It is impossible to fully discuss supernatural events if we didn’t address the D-word: deception. So many people get so worried and worked up about getting deceived or being afraid of getting deceived or knowing someone else who got deceived or hearing of someone from someone else who they heard of that someone knew who got deceived through whatever manifestation is in question at that moment. In reality, it’s simpler than people make it–we test the fruit.

It is easy for some to relegate this manifestation to the devil’s work, although if it is, I’ll be honest that I don’t think his tactic is working. You see, every meeting I have either hosted or attended, we all praise God for them, tell others about the work God is doing in and through them appearing, and glorify Him all the more for this manifestation. If it’s a deception tactic it’s failing miserably. Besides, please explain to me what the absolute worst thing that could happen because of believing that God makes gems appear would be. Someone quits their job to sell gemstones? Someone tries to form their own denomination centered around the manifestation? I suggest that’s not deception, but rather blatant stupidity, and God has been able to fix all of our screw-ups from time immemorial. I really don’t think people need to get as worked up about “deception” as they do. Besides, have you ever tried to tell someone they were deceived about something? How well did that go over? Right.

I think it is important to point out and remember that discernment is an inner perception, not a scriptural fact. Each of us have to test the manifestation individually, look at the change it brings in our own hearts, and test the results. I cannot honestly say that I believe this manifestation has made me a worse person. There have been struggles and areas of growth that have come to light in the midst of this, but all of these things speak to me of the refining nature of God’s hand at work, much like cutting and polishing a rough jewel so that it sparkles even more brilliantly. Have there been conflicts in my own household and with friends over this? Yes. Am I happy about those conflicts and the results? No. Do I believe this means God isn’t in it? No. Our responses to what God does in no way legitimizes OR denigrates what God is doing, but over time the fruit of God’s work will be lifegiving. Even with those conflicts I have had, I am not remotely sorry for the gem experiences I have had, and if I had the option of the experiences with the conflicts or no experiences and no conflicts, I will choose the former every time.

The fruit I have seen in my own life and in that of others is that people fall more in love with God. We are more blessed at the end of the day than at the beginning. People have had their hearts touched by the manifestation in ways that have absolutely nothing to do with gems at all, but those gems acted as a confirmation from Heaven in regards to other things God was saying and doing in that person’s heart. Inner healing has occurred during these gem parties as well.

Last month when this gem-storm occurred at our house, my eldest granddaughter, who is seven, was crying and throwing a tempter tantrum because she was upset that God wouldn’t give her a big rainbow-colored stone like she had asked Him. She didn’t understand why God wouldn’t do what she was asking and was really upset and feeling unloved by God, the exact opposite of the purpose of the gems. I had to take her aside and help her calm down, then we sat on her bed and had a short discussion about gratitude and appreciating what God was doing while still asking Him for what she wanted. She left her room feeling much better and continued to play and enjoy the gems. Not twenty minutes later, while we were laying more flooring, she came running back out of her room yelling. “God did it! He gave me my stone! Look everyone! Look!” She was holding a clear stone that was the size of a quarter. It was beautifully cut and had 57 facets to it. Not only that, but I held it up to the sunlight and it cast rainbows on the wall. Yes, God had given her a large rainbow-stone. Even now as I write this it brings me to tears as I am brought more in touch with God’s love for his children, and for our children. He is so incredibly kind and generous and loving, far more than I could ever claim to be.

While this was happening, and even while I was having this discussion with my granddaughter about gems and gratitude, I was struggling in my own heart about wanting a blue sapphire ring that I wanted to give to my wife. It was somewhat important to me, and even though I was echoing the things I had said to my granddaughter in my own heart and mind, I was still struggling. But a few hours later, God gave me the most beautiful, round, blue sapphire stone I think I have ever seen. It was the perfect size and shade, a deep yet brilliant blue.

While many may question how and where these jewels come from, I cannot help but be convinced through these two events and many others like them that this manifestation is clearly and only the work of our Heavenly Father of Lights in whom there is no darkness at all. Whether these gems appear from heaven, or if God is bringing us the wealth of the wicked, plundering stores of treasure sunk at the bottom of the ocean or hidden in secret vaults around the world, I truly cannot say for certain. One thing is clear to me in the midst of this unique demonstration of God’s grace, is that that we are only brushing the very faintest edge of His goodness. God has far more good things stored up and planned for us than we could ask or imagine in a million years, and he will freely give us all things in Jesus Christ.

I know that many of you desire to have this manifestation in your own life, and I desire the same for you. It is exciting to see God manifest his grace and love to us in such an overt, noticeable, tangible way, and can be used as a tool to share the message of God’s love with others.  To that end, I want to pray for you to receive this grace upon your own life.  “Father, I ask that you grace each person who reads this today with the manifestation of gemstones from heaven, with supernatural oil, gold dust, feathers, and everything else you have for him or her. We thank you for your goodness and grace, and we receive this gift freely because of your great love for us in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”


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