For regular followers of this blog, you know that immortality is in my blood. I haven’t written about it for months, which is a bit uncommon for me. Truth be told, the past few months have been a bit up and down for me. At any point in time there are many things spiritually that vie for my attention, and as much as I am interested in a bit of everything, I have to pare down my interests to focus in on the few things God is doing with me right now. I have met with some challenges in the past months as well. For example, my most recent book, Practical Keys to Raise the Dead (which will be released in the near future) took me far longer than expected given its size, and I have been focusing a lot on faith, resurrection, and how to express them in down-to-earth ways how to release the life of Christ. I hope to have a longer book, preliminarily titled Faith to Raise the Dead, published before Christmas, but with that deadline ahead of me I greatly appreciate your prayers.

A few months ago I had a dream that had a lot of confusing elements to it, but the one key part was a clear directive to write and put out the message of the Gospel of Immortality. I have started this process by laying the foundation for abundant life with the two books on Resurrection, but once Faith to Raise the Dead is finished I will be writing a book that lays a scriptural foundation for immortality throughout the entire Bible. It is all throughout the Old Testament, the New Testament, and in the gospels, especially the Gospel of John.


Physical immortality is a truth that God is restoring to the Body of Christ in this hour, and He is raising up men and women across the globe to share this message. It is my hope to set up a teaching curriculum on this subject in the future, but for now I value your prayers as I work on getting the resurrection books written and published, then buckle down to tackle what I consider to be the true message of the gospel–that Jesus died so you don’t have to. Thanks in advance for your love, prayers, and encouragement! As a side note, if you have a testimony of raising the dead that you would consider allowing me to include in Faith to Raise the Dead, please email me at Blessings!


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