Energy, vibration, and frequency are gaining added focus as new information about quantum fields come to light, and as new technologies are developed.   Many who are spiritually hungry from all backgrounds and belief systems seek deeper understanding of these topics as they seek to deepen their spiritual growth and experience God in fullness.   For those who are new to this realm, the massive quantity of information out there can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  When broken down into various parts, the entirety of the picture can be understood more easily, and the inseparable interchange between science and spirituality can be more clearly grasped.

The first best-place to go to understand the spiritual nature of vibration and quantum stuff is found in the Bible in Hebrews 1:3a.  In the NIV it states “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.”   There are a couple words that should jump out in this verse:  radiance, sustaining, powerful, and word.

Radiance involves emanation of light.  Sustenance is to continually maintain or keep someone or something alive or ongoing.  Powerful means filled with virtue or energy or capacity (lit. power-filled).  A ‘word’ is either written or is a vocalization, and in this case it seems to refer to spoken words.  Thus a ‘word’ here is in fact a release of frequencies of sound that are sent forth from the sender.

If this were all put together and the meanings fed back into the verse, it says something a bit more profound and instructive than at first glance.  “The Son, Jesus, is the emanating outward of light of God’s glory, and perfectly represents him.  He continually maintains and keeps alive all things by the ability that is filled with virtue and overflowing with energy which is released through a series of vibrations at varying frequencies that he sends forth from himself always.”

Said a little more simply, Jesus’s continual release of energy holds the fabric of the universe together and keeps all things alive and in existence.  The corollary being that if for even one moment Jesus stopped releasing the energy that sustains the universe, all things would cease to exist.  That doesn’t mean everyone would simply die, but the matter would not actually BE anymore.  It would be NOT.  It would be as it was in the Beginning when God was all that there was, because nothing had been spoken into being yet.

It is no strange thing then that when God created the heavens and the earth that He did it by speaking.  Those who wrote the Bible maybe only saw a portion of what that entailed, but science gives us some interesting insight into this.  First, understand that fields of science have discovered that everything that exists vibrates unceasingly, from the largest building to the smallest sub-atomic particle.  While one might feel like they are sitting still at times, all of the particles of the body are constantly in vibratory motion all of the time.  Absolute Zero is a theoretical temperature that is so cold that matter would cease to vibrate.  It is thought that if one were to get an object at that temperature, the minute subatomic fabric of its makeup would literally fall apart such that it would no longer exist.  It is still a theory because no one has yet reached it, but it is likely an impossibility, knowing what Hebrews 1:3 says — that Jesus is constantly releasing energy into all things to keep them from ceasing to vibrate.   This instantly negates the ‘clockmaker’ theory of creation, in that God didn’t just make humanity and the world just to leave it all alone, but is moment by moment sustaining the existence of each and every single person whether they are aware of it or not.

So what does all this mean for one’s daily life?  That depends on how deep one wants to go.  To start off simply, look at the eyes and the ears – physical organs responsible for sight and hearing/sound.  They both sense information on different wavelengths of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.  On this spectrum are included visible light, infrared light, microwaves, Ultraviolet light, x-rays, microwaves, and radio waves.  There are likely far more wavelengths than the types listed here – ones that are yet to be measured with scientific instruments, but these are the common types of frequencies of the earth.

The visible and audible spectra are not actually somehow different things, but simply different wavelengths of energy.  Eyes function because they take in certain wavelengths of light and translate them into meaningful images.  Ears work because they take in certain wavelengths of sound and translate them into meaningful noises.  Vocal chords work because they vibrate at particular wavelengths and produce certain levels of sound based on how long or short the chords are at the time of vibration.  All of these are examples of the body’s response to different frequencies, but all are just parts on a continuum of energy vibrations.

Medical science has found various uses for these different frequencies as well.  Because living tissues vibrate at a different wavelength from nonliving things, medical procedures can be safely performed using various frequencies.  For example, using certain wavelengths kidney stones can be broken up into smaller pieces that the body can safely expel, a process called lithotripsy, without harming the surrounding tissues.  A machine called an ultrasound uses sonic wavelengths to visualize organs through other tissue – most commonly uses to look at babies in the womb and to look at the flow of blood vessels without actually having to cut the body open to visualize them directly.  MRIs, X-rays, and CAT scans are other machines that use different wavelengths of energy as well, and they can help diagnose problems such as tumors, brain bleeding, broken bones, lung diseases, and any number of other issues within the body.

