Today we feature a guest blog on Time-warping written by a friend.  For various reasons she prefers to leave her name off the post, but there is follow-up information at the end if you want to get in touch.  Enjoy!

“This all started a few years ago when I was praying in tongues a lot. By a lot I mean 1, 2, 3 hours a day. Speaking in tongues during drive time, and singing elsewhere in case somebody could hear me. At some point during that intense spiritual activity, I started making really good time.

It was like time would stand still and I’d keep going.

At my job, there are logs of where I was at what time, for accountability purposes. There is plenty on record of me being in two places, not at the same time, but a minute or so apart. There were very few days where I wasn’t going home hours ahead of schedule.

I worried about this in the beginning, and decided that since I wasn’t entirely in control, I wasn’t going to worry about it and I wasn’t going to falsify data, even if I could figure out how to. I would run around and let the chips fall. This has resulted in shiny-shoed government officials following me around with stop watches and later, GPS tracking my whereabouts and speed.

I was out walking one day when a guy came flying out of his house yelling at me. “How are you faster than me when I’m faster than you?” I walked back puzzled. He elaborated that I can be out for a casual stroll while he power walks or runs and I always beat him. I hadn’t realized I was in a race. Things like that make me a little nervous that I’m being noticed. Evidently I don’t look like The Flash, since he was commenting on how slow I seem.

Is This Supernatural Transport?

This is the first thing people assume.  I don’t think so. I don’t believe I’ve ever had that happen, although I’m certainly wanting that. I don’t think it’s that, because I’m cognizant of everywhere I go. I don’t have the “skip” that transporters have. It doesn’t feel any different as far as speed, the only thing I notice is that it goes smooth for me. I seriously think the time just changes. I also know how to function efficiently in the natural realm, and that factors in as well.

So why was this happening? That’s still the big question. At the time, I was writing my book, and running a business and I’ve since added a second business, so in some ways it made that possible, but there were also some drawbacks in what a friend referred to as “spiritual jet-lag.” There would be this period afterward where I wasn’t being tremendously effective with all my new found time.

For lack of a better way to explain, I was having a hard time functioning in the here and now. Not that I couldn’t, I just didn’t want to. I was a bit sullen and resistant coming out of it. I didn’t want to have a “normal” conversation with someone, I didn’t want to go home and sit on the couch with my husband and watch tv. I felt like I had been ruined for “normal.” The problem was, everybody I love still lived in “normal.” It broke my heart.

There were lots of nights where I would go up on the mountain and grieve and pray before I felt like I could go be around people again without being crushed. Not exactly a time saver at that point, and I felt responsibility to do “important” things with my gift of time. Yet I did get past that stage, and I find that I’m fine and functional anywhere, anytime now. I also understand that sometimes the gift of time is just that; a gift, with no strings attached.

How To Bend Time

I teach a business class for spiritual entrepreneurs and the following is excerpted from the module on time management.

While I can somewhat lean into this and get it to happen, this is far from a formulaic promise that you’ll have the same results. I’m still figuring it all out. I will say that following these steps will lead to good fruit, even if it’s not the same as mine.key to time



1. Pray in the Spirit

As I said earlier, I really believe this is where it started for me.  While I think it was more of a catalyst to get me into a proper mind frame than the actual activity itself, it did the job.  I’m not going to tell you that you need to pit in the time I did, because this is certainly not a “works” thing, but for me the 2 hours a day blew the lid off in several ways.

2. Mind Frame.

You can’t step out of time in anything less than a full peace. Being at rest even in the midst of activity is key. Having scarcity mentality in the area of time will stop you up. So will offense or any other negative dwelling place.

3. No Time Excuses

“I don’t have time” can no longer be a valid reason. This doesn’t mean you say yes to everything, it means it can’t be your go-to excuse for why you say no to someone.

4. One With God

Get a revelation that you are one with a God who is outside of time, therefore you are too. He’s in you, you’re in Him, head knowledge doesn’t cut it. Ask Him to show you this personally.

