The following is an excerpt from a book that I will eventually write, but for now this excerpt is the only part of the book that exists.  I would love to hear feedback on what you might like to read about in the book, as well as any miracles or other cool powers, events, etc. you would like to read about!


“You ready?  Ok.  Text or call when you’re ready to go  —  I’m off to Cincinatti, and I have to pick up some friends in Abuja, Nigeria too.  And me mum forgot something at her house in Greenwich too, so I have to stop off there with her before too long.   Right.  Cheers.”   Dylan tucked his cell phone back in his pocket, took a deep breath, and shifted to Cincinnati and came back with a couple. In Nigeria he had a whole group of people that came with him.  He took his mom back to Greenwich, and, as could be expected, that trip took longer than he had originally planned, as once she was back home there was the cat to feed, mail to pick up, and other various and sundry items to address before she was ready to come back.  Not only that, but she almost forgot what she had come for in the first place.  But Dylan didn’t – he was somewhat tired of waiting, so he made sure he grabbed it before they shifted back to Sanctuary.  With all of the wedding guests present, Dylan then turned his attention to being the groom.

The wedding itself took place in a gazebo on the Sanctuary lawn.  The weather was sunny and warm, but the sky was full of fluffy white clouds – not a raindrop in sight.  Roses had decided to plant themselves the night before conspicuously in an outline around the chairs and benches on the lawn, and their sweet scent was carried gently on the warm breeze.  As the music began and Joelle, the ‘flower girl’, walked down the lawn, a trail of gold and diamond dust fell behind her and could be seen almost like a cloud at waist height dropping little bits of heaven on the grass beneath it.  As she turned away from the groom, the dust ceased falling, almost as if someone had flipped off a switch, leaving a bright trail leading from the main house all the way to the gazebo.

Dylan was nervous, but knew he had waited for this day to come and was excited it was finally here.  Everything was almost perfect.  When he saw Annalisa leave the house, father in tow, he was slightly scared yet elated, and he knew that everything definitely WAS perfect.  Just before Annalisa made it to the chairs, a shaft of light opened up from among the clouds and hit the gold-diamond dust.  It was as if she was walking on a shimmering golden rainbow.

She waltzed up to the gazebo where she was ‘given’ to Dylan by her father – not as the old custom of women as property, but as a visible sign that her father approved and trusted that Dylan would love and care for her as only a husband could.


Fallon was standing there with Dylan as well, waiting to begin his part of officiating the ceremony.  A not-so-surprising ring of gemstones  had started to appear at his feet, but what surprised the onlookers most was when they reached the part of the ceremony for the rings.  Both Dylan and Annalisa took a step back, and as if on cue, two small white boxes appeared before them and fell from midair onto the ground.  They picked them up and opened them, to find a pair of matching blue-sapphire wedding rings with bands covered in the Josephine knot – a knot symbolic of love and intertwining paths. The reception was held inside the Workshop – and after the food was served, the festivities quickly turned to music and dancing, which in this case really meant ‘worship and dancing’.  At one point a holy hush went through the room, as the air became electric.  Everyone there could sense that ‘something’ was about to happen.  On one wall of the room, what looked like a movie screen appeared in midair, complete with location information appearing on the bottom.  The text stated ‘Nairobi, Kenya’.  The image on-screen was of a building which suddenly had an explosion blow out one side of the building.  Smoke was pouring out and people were screaming in the background.  Everyone in the room broke into chatter, as the whole room was experiencing the open vision as a group.

“Quickly to me everyone.” Dylan called.  The Sanctuary Team quickly ran to him, as well as some of the other wedding guests, wedding-clothes and all.  “Anyone else want to come?  Last chance.”  One or two more joined, then the room became still.  Everyone joined hands and Dylan shifted once more.

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