On November 11th 2016 (11/11) the Lord put a burden on my heart to call a day of fasting and prayer to intercede on behalf of America–to see God’s will fulfilled in this nation and to create a covering of prayer over the political upheaval and to shift the nation to align with the Kingdom of God.  (To hear a visioncast of the original fast, follow the link here)

A few days after this event, the Lord impressed upon both my wife and myself separately that we needed to continue this initiative, and that our work was not yet done.  We are calling for weekly fasting and prayer each Saturday leading up to the 2017 Inauguration on Friday, January 20th, with a three-day fast the 17th-19th into the morning of the inauguration.  On Inauguration Day, we will end the fast right after Donald J. Trump has officially been declared the 45th President of the United States.  We encourage everyone participating to take communion at that time, knowing that around the world we will be sharing it as one Body together with you.

I was given nine prayer points to include in this fast, which may be updated as the Lord brings ongoing revelation regarding the prayer needs in this hour.  I find it prophetically significant and a confirmation that from the time the Lord gave us this vision that there are exactly nine Saturdays prior to the Inauguration and nine major prayer points the Lord has given me:

  1.  Peace to reign in every street and home in this nation
  2. Spirits of rebellion and lawlessness to be dethroned and for righteousness and justice to take their place
  3. A smooth, peaceful transition from President Obama to President-Elect Trump for the sake of all citizens in the nation
  4. Wisdom and protection for President-Elect Trump and his family, and wisdom for all of our other national leaders
  5. Fear and despair to be replaced with peace, hope, and love
  6. Exposure and tearing down of every work of darkness in our political sphere – especially but not only #Pizzagate
  7. Honesty and uprightness in the Electoral College
  8. A revolution of honesty and transparency in our media
  9. Protection and boldness for our law enforcement during the riots
I am asking that everyone who participates consider fasting three things:
  • fast food
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • All media outlets (TV and internet news, newspaper, etc.) 

Fasting food gives us more time to pray and temporarily shifts our focus off the things of this earth toward things heavenly. Fasting social media shifts our minds off of the discontent and anger in this nation and removes a major distraction during our time of prayer.  Fasting all media helps keep our focus on the goal instead of those things drawing our focus on how bad the problem is.  We pray from a place of victory as those seated in the heavens, then release that victory into the earth.

We ask you to join us as we Fast and Pray for America, and that you share this with friends and family.  Prayer to God is the one thing that can and will transform this nation into a peace-loving, unified country once again. God Bless America!  The event notification is also on Facebook and you can connect with others joining in around the world:  Facebook Event


Facebook Live Prayer Archives:

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Consider joining Colors of Peace and Stop Child Trafficking on Facebook to continue to partner with others in prayer during this time.

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The NY Times posted an article on 11/16, a day after my FB live broadcast on which I spoke of Two Americas–see the prophetic confirmation here:  The Two Americas of 2016


11/11/16  – Visioncast for the First Fasting event




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