My wife and I had the delight this past weekend to spend time with friends, both old and new, discussing the wonders of God, including the manifestation of gemstones. There still remains so much controversy in the body of Christ over the miracle of gemstones from heaven. In spite of the issues that abound, the matter of divine jewels couldn’t be any simpler for me, and they will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember the first time I ever saw a gem appear. It was a small amethyst teardrop–I still have it in its own special bag. I remember feeling so loved by our Heavenly Father because He gave me such precious gifts! These weren’t just some way that He blessed me, but God dropped gems at my feet, on my body, and at times even over my head as a demonstration of love. He knew exactly where I was at that moment, and lavished His abundance on me.

A year later we held a series of gem parties at our house–hosting the minister through whom this manifestation of gems first came to us. Those gatherings were a special time as well, and a time I will always cherish. There was always excitement in our household and among our friends as a gem party neared. We always cleaned the house extra just to make it special for all the guests, and my wife made sure to prepare enough food that no matter what people did or didn’t bring, there would be food aplenty. My brother in law was a cleaning fiend, and he wasn’t even all that into the gems, at least at first.

The gems for me are more than just a trinket from heaven. They represent the amazing and boundless love of our Father. Some people squabble about whether gems point to Jesus or not, and whether the devil is incarnating in our midst or some such nonsense, but the Father’s heart couldn’t be more clearly displayed. I remember the many lives that were touched each time we hosted a party. I remember the one time God sent a woman to the party an entire day early to help get everything ready when the house was in particular need of help. I remember that one night we prayed for supernatural weight loss and one man went home and lost ten pounds by the next day! I remember the day a young man spelled his name out in gemstones upside down on the ceiling by the kitchen, the gems being held up by nothing other than simple faith. I remember people crying, faces in shock, as God touched their hearts, whether it was when gems appeared, during worship, or at any other time of ministry during a party. One woman was in shock as we gave her gems to take with her when she didn’t have any. Other guests were emboldened to step out and host their own parties and the love of God was spread even wider through this manifestation than my living room alone could have reached.

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When the parties ended it was a bit of a disappointment to me, and while the gems occasionally appear here and at other houses of party-goers, and continue to regularly appear for the minister we hosted, I cannot help but look back at those days with a sense of gratitude. I value miracles very highly, because I believe they are meant to transform our minds and change our lives forever. The gemstones from heaven are tangible reminders that God knows where we live, what is going on in our lives, and that He cares enough to send us with physical presents that shimmer and sparkle in the least bit of light.

The jewels are a prophetic pictures of Jesus adorning His bride, making them blameless without spot and wrinkle before He comes to reclaim his pure bride. Sometimes the gems will even appear in settings, ready to be worn! My heart aches as I think about the deep, deep love that Jesus holds for us, and the many ways He manifests that love. It’s not even really about gems. It’s about love. It’s about the immeasurable love of God that can’t be expressed with words, but that God attempts to communicate to us anyway, and in every way.

I have seen so many gems appear that I can’t help but desire this manifestation for everyone. I want to not only be able to host someone who carries this, but I want to carry this gift to the world. I want to walk in signs, wonders, and miracles at such a level that people have no choice but to have their own experience–to pick up a stone for the first time that God created out of nothing in front of their eyes–to witness firsthand a creative miracle that God performed just for them. Not everyone will understand gemstones from heaven, or what they are all about, but my deep desire with this manifestation is that God’s unending love is passed on, and that through it we come to know and experience Him even more deeply. If you have never seen this miracle before, I encourage you to ask the Lord to send you your own, and to see if you can find someone who has this happen around them regularly. I can promise you, your heart will never be the same.


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