I was having a conversation with Holy Spirit recently where he pointed out that I never need to try to be more holy, as I AM holy and therefore everything I do is holy, There is no divide between secular and sacred. It doesn’t exist. In the Beginning of Time God called all things good.

I then thought about the fact that while I may not be more or less holy, that there are certainly things I can do that influence God’s activity in my life. Holy Spirit explained it like this: “You cannot become more holy than you already are now, but you can position yourself to carry and release a greater measure of God’s glory into the Earth based on your choices. And not even just your actions, so much, but by your thoughts and beliefs. The truth is that your actions are dictated by your thoughts, so it is really your thought life which decides the measure of glory that you carry.”

I then thought about auras and the fact that it is possible to see energy fields around people and even plants and objects. I was pondering how an increased measure of glory must cause one’s energy field to expand, and that part of our goal ought to be to expand our energy field as a result of heaven’s influence. For I believe it was similar to this that people tell stories of men of God who would go somewhere and even from miles away someone would be overcome by God’s power, inasmuch as the people were influenced by that man’s godly aura.

Holy Spirit didn’t deny that it was true, but explained and clarified it for me. “You have more than one aura. You do have a soul aura which is where people can pass information from one to another by their energy fields, and where unconscious information including emotional states are transferred when in proximity with one another. You also have a spirit aura. This is the light of God which comes from Heaven and is reflected from you and emanates out of your spirit. This light is not directly transferred to your soul aura, so the energy fields are not one and the same. However, anyone who has a strong and vibrant spirit aura will invariably have some measure of trickle-down effect that influences their soul aura, making their soul aura more vibrant and life giving as well.”

I considered the problem that we often do not have the measure of glory flowing through our lives that we could have, and I inquired as to why that was. Holy Spirit said “There are gates, you might imagine that it is akin to the sphincters in the digestive system, between access from the spirit to the soul and again the soul to the body. How open or closed those gates are direct how much of Heaven’s light is passing through you at any time. This is dictated in part by your thoughts as well, as your soul is the transfer point between your spirit and body. Basically, the state of the first gate decides how much of Heaven’s light reaches to your soul, and the state of the second gate decides how much of Heaven’s light trickles down from your soul to bring Heaven’s light to your body. Healing and restoration in the body, and even transformation of your physical body, is a result of Heaven’s light moving through the soul and penetrating and transforming your physical form. This is how people can be breatharians and live on air and energy alone –because my life has not just transformed their soul, but the channel is open for me to invigorate their body as well.

The way to do this is in part by meditating on my word. What this does is it transforms your beliefs to reflect the truths of Heaven, and as this occurs, more light shines through.” I got the feeling He meant the actual Bible when he said this, but I don’t think it has to be limited to the Bible only, as Holy Spirit can easily give us a rhema-word to meditate on as well.

That was about where the conversation ended, but it put some things into an interesting perspective for me, and gave me not only some new things to think about and consider, but some helpful hints on moving toward living the “life more abundantly” that Jesus said he came to bring.


Muisc of the spheres

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