Michael C. King is a prolific writer by day and a Registered Nurse by night. He hungrily explores all things spiritual and has a love for signs, wonders, miracles, and strange phenomena.   Michael is married to a beautiful wife who doubles as his editor.  He is known by family and friends for his proficiency in the prophetic and in healing prayer and energy work.  He is available for speaking engagements on request.



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Sunshine L. King has a Masters Degree in Humanities along with Teaching Certification.  She has taught K-College for 25 years, is an ordained minister, and has had a passion for alternative health for over 40 years.  She teaches, edits books, co-raises her three beautiful granddaughters, and is the powerhouse behind their urban farm.


Posting Schedule:  We typically post once a week on Wednesdays

Future Books:  As an author, I have two kinds of books—the ones I’m working on and the ones I’m thinking of.  As it stands, I can think of new books far faster than I can write them.  My current plan for future books (in no particular order) includes

Gold Dust From Heaven (Book 3 of the God Signs series)

The Gospel of Life and Immortality (Book 2 of the Abundant Life Series)

A book about Prophecy and the prophetic (title yet to come)

Divine Healing That Works (Book 3 of the Abundant Life Series)

Oil From Heaven (Book 4 of the God Signs series)

Manna From Heaven (Book 5 of the God Signs series)

An Invitation to Spiritual Gifts

The Environment for Miracles

The End of Revival

The Supernatural Power of Time and Space



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