Prepare your hearts even now, for I am visiting this nation in a new way.  Many have cried out to me for justice, and for righteousness to return to this nation.  I have heard your prayers, and I am beginning to release a wave of righteousness.  Do not fear when corruption is exposed because it is not new corruption–it has existed in shadows and I am only now bringing it to light.  Pray this week for the works of darkness to be brought into the light.

As you do this, shift your perspective.  Know that a window of time has been opened to you, and as you step through this window you can receive new opportunity.  Fresh revelation is available to you for your business and your family.  You can ask of me this week and I will share with you new things–come boldly before the throne of Grace and ask what you desire–for I am pouring out my blessing upon those who ask and who boldly come.  Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.  For everyone who asks will receive, to those who seek, they will find, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened, and he will enter in and find my rest.

A wave of fear is still attempting to come upon those in this nation.  Continue to pray for my light to dispel darkness, and do not feed the fear.  For only in time will the true nature of my purposes in this nation come to light, but it is your job to spread hope, to spread joy, and to be a light in the darkness.  Be the beacon of hope that lifts people up.  Be the beacon of grace that overlooks faults and that loves unconditionally.  This cannot be done on your own, but only through my grace.  Let my grace overwhelm you this week, and strengthen you for the days ahead.

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