that the information we have uncovered with be helpful in your journeys through time and space, and I ask that anyone who has learned or uncovered anything on the subject either through revelation or experience share it with me as well as anyone else who is hungry and seeking. I believe that as we learn, grow, and share together, our Team-Travel experience will be more enriched, but I also believe this will accelerate growth in this area.

Blessings to you all, and I pray this becomes a normal experience for you!


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  1. Seneca

    Hmm, I may have some ideas about time alteration I can send… Still trying to comprehend, but can sometimes do on purpose.

  2. Sonya

    I had a desire for since i heard about it.Has been reading alot about translocation for about 2years.Ian Clayton has great teaching about this subject.

    • Michael King

      He has two message on the subject that I am aware of, and both are great–they share some different details too, and I have them both! Totally worth the listen!

      • David Murry

        Michael can you shoot me an email please when you are free. Like to compare some notes here.

        David God bless you

        • Michael King

          I would be glad to. What is your email address? (Includes a @ symbol). Or you can shoot me an email at Glad to hear from you!

          • David Murry

            Sent brother 🙂

          • Michael King

            Thanks buddy!

    • LaCheryl

      I know he really does, it’s like so much info beyond my brain that my head goes tilt, but it’s amazing because it’s our birthright through Christ as He directs.

  3. Rebecca Clayton

    Some mind (and time!) bending thoughts there Michael! I have had a few experiences of time seeming to pass more slowly than it should – the only thing I have learned so far is that there seems to be a connection between me using the time I have… and it “stretches”.
    Which is a kingdom principle of course – “to him [or her!] who has, more shall be given”…..

  4. Faith Living

    Some years back I delivered flowers part time thinking it would be easy and without pressure. Within the first week I got a speeding ticket and made a customer extremely angry because some deliveries had what was called “by”times. They had to be delivered by the time listed. One day I had 3 deliveries due at the same time in 3 different areas. It was impossible. I had to have some supernatural help or quit the job. So I solicited my Angels and said simply, “From now on I will never have a late delivery, or speeding ticket, or feel pressured by time. I will rest in Father and enjoy the day.”
    From that moment on, I sang songs, talked to Father, and enjoyed the scenery while I drove. And every delivery was on time, without incident. I don’t know how. The impossible ones came often and I discovered that most of the other drivers were on the edge of losing their licenses for excessive speeding tickets, and they became angry people because people were often angry at them.
    My new habit was to read the impossible deliveries to the Angels, then start the car and enjoy the journey.
    Nearly every day I experienced miracles of time and/or space which I never understood, I just accepted them and went home excited to tell the stories. I wish I’d kept a diary of those 2 years. 🙂
    So, I don’t know how it works but it definitely does.

    • Paula

      Love this!


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