Shortly before I got married, my wife and I and a few other people took on a witch coven in spiritual warfare. It was a bit unexpected, and we had no plans for such activity. However, we were worshiping in my wife’s living room in the spirit I saw someone walking up the stairs to her second floor. It took me a moment to realize I was observing someone who had astral-projected into the house, but moments later I sprung into action. Sunshine and I walked upstairs as the others continued to worship and pray below. At the top of the stairs I turned left into the first bedroom, which had a doorway on the far end connecting to a bathroom and another small room.

Stepping into the room I immediately saw this person again, so I reached out and flung them across the room. While this might sound strange to some, astral bodies rarely can interact with physical objects, but nothing is stopping me, a spirit being who lives in a body, from interacting with them. Thus, I threw him. He fell, and I watched him crawl on his hands and knees through the hallway into the other room; we followed. Upon entering that room, I saw a vision of four people standing there, all of whom had projected in. We summarily ejected them from the premises.

That night and the days that followed were an intense time of training for me and my wife, as we had never dealt with anything of this level before–and for the most part hadn’t again until this past year. I discovered just how much our will directs what happens in the spirit realm. I discovered that there were prophets and prophetic people in ministry who were both aware of and able to spirit travel at will, but at that time were hiding it from the Body of Christ. I also discovered what happens when you win a battle but lose a war.

The next few years after this event I found my energy for Christian activities drained away. I still loved God but it was like I just didn’t have any emotional reserve available to actually get involved in anything spiritual. During this time I read a number of books by a range of spiritual authors, some of whom lack the revelation of Jesus Christ but who have done fascinating and informative study into a number of aspects of prayer, faith, miracles, and more. I didn’t understand why I felt so spiritually drained until I read a book by shamanic teacher Ted Andrews titled The Intercession of Spirits. In this book he discussed many things, but one in particular spoke to me at that moment–he shared how at one point he saw himself as a ‘psychic white knight’ and took on a guy who was psychically harassing a friend. What Ted didn’t know at the time was that this guy had an entire cult backing him, whereas Ted was alone. The moment I read this, a light bulb went on and I realized what I was experiencing was the result of fighting against a coven in a spiritual battle without fully understanding what I was involved in.

This is the sort of thing that I find seldom discussed, but it would have been extremely helpful to have learned. It isn’t something anyone I knew could have taught me simply because no one I knew had any experience in this arena to be able to teach–whether regarding spirit travel and astral projection, battling witches in the spirit, or anything else related. Since then I have found myself among others who have had a similar learning curve as myself–difficult but highly educational. I learned that what we oftentimes see as a one-time battle they tend to view as a long-term war. When we think we are finished, they’re just getting started–and we have to be in it for the long-haul.

While this might not seem a super upbeat or encouraging post, I believe it is important that we understand that not only is there a real spiritual battle with demonic forces, but there are humans who have willingly aligned themselves with powers of darkness and who actively seek out those whom they can attack. Over the years I have removed spiritual seals, broken curses, and in other ways dealt with the influence of witchcraft attacks both over myself, my wife, and friends and family. This isn’t a problem that goes away when we ignore it, and we must learn to become aware of the schemes of the enemy. We fight with powerful spiritual weaponry that is able to destroy the works of darkness and release the light of the Kingdom of God into the world, and I’ve read the end of the book: Jesus wins. No matter how difficult or dark things may get, keep fighting, keep your head up, and continue to pursue Heaven–for greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.

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