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As many followers of this blog know, I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ includes physical immortality, as evidenced by many scriptures that speak toward that end as well as things Jesus himself directly stated to his disciples.  With that said, I am not discussing immortality in this post so much as I am sharing a heavenly experience I had earlier this month that I engaged specifically to deal with matters of life and death in the spirit realm.  It is my hope that this post encourages you in your own pursuit of all things spiritual and godly.


I went up into the spirit back into the Courts of Heaven where I had been led previously by an angel to disavow attachments I had made to Death and to put myself in the custody of the Spirit of Life, Holy Spirit. The court case began with someone presiding over the case, although I did not quite understand who. I was clear, however, that this was a human, not an angel or other being presiding over the court.

I took my seat on the right side, and Death was located at a table to my left. There was no jury, as this was essentially a custody hearing and I was seeking to change custodians. I was invited to speak and explain why I was seeking this court hearing. I explained that I did not understand when I was younger that I did not have to die, and so I made many statements and held beliefs and engaged in actions that aligned myself with death and I placed myself in its care. I went on to say that I now understand that I do not have to die and I want to be released from Death’s custody.

Death then stood up and had a chance to speak. When I looked at Death I saw this thin, spectre-like being that was a sort of smoky black with ill-defined features. It stood up before the judge in a hissing voice and began to accuse me, stating that I had chosen it and that I was its rightful property. After it gave a short speech, it sat back down.

Next, I saw a man holding a scroll approach the judge’s bench–it was Jesus. He unfurled this scroll before the judge and they had a short conversation which I could not hear. I couldn’t read the scroll but I understood that it was basically a writ stating that I had been fully bought and covered by Jesus’ blood, and that as a result Death had no rightful hold over me. This was all the evidence that was needed, and after the judge saw that, he called me up to the witness stand to testify. This was my opportunity to declare and decree in the heavens what my intentions were for the future.

I got up to the stand and I stated that I now believe that I am not destined to die, but to live forever. I acknowledged that while I once believed I had to die when I was younger, I have since learned the truth and have come to accept that reality. I stated that I no longer consider myself under custody to death and place myself in custody of the Spirit of Life, and I broke agreement with every belief, mindset, and understanding that I had previously held that said I would get sick or had to die. I renounced every statement I had made or that anyone else has made that has cursed me to be sick or die in any way, or that I have agreed with about the hold that death has over me and others. I stated that I am no longer allowed to die, but if for any reason I ever were to die, that I would resurrect immediately unless the Lord wanted to show me something in the heavens first, but that any time I were to ever die that I would always, always come back to life. Having completed my decree, the judge banged the gavel once and basically declared that my custody had changed hands.

Before the case was dismissed, the being who was serving as my counsel, who I could not clearly see but believe was Holy Spirit, petitioned the judge for a transfer of property from Death to me. The counsel basically explained that Death had stolen from me and as a result that I was entitled to seven-fold the amount stolen from me. The judge instantly granted this, and assigned a bailiff of the court to go carry out this decree, then ended the case.

With the court case over, Death stalked out of the room, but he was actually hobbling now, as though life force had been taken from him and he was now weaker. A man who was glowing in golden light approached me, and introduced himself as Isaac. I understood that he was Abraham’s son. As I could not see him clearly, he dimmed the light emanating from him, and while I could not see him clearly I could see that his hair was brown, that his face was somewhat rounded in shape, and that he was shorter than me. He explained that he had a few things to share with me. First, he told me that while I was not at that point yet, as I continued down this path of immortality that at a certain point my cells themselves would literally undergo a transformation. I had a vision of what he was saying as he was speaking, and it showed me where my cells literally transformed from normal cells into vibrant, golden-glowing cells that emanated life-energy and had no speck of sickness or disease in them.

He then escorted me to a garden, which he said was my garden in heaven. It was spacious and beautiful, with much lush greenery that was landscaped quite beautifully, with a gazebo in the part of the garden that I saw. We turned, and Isaac showed me a young tree, approximately five to six feet tall, that had two or three pieces of oblong, pear-like fruit on them. “This is a tree of life. Take a bite of the fruit.” He said. I picked one and took a bite. It was juicy, and as I ate it I could feel a message being sent to my cells to dump toxins and other garbage they had been holding, and I could feel my intestines beginning to church slightly. At his instruction I took two more big bites, then he told me to plant the core in the ground, which I did a short distance from the other one in an empty space. I understood that a new tree was going to grow from it, and that because life in heaven is so abundant that even the fruit wasn’t going to decay but rather would remain intact underground yet still have the tree grow out of it. From there, Isaac took me to a mountain which he said was my mountain–my property. Stored inside were a great many things, but he took me to a room that was filled with scrolls and other writings.

The room was jam-packed, but everything was in disorder. Random scrolls and rolls of paper were piled on things and papers were spilling out of filing cabinets, as well as various piles on the table and other surfaces. He explained that there was a lot of revelation present in me, but that because everything was so cluttered that there was revelation I had received that I haven’t even realized because it is hidden under the piles of disorganization. He instructed me to work on “cleaning up” so that everything would become more organized. I had a vision of a small, half-sheet-sized piece of glowing golden paper that was sitting on the floor somewhere, and that while I could see this paper in the vision, that it was hidden under other things and that as I cleaned, I would find it. I took this to mean that I needed to clean up how I have my computer files of all the prophetic words, dreams, and other revelation that God has given me so that it is more accessible. From there the experience ended.


I hope this gives you not only a glimpse of some of the things that are possible in the spirit realm, but a picture of what a case in the Courts of Heaven might look like. There are many courts and the cases do look different depending on the subject matter, but I encourage you to test the waters and try it out for yourself!

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