Common western medical sciences are not the ONLY ones who have found use for frequencies.  Flower and Gemstone Essences and therapeutic essential oils use the frequencies of various plants and plant products to encourage the body toward greater health, supporting and even providing the body with healing frequencies that can be used to balance harmful frequencies, or in some cases remove and resolve them entirely.  There are also devices that are used all around the world (but often not accepted in the U.S. due to the medical mafia) that use frequencies for healing, and these do not require the invasive procedures such as surgical cutting and burning of tissues that often accompanies Western medical ‘cures’.

Another type of frequency-based technology that assists with the body and health/healing largely fall under the umbrella of EMF-shields.  EMF stands for Electromagnetic Frequency, and these frequencies are very harmful to living tissues.  Computers, cell phones, and even refrigerators emit EMFs, and this has caused a significant decline in the overall health of the developed world.  It is almost impossible to evade an increasing number of high-quantity EMFs as more cell towers and wireless internet signals are erected around the globe, in workplaces, and even in homes.  Over time, these EMFs wear down the body’s internal energy fields and make the individual weaker and more vulnerable to every kind of stressor – both physical and emotional.    The Kings of Eden offer a product line called Q-links that are designed to promote the overall health and vitality of the individual.  In addition to this product, there are many others out there that also help augment the body’s energy field and help it protect itself from harmful frequencies from all of the electromagnetic items in our world.  While there are many out there, however, not all provide the same benefits, and not all have the same level of R&D behind them.

One of the reasons that this is even a physical need for humans is that the body has a similar electromagnetic field to that of the earth.  And if some thought is given, this makes a lot of sense – the body is constructed from the earth itself.  Even the Bible has said it — “You are dust, and to dust you shall return.”   The human body is made of literal organic elements which can be found in abundance throughout the earth.  However, much manmade technology such as cell phones, radio towers, wireless internet, computers, cars, battery-powered watches, and more create this electromagnetic pollution that degrades the personal energy field and creates openings for sickness and disease.

In the past, the concept of ‘vibration’ has been dominated primarily by non-Christian religious groups and has largely been ignored by all but those on the fringe of the science world, but as time marches forward, all of those barriers are breaking down.  As this happens, new inventions are being made, and even new music is being produced.  For instance, there is a CD that is now on the market titled “Abundant Human Elements” which is a CD of music that has been made with resonant frequencies of the 13 most common atoms in the physical body.  As one listens to the music and is in its proximity, the body is able to more closely match those frequencies in every place where the body’s atomic signal has wavered.  What this means is that this music actually helps heal on the atomic level from damage caused by electromagnetic pollution and even negative emotions, and all one has to do is listen to it to get the benefit!

A man named Len Horowitz did a lot of research into the frequency of 528 hz and has declared it to be the frequency of ‘love’, and a frequency that causes literal DNA repair.  Another notable frequency is that of 432 hz.  Research on either will uncover new and interesting details about music that has largely gone un-taught at least in the Western world, and many people are now changing the frequency of the music they listen to in order to match their music to one of the above two wavelengths for greater health and overall better life.  For those who are interested in learning more, google search Len Horowitz, 528 hz, Solfeggio, and 432 hz, or go to the Friends of Eden links on the right side column and visit ‘Sound that Heals’.

In the same way that these frequencies have physical value for our daily life, they can also have spiritual value as well.  Take one’s thoughts, for instance.  Thoughts are actually scientifically proven to emit wavelengths of energy.  If someone were to know how to READ those wavelengths, they would be literally reading one’s thoughts.  In heaven, where all thoughts are laid bare and nothing is hidden from one another, mind-reading is a normalcy.  Angels and demons communicate in this way as well.  In the blog post “They’re Not Your Thoughts” one can read about experiences where people have had negative thoughts and at some point in time realized that it wasn’t just them doing that thinking, but rather that demons that were putting thoughts in their minds.  More than just ‘thought insertion’, these spirits literally release negative wavelengths of thought and the human spirit picks up on those vibrations, turning them into real thoughts in the mind.  People then blame themselves for this darkness and negativity and even depressing thinking though they are their own thoughts, when in reality they aren’t coming from them in the first place.

