In my journey to discover healing by the power of God, I have gone through a progression. First I wasn’t sure how often God wanted to heal, and I was one of those “If it be your will” Christians. I loved God, but I wasn’t really sure how much He wanted us to be healed. This is largely due to a very poor understanding of God’s nature and will to heal.

As I learned and grew in God’s love, I discovered that healing is simply a manifestation of that love. I also gained a deeper understanding of what Jesus accomplished on the cross, I realized that it is ALWAYS God’s will to heal in every situation. In fact, not-healing is not even an option God has allowed Himself, as Jesus has already purchased one time for all humanity for all eternity every healing need that would ever come upon us. God can’t say “no” to something he already said “yes” to 2000 years ago. I also began to grow in faith for healing and started stepping out and praying for the sick in public and at church.

I operated at this level for around five years, believing that God wanted to heal and expecting God to do something, but rarely met with results. Eventually I came to a new level of understanding, and began to have people test out their healing at the time I prayed for them. As I did this I started to see more people receive instantaneous healing, where before I only went away hoping that people would eventually get healed. I also became more persistent, praying again if there were no results the first time, and even again after that. What I observed happening was that my PERSISTENCE in prayer in those few minutes with that person began to bear fruit. I gained greater revelation on how the enemy hinders healing and actively prevents the healing God releases from manifesting in peoples’ bodies in those moments of prayer.

As I continued to grow, God began to push me into another level of healing, namely resurrection from the dead. While to date I have yet to resurrect anyone, I began to gain more understanding of God’s desire for life that is SO strong that He even resurrects the dead. As I grew in this revelation of resurrection, I realized something: God is so interested in resurrecting the dead that the Bible says He will resurrect the dead and give them brand new bodies!! When I realized this it made me do a mental double-take. If God is going to resurrect all the dead, why do we have to die?

This took me on a journey over the past few years that showed me that God is far more interested in keeping us alive than He is in waiting until we die and then resurrecting us. After all, death is a work of the enemy, not God. Adam and Eve were immortal until that fateful day that “when you eat of it you will surely die.” They did not die at that moment, and they and their descendants even lived into the nine-hundreds, but they all eventually died. We, nowadays, live under a better covenant yet live only a fraction of the length of time they did. In our minds, someone reaching one-hundred is a big deal. In their day it was like someone reaching adulthood, with their mid-life crisis another four hundred years away.

Now, Jesus has reversed all of the laws and curses against us that cause us to grow sick and die. He has given us the authority and power to resurrect the dead and heal every sickness and disease. The Church is rapidly reaching a greater place of health in regards to healing, but the logical end to all healing is life, not death, and we are very unhealthy as the Body in regards to resurrection and abundant life. When more healing takes place in a body than decay, someone becomes healthy. When death in a body wins over life, sickness and disease and ultimately death manifest. In essence, long life is simply a process by which there is more healing taking place in our bodies over a span of time than decay, and God’s life-giving power is more active than the death in this world. After all, greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.

I look forward to a day when we step beyond healing, beyond resurrection, and simply step into our birthright, where we can live and not die and enjoy not only the creation, but enjoy stewarding the life of Christ into that creation, releasing it from that same bondage to decay that we have been released from. The Church is slowly waking up. It begins with healing, then resurrection, but when enough people have been healed and resurrected, we will eventually understand what God’s will is: that we can live and not die.



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  1. bedardtherese

    Another interesting read! I’m with you on most points. And, that I may differ on some issues does not mean that I’m right. It may just be that I haven’t attained the spiritual revelation which you have, as of yet. The part that would be nice is living forever without having to leave earth.

    I’m not sure where it’s located or the exact wording of it but it’s something like this. It is appointed unto each man to die once. Due to the battle with Jesus Christ against the evil in this world, mankind will reside on earth with God the Father, Christ Jesus and Holy Spirit forever and ever. Besides, our spirit and soul do not die. There will be those who populate earth and aren’t saved during the New Millenium.. Some of them will turn against God. That’s when satan and those who don’t want God will be sent to hell forever. It is the choice that they decided to make.

    I believe in resurrecting the dead. Jesus did it. We are to do as Jesus did and even greater things that He did while on earth. I believe that with the revelations forthcoming that certain prophets are saying will be revealed that it is very possible that mankind will live for much longer than we, now do. With God, all things are possible. God will prolong life. However, He will not go against His Word.

    Thanks for posting. It’s always such a joy to read what you have shared.
    If you find fault with what I have replied, post It and I will read it and weigh it. I may not agree today. That is not to say that I won’t agree in the future. May God have the final word in all matters.

    • Michael King

      Therese, the verse you are referring to about it being appointed once for man to die is in Hebrews 10, I think. The problem is that if you read the whole verse and the verse or two following it all together, is that it paints a different picture–one where Jesus died once FOR us BECAUSE it is appointed once for us to die. In other words, Jesus died that one-death FOR me so I can now live with my life hidden in Christ.

      And I don’t find fault with what you have shared at all. I think that we are all on a journey of exploration, and we each get pieces to the puzzle, which as we share them with one another, we all grow.

      I do think that we have a poor understanding of End-Times revelation, because the more I come to understand God’s desire for abundant life AND the restoration of all things, I find it harder and harder to swallow that God is just going to destroy all of this creation and start over, especially when He has tasked us with fixing it. Once we fix it, what will there be to destroy? After all, Romans 8:19-21 says “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.”

      I just wonder what it will look like when we start releasing the creation from decay and the world literally starts to physically transform.

      • bedardtherese

        Michael, thanks for your answer to what I mentioned. I will ponder on it. It does make sense. I’ll read the scriptures and ask Holy Spirit to clarify these events for me. I thank you so much for the explanation that you gave. I will chew on it. 🙂 Yes, you are right. We learn from one another. I still have a lot of learning to do. I believe that we will forever be learning. Have yourself a great weekend! I look forward to your next post.

  2. Kgothatso

    Very Beautiful! Immortality is for us. I’m glad to have bumped into this blog! I’m sharing this on facebook!

    • bedardtherese

      I do not know about this immortality. This is new to me as of late. Should we live on, all the better.

      • Michael King

        Therese, it is all throughout the New Testament, but we have been told for years and years that it refers to living forever in heaven, not on the earth. Jesus spoke very plainly about this but God is just now bringing this revelation back to the body. Even you hearing this now, you are on the leading-edge of this revelation.

  3. Kgothatso

    Don’t shy on the issue of immortality, the world needs to get used to such teachings, they are the birth rights of the Sons of God!

    We shall not die!

  4. Elaine

    You certainly aren’t alone on the journey to discover healing by the power of God. I, for one, am right there with you. I’ve always believed it’s God’s will to heal, but I had trouble with the lack of visible results. I started to believe if I was obedient to the Word of God (lay hands on the sick and they shall recover) that I did “my” part and the results were up to God. However, as I proceeded in my journey I’ve found, like you, that there are times when you need to pray and pray again. Have the individual do something they couldn’t do before, and if necessary – pray again! It’s also very helpful to have discernment and/or words of knowledge/wisdom/prophecy in operation too.

    Good post!

    Pressing in to see more of HIM!

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