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Last month I watched Under the Tuscan Sun with my wife and step-daughter and there is a scene where the main character and her realtor are discussing why she bought a 3-bedroom house when she doesn’t have anyone else to share it with. She then goes on to list the things she wishes would happen at the house, including a wedding and a baby.

The realtor then tells her a short story of the history of building train tracks between Venice and Tuscany. Long before a train has been invented that can make the trip. He says that they built it because they knew that SOMEDAY the technology would exist.

I then said out loud “That sounds very Field of Dreams”. And then it hit me. This is exactly what I have been doing in the spirit realm, and I felt this was a message of encouragement from God in regards to translocation and space-time-alteration miracles.

You see, I and another friend have had revelation that we are collectively building and developing the Translocation skill to a level where people can engage it on a much more frequent basis instead of these rare stories where it seems to always happen by pure chance, and almost never where the person initiated the experience. We have had a sense that the ability will not be much more fully realized until it starts to enter the collective human consciousness in a greater way. While it is still possible for individuals to access this capacity, the level and frequency with which this happens remains minimal.

I believe this is for two reasons. First, it is not something that has been commonly talked about from a perspective of literal reality. It is common with movies such as ‘Jumper’ and the Star Trek to relegate this topic to an entirely sci-fi/fantasy realm with little to no basis in reality. Scientific articles show that scientists are having difficulty moving even a few protons by teleportation, much less an entire human body. The common belief is “this is impossible” and that permeates the collective faith level of the populace. Second, those who DO have these experiences appear reticent to come forward and share them with others. Whether for fear of ostracism or some sort of religious retaliation for experiencing supernatural events, many keep silent and few others benefit from the knowledge and wisdom gained from their experiences.

Having had a number of these experiences myself, I have made it a point to talk about this topic and push forward into deeper understanding. Experience has shown me that unless someone is willing to take a risk and share their own journey, hopes, dreams, and experiences, few others will be willing to follow and open up. However, when one or two take that risk, the volume of people who open up with their own insights increases dramatically. Social Media is a very useful outlet for these purposes, and I have made use of it myself to network with other like-minded thinkers and do-ers.

I believe that we are entering a period in time where this capacity will not only be available on a broader level, but will be a much-needed ability, and to this end I continue to pursue it as well as remain open to God’s grace, divine connections, and opportunities to practice this ability with a goal of deeper experience and insight.

God is restoring miracles to His people, and we are on the rising edge of a wave of the miraculous that will sweep the earth. I feel encouraged that now is the time of the open door, now is the time of the pursuit, now is the time to move forward, extend one’s hand, and grasp success. I believe that as we reach past time and space into the Eternal realm that we will not be disappointed, and that we will find all we seek. For as Jesus himself said in Matthew 7:7-8, “Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. For whoever asks receives, whoever seeks finds, and to him who knocks the door will be opened.”


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