Come join us tonight as we discuss how games and the Kingdom are both related and relevant, and my newest book The Gamer’s Guide to the Kingdom of God.

“If you’ve ever wondered why the Christian life is as hard as it is, ask yourself: Have you ever wondered why the main character in your favorite RPG has it hard?   Michael talks to us about what led him to write this book, why he felt it was needed, and just exactly what a magical talisman with a +3 defense enchantment has in common with the Holy Spirit! You do NOT want to miss this show!”

Uncommon ChristianityClick here to listen in on UnCommon Christianity, 8pm PST and 11pm EST.  Dial 347.989.8865 to call in, tweet them @UCC_Show, send a message via or join in the live chatroom.  We hope to see you tonight!




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