The Kindness of Jesus

This past week I have been repeatedly struck by the kindness of Jesus. A friend returned from a mission trip to India and had some great stories to share. My wife and I had sent money with them and my wife had a word of wisdom that the money was to be kept in reserve and that there would come a time during the trip that they were to take it out and use it. There was indeed an occasion like that on the trip, covering a small portion of the costs to drill a well, while most of the money was used to buy sewing machines for widows to support themselves, as their husbands had all been killed by tigers. When I heard what God had set up and how the money was used, I was in tears.

india woman with sewing machine

Yet again, another friend who holds online ministry sessions every few weeks, received a testimony the other day from a woman who took part in a recent session. This woman had a stroke three years prior, and had been confined to a wheelchair from the stroke deficits, as well as poor circulation that made her constantly cold. After prayer, she felt immediate warmth flowing through her body as her circulatory system was being healed. She has regained some sensation on the affected side, and has started to be able to walk again, albeit slowly. The moment I read this, I began to cry; Jesus is so incredibly kind.

On the way to work tonight I began praying for a friend who has been under attack from warlocks, and I began to pray for my family and for my own health and life. I was struck with a sense of the love of Jesus, and as I began to focus on Him, I sensed him wanting to come into the cab of my truck. I cleared my bag off my passenger seat, and for the second time in my life I had the knowing that Jesus was sitting to my right. The love that was pouring out of him was sensational, and I yet again began to cry. I had a vision of myself covered with layers of chains and many locks, and I saw a top layer of chains and locks all come loose and fall right off. What looked like a hard metal vest then got unlocked and fell off me, and beneath were a bunch of slimy black demonic beings that were washed off of me. Right after I had this vision, I began to get suddenly nauseous, and while gagging I had a major burp that felt like it was ripping my stomach out as the demons left my body. I have no idea what Jesus set me free from–and it doesn’t even matter. What struck me again was his kindness–that in his love he came into my space and did something so incredibly kind for me just because he loves me.

Those of you who know me well know I absolutely love the supernatural, and I enjoy greatly when God manifests His goodness in our lives, but when I see these types of acts of God’s kindness it often brings me to tears. There is a short segment in the beginning of the Finger of God movie where this woman is in a meeting and she supernaturally receives gold fillings. She goes on to explain that her teeth badly needed work but she didn’t have the money to get the dental work done. Instead, Jesus fixed her teeth himself.

We all face struggles and difficulties in life, and for some it can seem like the defeats are more frequent than the victories. In the midsts of life’s trials, I find it helpful to refocus on the good things. Jesus is the kindest person we will ever meet. It is impossible to outdo his goodness because he demonstrates his love in so many ways. The ones I have shared here were all moments of His kindness that brought me to tears, but there are so many other ways that Jesus is kind in my life and yours. As we focus on his kindness there is a shift that happens in our hearts and we cannot help but be even more consumed by His love.

How has Jesus demonstrated His kindness to you and those you know this week?  And how will you let His kindness to you shape your treatment of others?


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