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A collection of gems from one of the first Gem Parties we held

Early this year, God told me that gemstones would begin to appear more frequently around us. I was excited, as I have seen this manifestation hundreds of times before in the past few years. More recently, however, gems appeared very infrequently, and for a few reasons. Before going further, however, some of you readers may not have heard of this before, so let me explain.

A friend of ours, Carla, passes through Portland every so often, and we and some other friends of ours make sure we visit with her whenever she is around. This particular time she had a surprise for all of us, but we didn’t know the half of it. We all went to a retired Chiropractor’s house to meet some other friends of hers who had come for a visit.  All together there were nine of us present.  The once couple had a unique manifestation of the Lord happen around them, something which had been going on for five years at that time–namely that gemstones would literally appear from heaven around them, both on the ground and in the air.

Sunshine and I were like little children that evening, running around and picking gemstones up off of the floor. We would hear them fall out of midair and land on the hardwood floors, sounding at times like a muted version of a rainstick–the wooden musical devices that are filled with beans or seeds and make rattling noises. At one point she and I laid down on the floor and just waiting for gems to fall on us, which they shortly did. Yes, I have had jewels from heaven fall on me. I can still remember my wife’s squeals of delight as she went around picking them up. She is such a kid. To this day, she still squeals with great joy almost every time she finds one too, and I have to imagine God loves that.

To explain more about the stones themselves, they are all cut gemstones with brilliant facets. Some of the facets are cut so strangely that people simply do not cut jewelry like these are cut, and it flabbergasts jewelers. I have only once ever seen a raw, rough, uncut stone of the thousands I have seen appear. The majority are amethysts, peridot, low-quality emerald, garnets and rubies, along with an occasional aquamarine. There are also clear and yellow stones, probably different colors of topaz. In all honesty, I cannot tell you for certain what any of these stones are, as I’ve never had any professionally tested, but some of them are pretty obvious just by looking at them. Since this started I have bought a cheap diamond-tester and none of the ones I have found are diamonds, suggesting to me that the clear and yellow ones are topaz or other stone. Most are the size of the head of an eraser, and teeny tiny ones are actually as uncommon as really large ones.

Each stone is unique, but some stand out more than others. On rare occasion there will be a mystic fire topaz, a stone that has three colors in it that are all mixed together. They are some of my favorites. Carnelian, an orange stone, rarely appear as well, but are a unique change when they do. My stepdaughter found a stone once that had streaks of gold in it. Occasionally a larger stone will appear, including ones that are the size of a fingernail, or even larger. Rarer still, probably close to one in five-thousand gems, appear in some sort of setting. This can be in a ring, cuff links, or a pendant. On at least one occasion that I know of, the chain even appeared with the pendant!! Not only that, but from time to time a feather, usually at least an inch or two long, would simply appear in midair near Glenn, almost as if he had wings he was fluffing and it was a stray coming off of him.

That first weekend my wife and I experienced this was quite a whirlwind. We spent that Friday night in an evening of worship, fellowship, laughter, and gemstone-hunting throughout the house. Carla is a professionally trained pianist and led us in some worship songs on the high-quality piano in the Chiropractor’s living room. We took communion in an “upper room,” ie. one of the upstairs bedrooms, and as a whole God just rocked our night. Saturday was a bit of a mental break, as our minds attempted to process the absolutely amazing experiences we had the night before. Although “break” is sort of a relative term. I must have called at least four friends and told them all about our night and what God had been doing. Sunday was a blast. We went to church and shared with a bunch of people what we had experienced, and that evening we went to another meeting the couple were having at a church on the other side of the city. That night was really fun too, because not only did we have our new friends who were there, but a pair of our long-time friends, Hope and Beth also drove up from a couple hours south of us for the gathering. Hope and Beth are precious women, and are both what I refer to as God-junkies–they will go anywhere and do almost anything if God is in it. When we told them about the gems, their response was “Where do we need to be and when?”