Negative thoughts are not the only thought-frequencies at work.  Positive thoughts and feelings vibrate at a different set of frequencies than negative thoughts and feelings, and at a higher level.  Science has proven that the higher vibrations of positive thoughts have marked health benefits, while lower vibration from negative thoughts and even emotions can cause harm to the body.  It is not for no reason that Philippians 4:8-9 states “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.  Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.”  It is this very fact, that lifegiving thoughts have even earthly health value, which promotes peace in one’s life and environment.  Studies from people such as Masaru Emoto and his ‘Messages in Water’ series prove that our thoughts and beliefs don’t just affect our own selves, but our surrounding environment.  If positive thoughts and feelings bring life to the body then they will also bring life to those around one as well.  There is an author named Gregg Braden who speaks of this in his book titled The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.

While thought life is very important, and continuous thoughts over time start to develop pathways in the brain that promote those kinds of thoughts, there is more value spiritually than just addressing ones thoughts.  Many people actually discern spiritual activity via frequencies.  There are some people, myself included, who even get a ringing sound in their ears at times when there is some sort of spiritual activity taking place.  There is a sensation of a change in atmospheric pressure somehow just outside the ear canal, then an audible high pitched ringing sound is heard.  The pitch and volume vary from occurrence to occurrence, and it can happen in either ear or both.  There is still very little that is understood about this phenomenon,  such as what the differences in volume and pitch mean, but this is conclusively not the same as the medical condition tinnitus.

So what does one DO with all this energy and vibrations information now that it has been gained? Many are trying to sort out just that very thing.  It is proven that certain frequencies perfectly match the brain waves that we put out at different stages of consciousness – alpha, beta, theta, and delta waves.  People have made machines and even music that utilize these frequencies (or lower, corresponding resonant frequencies in the audible range) to help train the mind to go into specific states more easily, and this can be used to some effect in meditation for both health and spiritual uses.  As understanding expands, this also tends to lead people into other energy-related fields and the issue of the ‘energy field’ comes up.

Many different groups have many different terms for this energy field —  aura, energy field, biofield, Luminous Energy Field, magnetic field, and more, but  whether one calls it an aura or a biofield doesn’t in any way alter the nature of what it is and what it does – function as an integral part of ones being.  The physical body, as mentioned earlier, also is influenced by its electromagnetic field (part of the overall energy field) and that of other things around it.  In fact, everything that exists has its own energy field due to everything vibrating at its own frequencies.  Interacting with other energy fields – both of objects and other living things, alters ones life in often-subtle ways.  Even being in physical proximity to another person causes the natural overlapping of energy fields, and the quantum transfer of data from one field to another.  The positive and negative thoughts and emotions discussed above are also transferred at this time, and in such a way it is possible to influence someone without ever saying a single word to them.  Given that this is an influencing factor in daily life, whether aware or unaware, it is no surprise that cultivation and care of that energy field has become an increasing focus in the Western world.

Some Eastern cultures, such as the Indians and Chinese, have developed physical practices that help the body function better and work with this energy field.  The Indians have developed a method of medicine called Ayurveda.  This method focuses on working with the body as a whole to put it in a sort of energy-balance and to correct imbalances.  Chinese medicine does the same, but uses a different set of theory.  There are also myriads of meditation practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, and others that help promote energy-field health.  Whether looking at Indian or Chinese practices, however, both agree on one key point:  that the body has centers and areas of energy within the body that influence its function.  Ayurveda refers to these energy centers as Chakra and Chinese medicine refers to them as Meridians, also understood as lines of energy coursing through the body.  They are a lot like blood vessels, lymph, or the nervous system, but with energy instead of physical tissue.  Acupuncture, shiatsu, and reflexology all operate using these lines of energy and help the body process out and resolve frequencies that promote disease and in their place promote health and vitality.

There are other ways we can make use of these healing energies as well.  Some people wear certain crystals or gemstones for health.  The reason this works is that the stones each give off a certain set of frequencies on an ongoing basis, and those frequencies are purportedly healthy for whatever condition that person is addressing.  Many precious or semi-precious stones carry frequencies that have an emotional-healing component as well.  In various “New Age” circles and among those who practice witchcraft, certain stones may be used in rituals and spells due to the way that they help carry or alter frequencies and store power and energy for spell work, but that is obviously not a practice I recommend.  Nevertheless, the reason people use stones for these practices is precisely because they have influence on the natural realm through the various frequencies they carry.  This issue of whether stones can be used for healing isn’t a matter of right or wrong from a religious perspective, but is a simple fact in that all creation vibrates, and God has put healing frequencies in many of the plants, stones, and other objects in this world, all of which are for our benefit.  The Kings of Eden has collaborated with Freedom Flowers to develop a line of Divine Gem Essences to help capture the healing frequencies in certain gemstones and release them to the world.

