Most anyone with an interest in miracles, angels, or other supernatural phenomenon want to experience them more.  There is something about encountering the impossible that stretches our faith and enriches our lives.  Yet, in spite of the fact that many want to have regular encounters, they can often be elusive.  Here we will look at 8 keys to engaging the supernatural, focusing mainly on how we can access it via spiritual gifts.

1. Impartation

This is where one receives a spiritual gift or grace by way of prayer.  This is mentioned in a few different places, the most notable being Romans 1:11 and 2 Timothy 1:16:

“I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong . . .”  –Romans 1:11–

“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.” –2 Timothy 1:16–

Both of these verses reference impartation in some way, the first that spiritual gifts can be shared between people, and the second showing that we can increase or enhance spiritual gifts in one another, and that we can also pass them from person to person via laying hands on them and praying.

I have done this many times with a number of spiritual gifts and find it quite effective in helping jump-start people into the supernatural.  One of the things I used to do frequently was get together with others and purposefully impart back and forth from one to another to help grow our spiritual gifts through frequent impartation.


2. Develop your spiritual gifts

All spiritual gifts can be acquired through impartation, but only those who train their ability to use them will become skilled.  The key here is that the gifts are free, but we have to pay a price to develop that which we received freely.  Spiritual gifts are like any other skill or ability.  Master musicians practice for years, not just waking up one morning and having it all figured out.  While it is possible for one to receive an imparted gift at a high level, it is uncommon.   This goes hand-in-hand with impartation.

“But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.”  –Hebrews 5:14–

This verse explains how those who want to have a high-functioning gift of discernment will receive it through constant use.  When I wanted to learn how to prophesy, I took every opportunity available to practice that ability, and often went and created my own.  Ten years ago I was just learning how to hear from the Lord in an overt manner; these days I hear for both myself and others far more easily than ever, and my level of confidence and accuracy is greatly improved from when I first began (This is not an invitation to request a prophetic word).  Thus, I highly recommend practicing spiritual gifts.


3. Sowing and Reaping

This is a somewhat works-based way to engage the supernatural, but it is effective.  This concept is related to harvest, where one plants a seed, grows it, and the plant bears far more fruit and seeds than just that one original seed-bearing fruit contained.  When I first began to pray for the sick, prophesy, and otherwise experience heavenly realities as an adult, I took this verse in Galatians to heart.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”  –Galatians 6:7–

It makes a mockery of God to think we can sow something and not reap in like kind.  Thus, if I sow healing I will reap in a healing gift.  If I sow prophetic words, I will reap in my prophetic gift.  If I help others experience the angelic, I can expect to have my own angelic encounters increase.  If I introduce others to supernatural manifestations such as gold dust, oil, feathers, etc. and the baptisms of the Holy Spirit, I can expect to see an increase in my own life.

This key pairs with the second key above, developing spiritual gifts, but it is a different aspect.  The former key covered actively using the gifts to train them, but this focuses on the results of using the gifts on purpose in order to grow them into something greater.


4. New Revelation

Our ability to engage the supernatural is not entirely based on receiving some type of heavenly gift.  New insights open just as many doors for us as spiritual gifts do.  Many men and women of God have had a spiritual enlightenment of some kind, then proceeded to teach others a method they received when they obtained the revelation.  The problem is that those who never received the enlightenment for themselves had a nice method that usually didn’t work as well as those who had the initial insight.

Once, when I was praying and asking the Lord how to increase in my ability to heal the sick, He told me the following:

“If you want to increase in healing the sick, you can either heal a bunch of sick people, thereby increasing your level in the spirit, or you can get a better revelation.”

What this showed me is that something occurs when we receive new revelation that releases power.  There is an expansive Kingdom force that gets deposited inside us as we receive new revelation that opens up greater realms of access to heavenly realities.  While it is difficult to force-receive new insight, as we focus on learning and growing in the supernatural, asking the Lord to reveal His mysteries to us, we will invariably grow in wisdom and insight, opening us up to a greater level of supernatural encounters.


