Last week my wife was trying to go to sleep and she had hip pain that was keeping her up.  In and of itself that is a problem, but she is a victim of long-term mercury poisoning, and suffers from a number of additional secondary medical problems as a result—thyroid problems, cognitive challenges that have worsened over time, and massive inflammation to name just a few of the many.  It is actually far more common than one might realize due to the use of amalgam fillings in teeth—the ones that look silvery.  Without going deep into the medical aspects of it, let me just say that if you have them in your mouth, they are poisoning you slowly whether you know it or not–and many other nations have banned that particular type of filling.  We have spent tens of thousands of dollars in the past few years on dental work to remove them so she can begin the process of removing the mercury from her cells, but it is slow going.


At any rate, last week as she lay in bed writhing in pain, nothing I did helped it go away—and I’m pretty good at making it stop.  Sometimes massage helps; other times using a chiropractic activator to realign her hips, sacrum, and low back does the job.  At times we do energy-work or inner healing prayer and the pain either goes away or at least lessens to a tolerable level so she can sleep.  Regardless of the method, that particular night was hellish because literally nothing worked.  No amount of massage, adjustments, energy work, or prayer seemed to do a single thing.  So we both just cried.


Those of you who know me well know that I am a staunch believer in both physical and inner healing via divine prayer–and that I get decent enough results praying for others to be healed.  The one serious difficulty I have had over the past many years, a problem echoed by many faith healers, is that we cannot seem to get our own spouse healed—and on some level it is maddening.  It is certainly upsetting, to say the least, and on this particular night it was horrendous.  I thank God that she was eventually able to fall asleep and that none of the flare-ups since have been as bad, but she is in constant pain every day, and has been for years.


I am in the middle of a fast that includes, among other things, praying for her complete healing, but there are times when the most we can do simply doesn’t seem like enough.  Why?  Because the pain still won’t stop.  No matter what we do it seems there is still one more problem or cramp or pain or issue that doesn’t get fixed, and it is frustrating.  I usually try not to let my wife see me upset about it, and often I think I push down my own emotions on the matter to avoid adding more stress to her (no wonder I’m having low back pain . . .), but it can be really difficult.  And because I don’t generally go around complaining about it, especially on social media, it’s something only our friends know–and even then they don’t know the extent to how bad it is at times.  Over the past many years I have reduced my own activity to more closely match her ability level because she simply cannot keep up with me between our pre-existing age difference and her gradually increasing joint pain.


I don’t share all this for pity, although if you say a prayer for her that would be nice.  I know there are many of you out there reading this who are either that one in pain or the family member of the one who is, and you wish there was something more you could do to make it all better.  When this sort of thing happens, there is really only one solution, because giving up is not really a choice.  We don’t really have the option of bowing out and quitting.  At the end of the day, giving up is the only thing guaranteed to make things worse because even if we give up, the problem hasn’t gone away.  The only solution is to continue to press forward and continue to believe in the goodness of God.


Due to a dream I had last week, Sunshine and I went to a meeting last night hosted by Precious Daughters, a local women’s ministry in the Portland area, who had invited Deborah Gliebe of FireGate Ministries International to speak.  What I heard greatly encouraged me, but I sensed that this held a theme many of you need to hear.


God is birthing something in you.  He isn’t doing it because He is testing you, but He is using all bad things to work them for good in your life.  God isn’t done with you, hasn’t given up on you, and is not withholding His goodness from you for any reason.  When the enemy comes in to steal, kill, and destroy, it is our job to continue to stand firm and hold up the shield of faith.  Ephesians 6:13 says, “Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”  Sometimes all we can do is to continue to stand.  Sometimes that standing doesn’t look like it is doing a single blessed thing for the situation, but that doesn’t matter.  We don’t have a plan B and retreat is not an option.

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For every single one of you who is reading this and you are struggling, or you are the spouse of someone who is, continue to stand firm.  Gird yourself up with the armor of the spirit, buckling that shield of faith firmly in place.  You are strong in the Lord and in His mighty power (Eph. 6:10) and you cannot be moved.  He has sent His angels to surround you and lift you up, protect, and guide you.  God has set His Holy Spirit to dwell within you, and this same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is even now sending His life-giving flow into your body (Rom. 8:11).  God is still the Healer, still the Deliverer, and still the One who gives us hope when we have lost all hope.  God has not given up on you—don’t you give up either.  And in case you are wondering, no, it isn’t your fault, and no, God does not afflict us with disease.


God is here to minister to your broken heart-—because that is what many of us are experiencing.  Our hearts are broken because of the pain we have seen.  We have to continue to stand in the gap of intercession and lift up our voices in praise to destroy the powers of darkness when they are in our midst.  It is neither easy nor fun, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar, but there is grace to make it through, and we WILL make it through.  One way or another, we will ALL break through.  You are not alone, no matter how bleak it may feel right now.  Whatever the situation and whatever the problem, there is a way out.  There is a way up, and you will make it—you will live to tell of the goodness of God in the midst of your pain and problems.  Continue to stand strong and fight.  Continue to pray and pursue wholeness.  Continue to pursue because Jesus died to take your pain upon Himself.  Jesus literally handed his life over and laid it down to take your infirmity on Him so you would have it no longer.  God has never planned this problem for you, but He is standing right beside you and walking you through it.


