Sage of Light joke Group PicI haven’t been as active on this blog or on Facebook over the past few months, some of which has been due to taxes and family and job-related things.  On the other hand I have also been quite busy writing fantasy.  I am an avid fantasy reader and have done a great deal of writing over the years, and recently resurrected an old idea I came up with in high-school.  It still needs some work, but long-term I plan to publish it as a book, most likely the first of a series.  If you want to check out the story so far, and even share thoughts and ideas that may get incorporated either now or in the future, head on over here:

or check out my profile here:


RoyalRoadl is a website that is largely about authors having a place to practice and improve their fantasy writing.  Incidentally, rating the fiction (with good ratings, 4 or 5) also increases the author-to-author readership, which in turn means that I get more valuable feedback as a writer.  Please, take a look and let me know what you think!

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