Whether looking at Western or Eastern medicine practices, spiritual or meditative practices, physical technologies such as Q-links or other EMF shield devices, vibrational medicines such as homeopathy or flower essences and gem essences, essential oils, or even listening to health-promoting frequency music, there is room for all to benefit.  This topic is not disappearing anytime soon, and greater knowledge and understanding continue to present themselves as new insights and inventions advance knowledge and subsequently human functionality in this realm.  For more information on this subject and for related technology, follow the links and information below. 

Flower and Divine Gem Essences from Freedom Flowers

The Spontaneous Healing of Belief”  by Gregg Braden

“Abundant Human Elements” music by Corey Pryor

Search:  Leonard Horowitz, Solfeggio, 528 hz, 432 hz

If you want to order Q-links, an electromagnetic frequency shielding device, follow the link below, and be sure to include our affiliate ID.   Affiliate ID: 44575


  1. Miss K

    I wonder what vibration Faith is… Or Glory or even Jesus’ fragrance, because demons can see in the spirit when we’ve spent time with Him.

    A man named David Van Koevring (a guy who helped build the Moog synth) talks about this stuff and how when he died he saw into the quantum world and how ideas of all kinds that Daddy God puts out exist there, ready to be ‘thought’ by anyone in vibrational alignment to receive them.

    Also, a guy called Michael Tyrell does awesome frequency music that has healed people. He also goes into the history of tuning.

    • Michael King

      Yes, Michael Tyrell’s music, Wholetones, uses the solfeggio system, I believe (which includes the 528 hz mentioned above). I want to says it’s ???

  2. Dirt Road Cowboy

    I had studied Quantum Theory before becoming a Christian, and afterward God got into detail about how He created all things from light, how sound changes light frequencies into matter, and the 180 degree frequency shift that happened at the fall of man. The realm of God is not connected to this physical realm anymore, otherwise His presence would completely nullify the inverted frequency of the natural realm.

    His presence can only be brought through special ways, such as the Ark of the Covenant in the OT, and now through Born-Again, Spirit-Filled believers. We function as power transformers to conduct His power through us, transforming it in a way to be able to work miracles. Our power is from the Holy Spirit.

    New agers, wiccans, and even satanists use the natural power of this realm to their own purposes and ends. They may try to claim that some is white magic, but it is all the same: that which is common to man.

    • Alexis Topete Nye

      I’m clapping….YES So nice that I’m not alone…..WOOOOOOOOOOOO feeling a little “quantum quickening” in my soul.

    • Dirt Road Cowboy

      The enemy is not happy with me getting the info that the Lord has given me out to other believers!

      Within a few hours after posting my comment to this blog post, I came under such a demonic attack that I had lost all hope, and almost committed suicide! The dark side is not happy, and things will be getting much worse for them.

      The enemy knows his time is running short! I’m NOT going to give up, and I WILL be increasing my efforts to destroy the last enemy!

      • Michael King

        Praying for you. Sorry you had such trouble!

        • Dirt Road Cowboy

          Thank you Michael.

          We both know that the enemy doesn’t want anyone to know the truth about Life and Immortality. He’s been working hard to keep it hidden ever since Jesus spoke the words in John 11:26.

          Once we see that we have more power and authority than we ever really knew about, the enemy doesn’t stand a chance!

  3. Alexis Topete Nye

    Well I have NO idea how I got here…LOL Glad I did because you’ve taken pages out of my head and described them. Its so good to meet others who have these same understandings. Been a “sound” person for 17 years. Quantum Physics “speaks” to me. Anyway glad to meet you.

    • Michael King

      It’s great to meet you too!

  4. D'Ann

    Thanks so much Michael. I’m ordering ordering ordering!
    Looking into your Kingdom School

    • D'Ann

      Hi Michael..I meant Immortality Academy..can you direct me to info about it since the site isn’t up yet?

      • Michael King

        Sure–the goal is to provide training not just for immortality but for the prophetic, raising the dead, and all sorts of other “supernatural life” stuff. I was hoping to launch it this year but that clearly isn’t happening, so my goal is next year.

        In the meantime, if you search “immortality” in the search bar of The Kings Of Eden you can read everything I have written on the subject, although everything on raising the dead is sort of mixed in there.

        • D'Ann

          Again..Thanks Michael💜

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