I recently prayed for a friend who had chronic lung issues which were being exacerbated by the smoke from the fires in Oregon and Washington. Instead of doing what I might normally do, which is to pray for healing for the lungs, I decided to take a different approach, one that I think many people will find helpful when praying for healing–I did some inner healing, belief-modification, deliverance, and THEN prayed for healing. It worked like a charm — healed in a jiffy!

For the sake of truth-in-advertising I should mention that the session took over two hours between all the praying and deliverance and such, but the actual part where we did the healing took only a few minutes! Why is this? Simple. Almost all healing does not originate from a physical problem.

What? How so?   Certainly there are times when someone gets in a car accident and has a broken leg or eats something poisonous and gets sick. Yeah, that happens but they are the minority of the injuries, sickness, and disease that we deal with in life. As an RN myself, I see tons of sick and injured people at work on a daily basis, but many of those problems didn’t start with a physical problem. Rather, they began with emotional and spiritual problems and erroneous subconscious beliefs.

You see, this world is far more complex than we often remember, and there are levels of reality, each of which has an influence on the others. However, there are higher realms and lower realms in this reality, and in order from highest to lowest they are: spirit realm, soul realm, physical/body realm. The spirit realm is the domain of God and is the “location” where heaven exists. Our spirits naturally interact in this realm and they give feedback to our soul, which acts as the interface between our spirit and our body. Our soul is the seat of the mind, will, and the emotions, so when we have inaccurate beliefs or emotional trauma or injuries, there is a kink in the flow of life-energy from heaven through our spirit into our soul and down to the physical body. These kinks create their own negative energy signature that can influence or even directly cause disease in the body. In order to remove these kinks and free up the flow we have to update the wrong beliefs and heal the heart-wounds. As we do this, our soul stops releasing the negative energy because it is no longer PRODUCING it, and our bodies receive an uninterrupted flow now that our internal blockages that prevent healing are gone.

There is another thing that needs to happen though. Whenever we have an area of weakness in our souls, whether through emotional hurts or wrong beliefs, demons find a way to gain access to inhabit a part of our soul. When they inhabit those weak places they will remain there until they leave of their own choice or until they are forcefully ejected. After dealing with the access points, as mentioned above, casting out demons usually becomes pretty simple. Once the demons are gone, there are literally NO hindrances to healing, which is why it tends to become easy to get people healed after doing the above three steps. While I will not promise it is always that straightforward, I encourage anyone who wants to be effective in healing to seriously consider this model: inner healing, correcting mindsets, deliverance, then healing.

One aspect of inner healing that can be overlooked at times is the issue of fragments.  These are fractured parts of our soul that hold onto the memory and pain of traumatic events.  While I did not address any fragmented parts during this healing session with my friend, addressing and healing/integrating fractured parts of ourselves offers a huge benefit toward inner healing.  The truth is that everyone has them; most people just don’t know about them.  This is a very deep subject all on its own, so for more details, consider reading my coauthored book Broken to Whole: Inner Healing for the Fragmented Soul.  I and my coauthors go in-depth on this subject to provide the tools and resources needed to gain total freedom and wholeness.

Again, no two prayer-times are exactly alike and the above items can be rearranged as the situation calls for, but if you are sure to cover those issues it is highly unlikely that there will be much difficulty when it comes time to do the healing part of things. At that point the only thing that might hold you back is your own faith, but when all the hindrances are out of the way, it really doesn’t take much of that either! One final word to note, for any of you who have chronic conditions that you have prayed and prayed and prayed for healing but have never been healed of, if you have never covered my 4 Steps then I encourage you to find some hope to keep moving forward and give it another try, but this time following my steps first. I would be surprised if you don’t see a significant difference when it comes time to be healed!


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  1. bedardtherese

    Michael, do you know if this works if you know a bit of what might be hindering a person? Can you simply do it by faith and believe for a healing without the individual being present? Not everyone is receptive to being prayed for? I have been doing this for some people as we are a spirit residing in a body. None are healed, yet. When I was first saved, my nephew had something on his arm that he said the doctor had said was of the family of leprosy (but not as serious) and I prayed for him and it went away. He never forgot it because the doctor had told him that he would be stuck with this for the rest of his life. So, if I did it once through the power of Holy Spirit, I can do it many times over. We are a reflection of Christ Jesus and as He said we would do the same things He did such as heal, deliver, etc …

    I still need to do the 3 steps you mentioned on myself as I have been suffering from depression most of my life. I know that depression can be tied to not forgiving oneself for past sins and wrong doings. I’ve confessed just about all I can think of. However, I do not doubt that I will appropriate my healing. Jesus is our Healer!

    Thanks for the blog.

    • Lisa

      Bedardtherese, I am still new to this, but if it helps….

      I had an issue of fearing that I would limit God. Basically this equates to unbelief, in spite of what I’ve seen God do. It was not until I addressed *my subconscious* to also forgive another and myself and to replace any misconceptions I placed on our heaveny Father on the issue…..THEN I finally had a breakthrough (when I had already forgiven and was no longer aware of any condemnation about an issue long ago).

    • Christine

      My depression many years ago was tied to bitterness and not forgiving others. It was not forgiving myself as well but mainly others. Have you been through the list of everyone who has ever hurt you or people you have blamed for things and not only forgiven, them but prayed for God to bless them as His beloved children? That is a powerful way to receive freedom.

  2. Sandra

    Powerful stuff Michael. Im so blessed by your article.

  3. Vickie Backus

    So true! Ever heard of the Liebusters ministry? That’s exactly how it works, though physical healing is not always the goal. It worked for me and I wasn’t even looking for healing in my body at the time.

    • Michael King

      I hadn’t heard of them before, but it sounds like I ought to look them up. Thanks!

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