5. Ask That You Would Walk in Wisdom.

Something I have been turning over in my head for a couple years, is the verse “walk in wisdom towards those outside, redeeming the time.” It continues, “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt that you may know how to answer every man.” Then in Ephesians 5 we have “redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” That chapter is all about having your act together on an inner level and walking in wisdom. I’d recommend a review of that whole chapter since it does address being filled with the Spirit, and speaking and singing in tongues.

So if you’re going to redeem time, wisdom is the common denominator. Wisdom, we are told, is available to anyone who asks.

Kairos Vs Chronos​

Redeem means to take the power from another. Kellie, a student in my business class gave us a good lesson on Kairos vs Chronos. The gist is Chronos is the Greek god of time. This is where we get “Father Time” and chronological time. We need to not empower that dude. So we’re clear, other gods = demons. Kairos of course by the New Testament is an appointed time in the purpose of God.

Wikipedia says Kairos “signifies a time lapse, a moment of indeterminate time in which everything happens.” I quite like that definition. Kairos is smack dab in the middle of where we want go be. Redeeming the time, I believe is stepping out of chronological time and into Kairos.​

Note: I don’t believe that chronological time in and of itself is evil, only that we aren’t to be subject to it. God uses it, and so should we. It should serve us, not the other way around.

Here’s your Einstein on the matter. He of course said that time is relative. “The perception of past, present and future is a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Take that Chronos. We are made to have eternity in our hearts.

If you’re in Him and He’s in you, then you’re outside of time. Actually, it’s a dual thing according to what you choose to engage. When you prophesy, you are pulling from the future. When you observe something in the past, you change it. Google the observer effect in quantum physics. You are always moving in and out of chronos time.

Time Change is Linked to the Battle Between Good and Evil​

Time changed at the fall in Eden, again in the days of Noah, then again at the cross where the curse became null and void. This verse from Daniel’s end times vision is interesting. 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

This “wearing out the Saints” thing gives validity to my thinking that a posture of rest is crucial. It’s yet another Kingdom paradox, to go faster, you get out of your hurry and rest. To be clear, rest in this case does not mean inactivity, rather finding your rhythm and being at peace in your work.

I found it useful at one point to draft myself up a prayer. I tend to think better on paper, and I’m not a verbal processor whatsoever. Here’s mine to borrow.

I repent of any areas I have not been walking in wisdom. I repent of animosity towards others for taking my time. I forgive those who have been careless with time; mine, theirs, those that I care about… I ask forgiveness for judgements about time; mine, theirs… I repent for wasting time, not understanding time or my relationship with it. I repent of every time I have used it as an excuse, or believed that I don’t have enough. I repent of coming into agreement with Chronos, and toiling under the sun. I declare that I am free from their influence! Show me a better way! I repent of clock watching and schedule sticking. I declare those things serve me rather than me serving them. I am not a victim of a 24 hour day.

I want unlimited time, not just at work, but in relationships, at home, in the garden/secret place. I want enough to go around. I ask for a repayment of time that’s been lost. That it would be supernaturally made up.

No more running out of time, I declare that I am one with a God who is outside of time and space, therefore I am too. I am not under the sun, or any other natural cycles but the Son. I have all the time I need. Show me what to do with my time, teach me to steward it well, but also set my mind at ease when I warp so that I’m not worried that I’m doing the wrong thing with my gift of time. I repent of thinking that I have to do big things with the surplus, and may there always be a surplus.”

Please share any time warping adventures you have here in the comments, and add any insight you have as well. If we all pool our knowledge, we’ll be that much more effective!

You can get in touch with my friend at my, as well as  If you are interested in business, you can join us, as well as a bunch of other cool people in her Facebook group titled “Dream Ventures: Prophetic Profits for the Business of Your Dreams.”  Thanks again for joining us!

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  1. Sherry

    This is truly amazing!! I’ve had a lot of experiences in dreams of being in other places in the world but only once have I had a documented occurrence of time change.

