Position yourself in a place of prayer this week, for at the end of this week hinges much of the plans I have to bring prosperity and blessing to the United States, as well as even to flow out into the rest of the world.  I am using the political scene in this nation to transform the face of politics worldwide, and this can only be done if my plans go through.  Continue to pray for safety over the inauguration, that every plan of darkness is torn down, and that My Kingdom is manifest in the earth.  Continue to pray against the powers of darkness, that every scheme of the enemy is uncovered, and that angelic protection surrounds everyone involved who needs it.  Even on the day of the Inauguration, continue to intercede for the enemy has plans for a last-minute exchange of power that must not be allowed to happen. “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray” then miracles can happen.  Release the power of faith within you to see a miracle transform this nation.

For a longer FB Live broadcast regarding dreams and other revelation the Lord has given myself and others on this subject this past week, listen and watch here.



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