I am not asking you to change; I am asking you to let ME change you. It is MY Spirit who is the author of change in your life—anything else is behavior modification which doesn’t have lasting effect. Inner transformation is not a work of the human will, but rather the result of letting my divine love fill you. John 15:5 says that you are the branches and I am the vine. Branches only grow as supplied with vitality from the stem. Let me supply you with MY life-transforming power.
Man’s programs can be helpful, but not if they get in the way of the work of the Spirit. Ask me if the programs you are using are helpful tools or hindering obstacles. Seek MY guidance to know if you are on the right path. For I am the Counselor and Guide. I am the One who leads you into paths of righteousness, and I do it for my own sake, because to not do so would be to deny My very nature. Trust in My goodness and My power to save, because I am The Lord Almighty.


  1. Lynn Winesett

    So good. It really resonated with me. When I read it, I saw myself frantically chasing here and there.

  2. Donna

    Right on point! I have been asking the Lord about some of this stuff I have been reading that seem to be ‘elaborate off the wall and out there’ stuff. I am asking Him, “Is this stuff really of You?” Because some of the stuff I am reading seems to be trending away from the VINE. The Lord has caused me to notice in His word that the enemy also has an agenda that mimics the TRUTH but is not of the truth at all.
    We must stay in the vine. For without HIM we can do nothing.

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