    I had forgotten that my son needed to be picked up from school early for work that day. I was already 15 minutes late getting him. I left my house at 3:30 in the afternoon and it’s a 30 minute drive from my house to the school. I text him telling him that I had forgotten and was running late, so he began tracking me on the find my iPhone app on his phone. On route to the school, the Lord dropped into me to pray for a woman who was in the hospital and on life support for her to be women up. I prayed in the spirit until I got to the school and my son was laughing at me when he got in. He said, “I don’t know how you did it but you got here from the highway in three minutes.” That part of the trip takes at least 10-11 minutes. I never thought anything about it until I got home and my husband asked how I got home so quick. I was home a whole 15 minutes faster than I should have been. I never thought anything about this though! Amazing! God is grand!!

    • guest warper

      Awesome Sherry! That gives me a little more umph behind the idea that tongues is an instigator of this!

  2. Steve fleming

    Thank you So much,,,a word in Season..
    Be encouraged, as I am encouraged…..x

    • guest warper

      Thanks Steve. Blessings to you.

  3. Beth

    Well not to kill the tongues thing but very similar to Sherry. My two boys and I were our way to tudoring on Oahu. Long drive and I was excited I had actually left on time as I am not a prompt person usually. There is a hwy, H3, that if you go on, no way to get off; 12 miles in then right & 13 miles back to freeway. It takes 40 minutes extra. I got in wrong lane and on H3. So, had my son text the teacher what happened & we would be about 20 minutes late. She text back, so time was noted. We always jam to worship music as we drive so just kept on with that. When we got to her office her jaw literally dropped to the floor. She kept looking at her phone then us and back at phone. She said “I thought you got on H3 by accident?”. I said ” we did”. I had not looked at time on phone this whole time. She said then how are you here 15 minutes early instead of 20 minutes late. I told her “I have been trying to tell you, in Jesus ALL things are possible and He controls time.” It was amazing. It happened again later too. My older son had come with us to other side of island to encourage a friend with challenges. She had actually told me about her time stretches from the Lord too come to think of it. So we stayed longer than should have but she needed that visit so asked her to agree we would get back for my son to start work on time. Well, hit freeway and it was completely bumper to bumper. Hawaii has horrible traffic. We had only made it half way home; with good flow it takes full 2 hrs to do that drive. My son had to start work in 15 minutes. I told him to put on worship and quit looking at phone time. We hit EVERY red light we could. He arrived 5 minutes early. I love this. Going to continue in it. Had kind of forgotten about this living off grid; no traffic. Yet we have SO many projects and had been saying “not enough daylight in winter to do all we want”. Forgive us Lord; we have MORE than enough time!

    • guest warper

      Oh my gosh! I bet there’s so much we don’t realize, because we aren’t always keeping track of the time.

  4. Joyful Heart

    This is so incredibly cool. Sounds like whether it is tongues or praise and worshipping, setting our minds and hearts on things above can put us on heavenly “time”!

    I have a little story that is related to the time subject. A few years back we adopted a boy from China. He had been abandoned and spent several years in an orphanage. He’d had open heart surgery in China at age 5 for a “hole in his heart” (wondering if he developed the hole due to the abandonment).

    One day I was looking at a friend’s page where she was talking about her baby’s heart surgery. My son came to look over my shoulder. I felt so bad about him experiencing that ordeal without anybody who loved him at his side. We talked about it a little bit.

    Then I felt the Spirit say, “you can pray for him now”. And I thought, “yeah, God is outside of time so my prayers now can bless my son seven years ago”. So I did pray, that the doctors would do a good job, that my son would feel loved and cared for, etc. My son had tears in his eyes. And when I finished I believed that God took my prayer and answered it seven years earlier.

    My son has always said that he didn’t remember much of the event, and slept the whole time of recovery. I’ve since then prayed over other situations, and also prayed to negate things I’ve said or done in the past. What a blessing that our Father is not restrained in any way, and perhaps we are not either! Praise our awesome DAD!

    • Beth

      That is brilliant! Going to pray that way as well!

    • guest warper

      Yeah, I do that too. Mostly because I heard about it too late or forgot to pray earlier. Hadn’t thought to negate the effects of things I said or did though.

  5. LifeTree

    This is great! Thanks for sharing- I love that rest is emphasized over trying to ‘do it’. Saving to my files.


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