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I’m excited and happy to announce that Praying Medic’s long-awaited Praying Medic DaveHayesHealing Classes are now available!  It’s been a long road and a lot of work for him to put this training course together, but you can now enroll in classes that will help equip you to release divine healing.

The course is self-paced, which means you can do them all in a week or do one a week for fourteen weeks—the same length as a college course, but much more straightforward.  You get a lifetime membership, so you can review and retake classes at any time.  And the homework?  Destroy powers of darkness.  If this sounds good to you, then click the link below to learn more and sign up.  I’ve already got my account—come join me!


Topics Covered

-The Nature of God
-Your Identity as a Believer
-God’s Will for Healing
-Authority for Healing
-Power for Healing
-Faith for Healing
-Words of Knowledge
-Emotional Healing
-God’s Presence
-Raising the Dead
-The Court of Heaven
-Why Some People Are Not Healed
-The Gifts of Faith, Healing & Miracles



Enroll Today:

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For those who are unfamiliar with Praying Medic, he has been a Paramedic for over three decades.  In 2000, while an atheist, he encountered Jesus in the bunk room of a fire station and that encounter radically changed the course of his life.  In 2008 the Lord spoke to him in a dream and told the Medic that He would heal his patients if he would be faithful to pray for them.  Praying Medic didn’t believe in healing at the time, but he began to pray.  In 2009 he began a blog, the Mobile Intensive Prayer Unit, to chronicle the work God was doing through healing and miracles around the world, as well as to share some of his own experiences of learning to move in healing and miracles.  Eventually he moved over to  After blogging for years, he published his first book in 2013 called Divine Healing Made Simple, and in 2016 he appeared on Sid Roth’s show Its Supernatural (the video is below).

He often writes about healing, but also covers dreams, deliverance, hearing God and seeing in the spirit, spiritual travel, politics and economics, and more.  He infrequently speaks at conferences and other training events, preferring to focus on writing books, podcasting, and now teaching online courses.






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    Awesome, I’m signing up today!

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