In the previous installment of this series (here) we reviewed the need for emotional healing, and looked at how to successfully begin to deal with unhealthy and unfruitful emotions to step into a place of inner freedom.


To move beyond forgiveness to get at other root issues, I recommend starting by increasing general awareness of emotional triggers.  A trigger is any event where we feel our emotional balance getting upset.  Often, the reactions we have to life events are far more intense than they need to be.  If we are able to take a step back and do a mental inventory of the situation, as well as our emotions, we can realize and identify that our response is far more drastic than necessary, which means we are being triggered.  Every emotional trigger is like a neon sign pointing to an unhealthy place inside of us.  As we identify these places, we can start to tease through the underlying problems in prayer.

Many times when I get in arguments with my wife, I will get triggered when I don’t feel like I am being heard.  For a variety of reasons, that is very important to me and is still an unhealthy place within me.  When I don’t feel I am heard, I get louder and more rude, trying to adamantly make myself be heard.  As one can guess, this is a bit of a turn-off, and it generally upsets my wife.  The more I have become aware of this trigger, the more I have been able to stop, calmly say to my wife “I am sorry for responding like that.  I think I am not feeling heard,” and respond in a more normal fashion.  Usually when I recognize what is going on, she will attempt to make sure I feel like I have been heard in the situation to help address the trigger as well.  In other words, we have increased our communication to have more grace for each other’s difficulties.  At the same time, I also recognize I need to continue to address the underlying factors that cause that trigger to exist.

If I am dealing with a trigger by myself, I will often start looking at the emotion in question (usually long after the event and when I am no longer being triggered) and start asking myself questions.  “Why did this upset me so much?”  “Is there an underlying need I have that was not being met in that situation?”  As above, an underlying issue for me is not feeling heard.  I may look at places earlier in my life where I didn’t feel heard–and Holy Spirit will bring memories back to me of places where I not only felt unheard, but felt that I was powerless in a situation to make people hear me.  Those feelings of powerlessness are part of why I get louder and try to force myself to be heard even now as an adult, trying to keep the feelings of powerlessness and loss of control at bay.  I may use Praying Medic’s short healing prayer to address those feelings associated with that memory, and any other feelings that arise.  I may cast demons out of myself as I identify them being attached to that situation.  As a whole, when I engage this method, or something similar, I find myself increasing in freedom.

There are times where the above methods are insufficient to solve the problem.  Oftentimes emotional triggers are actually coming from fragments that are still hurt, bound, and have yet to be integrated into my core self.  Sometimes fragments may appear as a person in a prison cell or similar, and often are tormented by demons.  When a situation arises that feels similar to the initial situations that caused the fragment to fracture off, the fragment totally freaks out, which explains part of why we have excessive emotional responses when triggered.  We must identify that there is a fragment involved, then attempt to address the issue in prayer.  I wish there was a clear-cut method of how to deal with fragments by oneself, but I do not know of any.  When working with others, we can talk to the fragment directly, but when working on ourselves it is difficult to try and call a fragment up to manifest, as there is then no one to talk to the fragment and work through the situation.  Thus, we must address them in our heart and mind.  I usually try to reassure the fragment that they are safe, and if I identify that they are locked up in some fashion, pray them unbound.

Angels are particularly useful when dealing with fragments, and I believe we would see more effectiveness in healing prayer in general if we worked with angels more frequently.  We can give angels instructions and have them carry them out–including working with fragments to see them healed, restored, and integrated.  I am still somewhat new at working with angels in this area, but I know that the more we work with angels, the more effective their ministry becomes.  Working with angels is similar to how we talk to God in prayer, but we are simply direction the conversation to a different spirit being.  If we can speak to demons, even command them to come out of people, then talking to angels isn’t much of a stretch.  For those who tend to get leery of this sort of talk, I am not at any point suggesting we worship angels or that they are in any way equivalent with God–they’re not.  They are fellow servants of God like us, and we have been given authority by our heavenly Father to command them to do God’s will.

As we work with our fragments over time, we gradually will become more adept at it, as well as find ourselves reaching greater levels of freedom.  When I work with my fragments with my prayer counselor, we usually choose what issues we want to address, then speak to the relevant fragments (ex. “Fragment that is feeling powerlessness, come up.” Knowing the fragment’s name isn’t important, and we can always ask them after they come up and start talking).  Often we will start with an issue that I observed myself being triggered on since our last session (I keep a running list on my smart phone), but occasionally we will either go in a completely different direction based on what we sense God doing, or we may pick back up with a fragment from a previous session that we were unable to integrate at that time.

Having spent all this time talking about demons, fragments, and emotional healing, it is probably still not clear how they relate to physical healing.  Demons often supernaturally empower pre-existing physical problems, and they often create new ones.  When the demons are ejected, the malady can decrease or even disappear entirely.  Emotions are stored in various organs and tissues in the body, and certain emotions can cause pain or dysfunction in tissues.  When these emotions are healed, the energetic patterns in the tissues change, and no longer support the existence of the infirmity.  When fragments that contribute to the problem, through their own emotional issues, demons, etc., are healed, delivered, and integrated, yet another hindrance to physical healing is blasted out of the way.  When these areas are addressed fully in regards to a specific malady, it becomes significantly easier to heal that physical problem in prayer.

For those interested in more information specifically on how to recognize and heal fragments and alters, check out my coauthored book Broken to Whole: Inner Healing for the Fragmented Soul.

You can also check out the Fragment Finder flower essence from Freedom Flowers

In the next installment of this series we will take a look at how to use faith in practical ways to help bring physical healing.



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  1. Candy

    Hello Michael,
    I have been enjoying reading your posts. This is the 1st time I’m commenting..

    Regarding alters/fragments, I get in the spirit and heal them there. I see them all.
    Jesus visited me on Valentine’s Day a couple years ago and told me to do it that way. It super works and it’s fast!
    This way one can do a stealth integration!
    I’m done telling people they have DID and trying to explain it, they close up and refuse prayer, or tell me off. ?
    It’s a very sensitive issue and after I had difficulties doing it the regular way, I went to the Lord and I asked Him to tell me how He did it and then I got the dream.

    Regarding triggers, I usually ask Holy Spirit to show me the very 1st time the particular trigger I’m workin on, happened!
    It’s then when the trigger was created, it’s then when we got hurt, made a vow, passed a judgement, curse etc. This way I uproot it from the root, versus just cutting branches (revisiting the same issue again).

    Thank you for all your teachings and posts.

    • Michael King

      Candy, thanks so much for sharing! Would you be willing to write up a “how to” for healing fragments in the spirit that I can feature here and share with other readers?

      • Candy

        You are very welcome!
        Michael, do you want me share here or send it to you privately?
        (I would need an email please, if it’s okay, or I can send it in a mesage on FB?)
        I would rather have you read my response 1st before sharing it.
        Just to be sure you also want to share this version of healing fragments. Lol


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