I am completing projects this week.  I am bringing old things to a close so I can open up the new—new mindsets, new opportunities, new projects.  Look this week to see how you can close something out and make room for the new, for even as nature abhors a vacuum, if you close out the old you make room for my blessings and to bring in the new and good things I have for you.  Some of you may even need to close old relationships–those that have been abusive or manipulative or simply using you for what you have or can give.  There are some of you reading this who are asking “Should I leave this relationship?”  This week is a week of closing doors to make room for the new.  If you are not where you need to be, then step out that door and close it behind you; don’t look back.  Sometimes letting go is the best thing because you are now able to receive what I have planned for you.


Along with closing out the old is that of preparation.  This is a week of preparation for things ahead.  If you have closed out the old it is now time to enter a transformation phase–getting yourself and your environment ready.  If you have been putting off projects that need to be done to pave the way for things ahead, now is the time to dust them off and get them done.  Don’t save for tomorrow what can be done today, for if you will step out I will make your week productive.



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