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Inner Healing and Deliverance Resources


Inner Healing Ministers

Prayer work dealing with inner lies, generational deliverance, curses, etc.; healing fragments and alters, and more, Spirit-led inner healing prayer work.

Available In-person (Erie, PA), by phone, Skype, Google Hangouts or Face Time

Primarily works with Splankna and Sozo methods, along with other Spirit-led healing prayer

Offers In-person consultations, based out of Lubbock, Tx

Online healing sessions available via Skype

Spirit-lead Inner Healing, Emotional Healing, and Healing of Fractured Parts

Available in person (Middletown, PA), by phone, or via Skype.

Splankna, Sozo, Elijah House, Masters in counseling, other misc. tools. Women, clearing emotional triggers, holistic healing looking at how physical lifestyles are impacting emotional and spiritual health.

Based out of Atlanta, Ga

Spirit-lead healing focused on healing the heart, receiving an active experience of redemption that goes beyond intellectual understanding.

Matt Evans has seen good results in many areas, such as:

-healing of emotional trauma and related strongholds (i.e. bitterness and shame, all forms of abuse, etc.)

-healing and integration of fragments/fractured parts

-healing and synchronization of the “Core Identities” of the heart

-generational cleansing and removal of oppressive strongholds

-healing the human spirit

-healing and freedom from the disembodied human spirits of others

Personalized flower essence (not oils) combinations for emotional healing (people and pets)

Consultations via phone or email

Based out of Kooskia, ID

Effective prayer and coaching ministry specializing in uncommon solutions for difficult spiritual problems.  The strategy is to help bring out the inner genius within that the Holy Spirit gives each of us.

Skype, Facebook, and phone appointments available.


specific answers to prayers have included:

  • Repairing existing marriages.
  • Freedom from blocks toward entering marriages.
  • Significant physical healing (including release from auto-immune diseases, cancer, and mental illness).
  • Removal of financial curses.
  • Restoration of damaged emotions from trauma, including soul disassociation / parts / fragments
  • Refreshing the artistic dimension.
  •  . . . And a variety of other circumstantial life changes.


Podcasts and Audio Resources


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