This past week I shared a blog post about the Conditional Nature of Prophecy , and even as I am asking the Lord what He wants to share this week, I came across a friend’s post on Facebook asking why prophecies sometimes don’t come to pass–and the main reason I believe is that we have to pray them into existence. I also got a call from another friend today who is very grounded in the scripture and versed in things of the Spirit. He and his family have been going through a ton of enemy attacks of late, but it isn’t because he doesn’t know God’s will–it’s because they just need more prayer. While I am sure my friend would appreciate if you said a prayer, I sense there is more behind these seemingly unconnected but related subjects–and what I hear the Lord saying in this is that we need to Pray Things Through!

We all have “stuff” going on in life. And sometimes that stuff can be a LOT. Too much even. But regardless of what is going on, prayer is THE solution to the problem. Prayer is the connection point between our faith and desires and needs and God’s power. When things need to get done in the earth, God’s children get on our knees and pray. I feel very strongly that God is encouraging all of us, in every situation this week, to pray it through. When things get overwhelming, we need to ask God for His peace that bypasses our conscious minds and releases hope and life into our circumstances. We can either let life’s troubles weigh us down or we can trade our burdens and hand them over to Jesus–and take upon ourselves His yoke which is easy and His burden which is light.

I want to encourage you this week to hone in on your prayer life. Take it to another level this week. Seek the Lord over the prophetic words you have received, or if you haven’t ever received one, ask the Lord to share things with you about your life and what He thinks about you. Lift up your family and friends, praying protection, peace, and prosperity over them. Hold up those who have lost loved ones recently, and those who are hurting or broken. Release the peace of God into conflicts, both local and worldwide. I believe that as we seek the Lord in greater measure this week–as we pray things through–that we will see an outpouring of His grace in our lives, families, and the world around us. May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of the Father, and the Intimate Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all (2 Corinthians 13:14).



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  1. David Murry

    Thanks, brother.

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