I decree that even now, fresh hope is rising up in your heart.  Fresh grace is being released from Heaven to carry you forward and give you strength to stand.  I release the oil of gladness over you right now, flowing upon you even as you read these words.  God is binding up your broken heart and is bringing gladness in place of mourning and despair.  I command all sickness and disease to bow to the mighty name of Jesus, and I command you to go!  I rebuke every unclean spirit and everything that causes infirmity, pain, sickness, and disease and I command you to loose off of those reading this now!  I break every assignment of the enemy that is sent against you to destroy your hope and cut off your faith, and decree now that a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit is filling and strengthening you now.  I send a fresh fire to reignite the smoldering and extinguished flames within your heart.  And finally, may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of the Father, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all (2 Cor. 13:14).  Amen.




For those of you who want to know more about mercury poisoning and/or are unsure if you are experiencing this problem, this website is a good place to start.

If you are seeking emotional healing and don’t know where to start, you might begin with my blog “5 Steps to Emotional Healing” that outlines a series of things you can to do jump-start the process.

If you seek physical healing and nothing has worked yet, consider my lengthy but informative 9-part blog series Divine Healing That Works.  It should provide some keys on how to move forward when what you have tried is not getting the job done.





  1. David Murry

    Thanks, Michael.

    This was awesome. I 100% agree.

    One small thing I humbly add as an addendum… we often have mistaken our own soulish pain (the pain of breaking away from the wounds, and false beliefs about our own identity) and overlay that onto our walk.

    One of the most in -depth aspects of the time I take with discipleship is spent on getting others to learn to divide between soul and spirit. For many in this hour, the Lord himself is asking us to look at the lies and wounds we carry around…. and offering to heal them.

    Many are not willing to look at these hurts, and are instead trying to bury it in our walk or “spirituality.” One of these examples is occurring in false burdens.

    Maybe this was meant to be received by only one person out there… who the Lord is asking for you to give Him your wounds and offenses?

    Anyway… thank you, Michael. Always am blessed by your writings.

    David NY

  2. Deborah

    Hi Michael

    I really hesitate to write this, because you have a whole library of information on all aspects of healing – far more than I do!

    But my story is that for over 20 years, I had an horrendous case of the ‘stomach flu’ every single day. Of course, it wasn’t the flu, but immediately after an emotional trauma, I got extremely sick and it never went away. The pain was excruciating at times, and no doctor could help. I became a hermit, and several times had to go to the emergency room despite my promises to myself that I would never go again. I felt like something was trying to kill me.

    Over the years I knew that I had completely, 100% forgiven the person(s) involved. I had prayed and praised and declared all of the bible’s healing promises. I had gone across the country to healing seminars and even laid my hand on the TV when healing evangelists said to.

    Prayer rooms….many people praying for me over the years….I gave up on doctors and dove into my own research and ‘alternative’ medicines. Spent thousands of dollars on horse pills and concoctions and strange modalities, strange diets. You name it and I probably tried it.

    I gave up quite a few times, and then got back up; like you said – giving up just makes it worse.

    In over 20 years, I can remember exactly one exquisite day in which I had no sickness, no pain – physical, emotional, or otherwise. To this day, I can’t tell you what I did or didn’t do to cause that. I always felt that God gave that to me to keep me remembering what it was like to be healthy, and to keep moving forward.

    I’m realizing now that, just like anything else, one form of energy medicine works for one person, while another form may work for someone else. The Healing Codes is one example: they have many success stories, but I wasn’t one of them. But your wife could be one of the success stories.

    In the last year, I’ve discovered tapping and Seneca’s flower essences. Between those two things and magnesium oil (for the physical side of things), I can wholeheartedly say that for the first time in over 20 years, I’m getting better.

    I can’t explain it, and I don’t know if it’s just one of these things that is ‘working’ – but I suspect that it’s all three together.

    What works for me may not work for you or your wife or someone else, but I’m astounded that something is actually working for me. 20 years seemed like it would stretch into my whole life; I had even developed the belief that things work for other people, but not for me (translation: God loves other people more than me).

    If you are even remotely interested in learning more about tapping, I do suggest going to youtube and looking up Nick Ortner. Or, I would be glad to show you and your wife what I’ve learned so far.

    What amazes me is that, after sharing your pain, your whole article is about encouraging us!! Thank you so much – I spoke your words of blessing back to you and your wife.

    • Michael King

      I appreciate it so much!! I am familiar with tapping, having tried EFT briefly, but just haven’t made much of a habit of it . I will definitely mention it to her though–and it’s a great suggestion. Thanks!

    • Michael King

      And thank you for your prayers ❤️

  3. Brook Magar

    Don’t know if this will help or not, but has your wife ever been to a kinesiologist? I had a friend that had severe back pain shortly after getting a new metal filling in her tooth: and saw a kinesiologist that practices regularly out of our church. He was able to neutralize the pain within minutes! I never even knew there was such a connection. So just a thought. Also probably something that is different for everyone but worth exploring a bit maybe?

  4. John Spencer

    Thanks Michael.

    Yes – it is so hard for us who care – especially as the attention and help is focussed on the disabled when often we are the ones at the end of our tether! It’s so hard to care when it hurts – so easy to shut it off to cope rather than hand it over to the One who has shoulders broad enough to carry the weight.

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