This week is a week of new beginnings.  I am blowing a fresh wind of my Spirit in this nation–new opportunities will begin to open to you this week.  New ventures, new ideas, and even new jobs are opening to some of you.  I am releasing a fresh creativity to those who are attuned to my spirit, and I am bringing in a new wave of hunger for my Presence.  Do not be in fear over the turmoil in this nation, and fix your eyes on things above where Christ is–for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also, and out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.  Let your heart be filled with my love and then your words will reflect my goodness and grace.  The world needs my goodness and grace this week, so continue to pray and contend for My plans in this nation, and for hearts to be at peace and rest.

Many this week are still filled with fear and trepidation over the impending changes in this nation.  Change is not bad, nor is it good.  Change is entirely dependent on the changes that are made–continue to pray for My Spirit to infuse the President and his Cabinet with My wisdom and knowledge, so they may govern wisely.  There is a transition period taking place even now in the halls of power, and it is important to continue to pray.  Yet those on the ground, the men and women of this nation, many still need prayer.  Many still need love.  Continue to love and pray and release My goodness in your daily life, for it is the small acts that have transformed the world in the most significant of ways.  The smile, the small gesture of kindness, those are the things that truly transform our world, for they cause small changes in the heart of man.  Small changes in our hearts add up, and a critical mass will trigger a wave of love–a love revolution that will transform your world.  Continue to seek to love others in small ways this week, for love is the only solution to life’s problems.

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