A few months back I had the opportunity to spend some time with good friends up in Washington State. Almost all of these friends have been following the Lord for a good many years, which is why it came as a bit of a surprise to me when, while praying for a friend for healing, (who we will call “Chris”) we found ourselves dealing with a spirit of Divination that had come in during Chris’s childhood. I should mention that I’ve done a bit of deliverance before, and as a whole the idea of dealing with demons doesn’t really scare me much, but I haven’t ever made a habit of talking with the demons, as I don’t value them and I consider them beneath me. However, this encounter and a conversation I had with another friend a few weeks later, changed how I plan to do deliverance in the future.

It started out with Chris asking for prayer for middle-ear infection/inflammation, and what quickly ensued while saying a simple prayer was a full-scale cramping of the entire right side of his neck and near-screaming in pain. We got him seated, but there was a lot of thrashing around. It was pretty quick that the entire group realized we were dealing with a demon that was visibly manifesting and not simply an inner ear problem. We did some commanding and tried to cast the thing out with sheer power, but it wasn’t working. One of the wisest of our bunch, Northwest Prophetic, calmed Chris down and got the demon to settle a bit. We discerned its function and began to ask it questions, mainly “How did you get in?” If I had thought a bit more I suppose we should have asked it how many OTHER spirits were in there with it and we might have gotten more than the one we did, and in the future that is exactly what I will do, but I digress.

This spirit had hidden itself quite nicely for approximately forty years, only to be unearthed now from its hiding place. And when I say “unearthed,” Chris was basically unconscious and the demon had control of his eyes and vocal cords. The fact is that this demon made it that long largely because demons operate under the principle of “be heard but not seen.” What I mean by that is that they will whisper all sorts of lies into the host’s mind and plant ideas that the host doesn’t realize aren’t actually his thoughts to begin with, but they will usually talk in first person to make it sound like the host is thinking them instead of the thoughts being planted. In fact, this demon STILL didn’t really want to be made known because even when we spoke directly to it, the thing only answered in very short phrases using as few words as possible.

Steve Harmon was kind enough to explain to me at a later date that the spirit didn’t talk much because it wanted to give as little information as possible, but that when that spirit is talking to us, THAT is the moment to treat it like an interrogation session and pump that spirit for as much information as possible: how did it get in there, how many other spirits are there, what are their names or functions, who is the spirit in charge of that spirit-cluster, etc. The more information you can gather from the spirit, the better prepared you are to deal with it and its companions.

Interestingly enough, after dealing with the root point of access (in this case it was a friend and the use of an Ouija board), we had the opportunity to ask Chris what his experience was while we were dealing with the demon. He didn’t remember a single thing we had said or done from the time we started praying and his neck started having severe pain until we cast the demon out and he regained “full consciousness.” What had happened was that he was still awake, more or less, but that his consciousness had gotten pushed under and the spirit’s consciousness was now the one on top and was talking with us. However, Chris was able to tell us what he DID experience when he was under. He said he felt he was in this enclosed space and he wanted to get out, so he started pushing against a wall. However, this wall was a little like rubber and it was just bending with his pushing instead of giving way. He kept pushing, and at one point in time he pushed and the wall gave way and he was out. That moment that the wall gave way was the same moment that we case the spirit of divination out. After that, we prayed for him and Chris began to have visions of fields and fields of flowers. He was just so absolutely amazed by these tons of flowers and the beauty that God was showing him with these flowers. While it might sound a little silly, God was restoring that place in his soul that had been occupied by that spirit, and God was bringing back everything the enemy had stolen from Chris and demonstrated that to him with visions of beautiful flowers.breaking-free

Shortly after that another friend, we will call Joel, came up and said “Hey, when we were praying over Chris I started having the same symptoms that he did — inner ear and right-sided neck pain, and I was reminded of a situation earlier in my life where I, too, was involved with the Ouija board and I think I’ve got the same spirit. Sure enough, we began to pray and deal with the same spirit, but this time it wasn’t an issue of just finding the entry point, but Joel had some deep inner wounds that needed to be healed. As we prayed, God touched Joel’s heart and he began to cry as God filled him with more of His life-giving love. From that point, we cast a spirit of divination out of Joel as well.

Fast forward a month or so later, I was talking with ANOTHER friend and shared this story with him when he was reminded of a séance he had taken part in when he was eight. This friend didn’t know what a séance even was at the time, but long story short, he had become more timid and fearful since that event. He and I dealt with the point of entry and cast a variety of spirits out (I asked this time and the Séance spirit had friends). Actually, the other demons kicked the Séance spirit out once it started telling us info about who else was in there! We made short work of those spirits, and that friend got freedom as well.

I know these may sound like simply stories to some, but I believe that even some of you reading this are being reminded by God of things that you have done in your own life that have given demons unwanted access to your life. God often uses testimonies of things we have done to jog memories and resonate with things in the lives of others, and I feel strongly that this is the case here as well. In addition to this blog post being for the purpose of general teaching and sharing of experience about deliverance, this is a divine opportunity to receive freedom in your own life. There’s no need to be in fear, but simply spend a few minutes praying and repent for the actions and beliefs you held that created that access, then tell the spirit to leave. Keep doing this until you feel like there has been a difference, and as you do this ask Holy Spirit to guide you into greater freedom. If necessary, talk to a friend and get some outside assistance. I love you all and my prayer for you now is that you be blessed, set free, and your lives to be transformed. Even now is that God is releasing you from bondage and setting you on a path toward even deeper realms of His goodness.

Much love,



  1. Allegheny MacTavish

    Wait! What?
    You’re not saying Christians can need deliverance, are you?
    But some believers don’t believe that, so that can’t really be true, can it?

    Really well said, friend! I love your gift for transforming a story into a valuable lesson! This is good!

  2. bedardtherese

    Hello Michael. Well, I needed to do quite a bit of repenting and I commanded these evil spirits to come out of me and to leave once and for all. I asked the LORD to chase them out. I expect to see much more freedom within myself in a short little while. Thanks for posting this topic. it’s so necessary. How many of us have dabbled in occultic matters prior to being saved? Some of us were part of the New Age. Now, that’s a whole truckload of garbage and demons to get rid of. For those who think that you cannot have demons and be saved, think again. Thanks for using experiences you encounter as examples for us. What one have done, many have done. Have a great day, Michael!

  3. Anny R.

    I am always eager to open up emails from the Kings of Eden! I know there will be “meat” to digest and informative, down-to-earth, real articles from real people.
    Keep writin’! We love readin’…

  4. Angela L

    Thank you for writing this article. I was deep into occultic practices before I encountered Jesus. He delivered me a few days later from numerous demons of divination and witchcraft. This is a topic many Christians aren’t comfortable with, but so relevant. I’m glad you’re writing about the uncomfortable, the mysterious, the miraculous. It’s the stuff of real Christianity. You are a great spokesman for it.


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