As many of you know, I just published the Kindle book “Gemstones from Heaven” discussing the miracle where God causes jewels to appear on the earth much like He gave manna to the Israelites in the desert.  This is a unique book and the very first of its kind as no book has ever been written prior to now explaining what this miracle means and how we can experience it in our own lives.


I have recently been invited to a few internet radio programs to discuss this miracle and the book.  I invite you all to catch the replays, found at the links below:

  • Listen to Praying Medic and I as we talk about Gemstones from Heaven and what God is doing on his podcast at
  • Come join me on “Touched by Prayer” as I discuss the miracle of gemstones from heaven with the host, Lisa Perna at

You can catch the three-part blog series on the topic here:

Part 1: “Our Experiences”

Part 2: “What Do They Mean”

Part 3: “How Do I Know This Is God?”

If you missed it, get your own copy of the book–just follow the link below.  If you enjoy what you read, leave a positive review and help other readers locate the book.  Many thanks to you and may you be richly blessed with gemstones from heaven!

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