I am excited to announce that my newest book
Feathers From Heaven
is finally out in print and Kindle!

We are living in exciting times—where signs and wonders are jumping off the pages of the Bible and people experience miracles in everyday life. Stories of crying statues, clouds of gold dust, and people being raised from the dead are increasing across the globe as Jesus of Nazareth displays His power through His Church.

Feathers have long been recognized in many cultures as being signs from God, portents of angelic activity, and messages from deceased loved ones. The Bible speaks of feathers as having a number of different meanings—all of which have relevance to daily life. Whether you regularly find heavenly feathers or have never heard of this phenomenon, this book will deepen your understanding of what they mean, why they matter, and how you can encounter this miracle for yourself. Come discover why feathers are falling from heaven!


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US Print: http://amzn.to/2aNw1Zj

US Kindle: http://amzn.to/2aBjox2


Here’s what you will find in this book:

Our Personal Story – This is our family’s personal story of how we started finding Feathers from Heaven.

The Meaning in the Manifestation – This takes a look at God’s plans and purposes through this miracle.

Discernment and Deception – This answers the question “How do I know this is God?”, providing wisdom to help navigate the miracles.

Ruffled Feathers – This addresses some common concerns and objections people have about this manifestation.

Feather Stories – This shares many stories from others recounting their miracle-moments finding heavenly feathers.

How Do I Get This To Happen? – This looks at how we can partner with God to encourage our own feather encounters.

Feathers from Heaven – This is a unique transdimensional feather story meant to expand our beliefs of what is possible.

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