This week is a week of rebirth–a week of freshness. Get ready to step into the new, for I am releasing a fresh wind of my spirit this week. For those of you who have gotten weary in this past year, know that this new year is bringing with it change and transformation. Be looking this week to see where I am shifting you, and seek to align yourself with my Spirit. Ask me for new wisdom on how to align yourself this week, for your alignments this week will position you for future breakthroughs. Don’t let doubts and fears hold you back, but step foward into the blessings I am opening for you this week.

New Doors are being opened. Many who have labored in this past season have been wondering when the breakthrough will come. Swift acceleration is coming to those who have been faithful to persevere, and I will be promoting some to high-level positions overnight, skipping and bypassing what normally would take years. Many are stepping into a new place of favor in this month.

Even as this is the week of Valentine’s, I am displaying my love by calling the prodigals home. Now is the time to decree that your sons and daughters are returning to you, for I am setting the captives free. I am wooing them with my love, and drawing them ever near to my heart. Do not look at the outward appearance, but seek my Spirit to know what I am doing in your children’s hearts. Some of you are in fear about your children not because they are off-track but because you have not taken the time to understand the unique ways I am dealing with your child. Whether the prodigal returning home or the unique child I am working with in my ways, continue to persevere in prayer and seek My divine wisdom and pray accordingly.


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