We will continue this discussion in the next installment where we will look at the final 4 of the 8 keys to engaging the supernatural.





  1. Beatriz Boggs

    Well said, all of it. I haven’t gotten any importation. But I’ve been reading Praying Medic and months ago started practicing seeing in the spirit which I desire. I still haven’t seen as he describes, but I keep trying when I remember. I do dream a lot and God does speak to me that way. Sometimes I’ve wondered if that’s enough and that’s the reason I haven’t seen yet.

    • Dirt Road Cowboy

      I have only started to get serious about seeing in the spirit this year, so I’m not an expert yet, but I would suggest going on You Tube and watching some videos by Mel Bond and Jonathan Welton. They both teach on seeing in the spirit, and their teachings have helped me.

      I started really seeing in the spirit in January of 2017, and have been going into Heaven since Jan. 19th. Prior to this year, I have only seen very few things in the spirit. I still don’t see perfectly clear like some people do, but I perceive in my spirit and then know/see what I am perceiving.

      Keep up your practice and you will develop more!

      • Beatriz Boggs

        Thank you DRC. I’ll look them up.

        • Dirt Road Cowboy

          When you pray, ask Dad to show you your new body. You’ll like it! (I like the way my new body looks!)

          I think one of the keys to putting on immortality is seeing what you’ll look like as an immortal being. Once we see our new bodies, we will know what to believe for!

    • Michael King

      When I first started learning about seeing in the Spirit it took me a while before I began to see anything with regularity and/or on command. Don’t give up and don’t assume God is limiting you to certain things because He isn’t. Sometimes it’s just a growth process on our part.

      • karenspeaksblessings

        I see a lot of images as I seek God’s presence and I have a lot of dreams where God shows me things too.
        What do you mean that you see on command? Is that in reference to when you are seeking a word from God for someone in regards to a healing that they need or a prophecy for them from God?

        • Michael King

          Yes and no. If I seek a word for someone else I will get a word for them, but the same applies if I am engaging the spiritual realms for myself. It says somewhere in 1 Corinthians 14 that “the spirit of the prophet is subject to the control of the prophet.” If it is under our control, then we can choose to engage at will as opposed to waiting for God to visit it upon us. Yes, He will also visit revelation upon us, but often it is our choice to draw near to Him that causes Him to draw near to us.

          • karenspeaksblessings

            Is choosing to prophecy at will the same thing as making a decree? Because wouldn’t both would have to be done by faith and in God’s presence for there to be any power in it?

          • Michael King

            They aren’t exactly the same thing, but technically most everything we access is the Kingdom we access by faith, so that’s not a barrier—it’s just the mechanism behind how it’s done. As far as God’s manifest presence, I’ve never known that to be a requirement to prophesy.

  2. Samuel

    Michael i enjoy every one of your blogs and this one was great as well. It was a confirmation of experiences i’ve had as i’ve grown in healing, discernment, visions. Thank you.

  3. karenspeaksblessings

    I understand what you were saying in your last reply, we can engage the spiritual realm on command. As I worship God and am seeking Him in the day it usually takes at least 35 minutes of worship before I experience sort of a relaxation point to where my spirit feels sensitive so that I can sense and see that God trying to communicate with me by showing me something in the spirit and sometimes all I’ll get is swirly waves but usually He gives me images too in those waves or the waves will disappear and the images don’t tell any kind of story, but just images, like a house, a person’s outline or faces. I think it’s going to get more profound and make more sense as I keep experiencing these things.

    • karenspeaksblessings

      God has given me prophecies at times, not that often but they are obviously from the Holy Spirit, now those are clear cut, and dreams too where God shows me things about myself and about others too and some very profound prophetic dreams about things happening in the world. I’d like more of those types.

    • Michael King

      Not only that, but as you continue to cultivate, it will start to take less time as well.

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