We spent the evening listening mostly to the husband, whom the manifestation seems to center around, share about his life journey and how God brought him salvation as well as this unique gem miracle years later.  The people at that church were very kind, and so many people wanted to share the gems to make sure that everyone had at least one. It was like a room full of starving people but each one wanted to make sure that the other had a piece of bread before they were content to enjoy their own. While this may sound strange at first glance, it just shows me how hungry people are to see God work noticeably and spectacularly in their lives. We ALL desire a visible demonstration of the invisible God, and even more, a visible demonstration of his love for us. For myself, I was continually blown away. I felt SO incredibly loved by my heavenly Father, who loved me so much that he would not only obliterate my experience of “impossible,” but do it with such beautiful and valuable items. I mean, how many Gods have you heard of that just hand out gemstones to their followers?

A year or so later, we invited the couple and held a Gem Party at our house–a twelve-hour revolving door of fellowship and fun. During the day we had a very informal hang-out and people of all ages were literally crawling on our carpet picking up stones. In the evening we had a time of worship and then the husband shared his testimony, similar to the one I had heard a year prior. At that time he also brought out some of the more spectacular gemstones God has given them. Many of these are large, and by large I mean the size of a quarter or larger. I estimated that over the course of that 12 hours over four-thousand gems appeared, and was possibly closer to six-thousand. I will be honest, I consider this a conservative estimate, based on the number of people present and the quantity of gems each of them left with. At the end of that meeting, I had over 100 gems, and that didn’t include the massive amount my wife, stepdaughter and her husband and my grandkids had, or the stash that the other 26 people who came left with by the end of the day. Some people left with far more than I did! This meeting sparked something, and we held one every two to three months for the rest of that year. Not only that, but it turned into a series of meetings throughout the surrounding area, and Gem Parties have been held at four or more different peoples’ houses since then.

Fast forward again to January of this year, two years after we started having  gem parties and a year after we stopped having meetings, we still had gems show up, but it was usually one gem with a four-month interval in-between. When God told me that gems would begin to appear again and with greater frequency, I was excited, but also somewhat reserved. After all, a single stone every month would be more frequent than what we had been having the year prior. To my amazement, within a week and a half I found the first stone. It was a clear white stone and was on the edge of my granddaughter’s bed. She had fallen asleep in our bed and I was taking her to her own bed at midnight. As I came close to her bed I immediately recognized the gem that was conspicuously perched on the edge of her mattress. I showed my wife, who, yet again, squealed with delight. Since then, we have had at least one hundred more gems appear this year. One appeared on my stepdaughter’s wedding day on our back patio–a wedding gift from our Heavenly Father.   About a month ago now, on a Saturday, we had a gem-breakout while we were replacing our dining room carpet with a quality vinyl flooring with a wood-appearance. Since we were pulling up the carpet I told everyone to be on the lookout for gems in case any had appeared UNDER the carpet when we had the Gem Parties here years before. Sure enough, my stepdaughter found one while I was out at Home Depot. Go figure.

Something in this process sparked a supernatural whirlwind because for the rest of that day, the next day, and even into the next week we had gems appearing. They started by simply appearing on the floor and on the window ledges, but after a few hours advanced to falling from the air onto the new “hardwood” floors. In fact, it had become so prolific and distracting that it took us two days to complete what would have been a one-day project, but God wasn’t done. To date, we had never seen a blue sapphire appear, and we had a handful of them appear that weekend! While that may not seem significant to some, blue sapphires hold special significance to my wife and I in regards to our marriage, and it felt like God had taken this now-familiar manifestation to an even deeper place of love and special-ness for us.

One of my main motivating factors for holding the first meeting, a belief that still exists today, is that people needed to have encounters with God that expanded their view of what was possible. In a world that is full of anger, violence, depression, sickness, and poverty, we need a higher perspective than in the past. When natural disasters, economic disasters, or even emotional disasters threaten our way of life, we must have a deep reservoir of experiences in and with God that stabilize us in those troubled times. It was my heart’s desire to create a space where people could experience this life altering miracle and in so doing reach a new level of understanding of who God is and what He is like. My own life has been so radically altered by the things I have experienced, including but not limited to gold dust, feathers, and gemstones appearing and sometimes even disappearing again, objects supernaturally sticking to walls, as well as a variety of other strange and wonderful spiritual encounters. God is so much greater than we can ask or think of, and He is interested in taking us deep into his realms of glory and mystery if we will open ourselves up to new things.


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