One of the results of learning and teaching others about healing is that we discover both what works and what doesn’t. When healing doesn’t work, the natural question to ask is “why”, and the street healers have dealt with this for years, often with an “I don’t know” as the answer. And as uncomfortable as that may sound, the truth is we often don’t know why healing doesn’t occur in a given situation. This problem has set many of us on a quest–to discover why we don’t heal and how we can. And what we have found may surprise you: Emotional wounds are probably the number one reason why people don’t get physically healed.

The emotional roots of physical disease are a long-proven notion that is generally accepted in both psychology and spirituality. Anecdotal stories abound of people who let go of bitterness or other negative emotions and found both inner peace and physical restoration. The reason this works is that the body is a repository for emotions–and if these emotions don’t find a healthy release, they will find a painful one. Chinese medicine has an understanding of what organs store which emotions, and some of their herbal, acupuncture, and other energy treatments are designed to help restore homeostasis to organs that have become imbalanced with negative emotions. While this is a viable option, there are other methods that can help.

In my blog series Divine Healing That Works I have attempted to answer the “why” question as best as I can. I discuss some factors that can contribute to physical healing, and how we can increase our success rate. I cover a variety of topics including emotional healing, dealing with demons, and more. The biggest problem I see people have with emotional healing is that it feels difficult to access. With a cut or scrape, we know that we can clean the wound, apply various ointments or salves and over time our bodies will naturally heal. We can see the progress so we know we are getting something done. Inner healing doesn’t have any of these convenient options available, so it can be difficult to feel we are making progress, much less know where to begin.

I believe we can use a few simple, practical methods to get started, and as we do this and uncover new layers of inner wounding, we can pursue additional help as needed. My inner-healing prescription is the following Five Steps:

1). Forgive. Make a list of everyone you believe you have something against, praying for God to guide and remind you of people who should be on the list. Forgive them in prayer, and speak with them to resolve and reconcile if applicable.

2). Start taking flower essences. You can find essences that cover a very wide range of emotional problems at Freedom Flowers. I currently don’t receive any monetary benefit for sending you there–I just believe in the owner/manufacturer and the quality of her products, as well as the part flower essences can play in emotional healing. If you are just starting out, I recommend her Aftershock, Heart Healer, or Confidence essences. You can order a Custom Combo that comes with a consultation to design an essence specifically tailored to your needs. She has also written a book called Flower Power that will help you get started in the world of Flower Essences, and her website has a free e-course you can sign up for as well.  If you do choose to purchase essences, consider noting this website as the referrer.

3). Read books on the subject.  I recommend three different ones.  First, get Praying Medic’s book on emotional healing–it has a simple prayer you can use to help deal with problem emotions as they come up, and as you go down this road they WILL come up. You can find the book on Amazon at Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps. The book is only $0.99 and I both own the book and use the prayer script regularly.  Second, get the book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman.  This is another book I use that has some really great prayers.  This book has scripts you can pray that help identify and address emotions that you may not even be aware of. It also has some catch-all prayers you can use to jump-start emotional self-healing even if no specific problems come to mind. It also has a really great reference section at the end that can help pinpoint emotional roots of various physical problems.

4). Dig even deeper with a book I have coauthored, titled Broken to Whole:  Inner Healing for the Fragmented Soul.   This book goes deep into the subject of inner healing, dealing with demons and harmful belief systems, but focusing mostly on how broken parts of our souls, often referred to as fragments or alters, can negatively influence our lives.  This book also provides helpful and highly practical advice on how to recognize and heal them so that you can become a whole person.

5). Connect with an inner healing counselor to take you further. There are probably hundreds out there, and they may or may not meet your particular needs. Alice Arlene, Ltd Co. is one counselor you can turn to who may be able to help, and you can get in touch with her here. You can connect with DeBalm Ministries who also regularly does prayer work.  Paul Cox and Aslan’s Place Ministries also specialize in inner healing largely via the gift of discernment of spirits. They do it themselves either in person or online, but may be able to put you in touch with someone more local as well. You can find their “get started” information here, contact information here, and can also access many prayer scripts for free on the right side of their website.

I have done all or a variation of all of these steps myself, and I can tell you that without a doubt it is one of the wisest choices I have made in how I approach my life and spirituality. It is impossible to be significantly effective in healing ministry without major blowups over time or get any kind of personal growth without some measure of inner healing. And while God will always work emotional healing in our lives, it happens much faster when we pursue the blessings He has for us. Jesus let his heart be pierced so that He could heal yours–I encourage you to step out and see how inner healing can help you go further!


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