This is the time when the Patriots will rise above the bird of prey that has sought to take them out.  I AM the God of this nation, and I will let my people shine forth.  There is still a time of great turmoil in this land that needs much prayer, but behold, I am setting forth my Davids and Josephs and positioning them in places of influence.  Both David and Joseph had potential that laid dormant until the right time had come–now is that time.  I am positioning people in every sector of influence to spread the light of My Kingdom and to manifest My goodness on earth as it is in heaven.

Many of you have felt stuck between a rock and a hard place, with enemies coming at you from all sides and with no way of retreat.  Yet, I am making a way for you, spreading wide the path for you to travel upon.  Even in the last moments, in the eleventh hour, when you feel all is lost, I open up unexpected avenues and use unexpected people to do it.

I am focusing in on the heart of this nation, and bringing people back to me.  My heart is wide, and my hope is endless.  There is no such thing as “too late” for I am opening up the hearts of those who have been closed off.  I am bringing restoration into families and wholeness into broken homes.  Declare and decree a new thing in your life today!

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