The Gospel According to Shrek 2

My grandkids had Shrek 2 playing the other night, and while I don’t like to re-watch movies much, I sat down with them for a bit to watch, and **spoiler alert** the part playing was toward the end where Fiona and Prince Jerkface (aka Prince Charming) were dancing . Shrek is getting ready to rescue Fiona from the evil fairy godmother, and as I watched, I couldn’t help as tears streamed down my face.

The first few seconds I didn’t understand why I was crying, but as I watched it quickly became clear–This section of the movie is filled with love demonstrated by heroic sacrifice. From Mongo the Giant Gingerbread to Puss in Boots putting themselves at mortal risk (and one of them dying) to stop the soldiers and give Shrek time to rescue his wife to Shrek himself and how he went to any and every length to save his bride, Holy Spirit was nudging my heart that Shrek is a picture of Jesus.

Jesus, like Shrek, wasn’t the best looking, as it says in Isaiah 53:2, “He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.” Shrek didn’t have good looks, and even when turned into a human he was plain at best. He didn’t make himself attractive so we would want him because of his physical beauty, but because of his love.

On the other hand, Satan, like Prince Charming, was the picture of beauty. “You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone adorned you: carnelian, chrysolite and emerald, topaz, onyx and jasper, lapis lazuli, turquoise and beryl. Your settings and mountings were made of gold; on the day you were created they were prepared. You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones. You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created till wickedness was found in you” (Ezekiel 28:12b-15).

Prince Charming was just that–a charmer. He was all about appearance, power, and selfishness, laying down nothing of himself but expecting others to fall at his feet. Shrek wasn’t willing to let his wife be taken away by this wolf in sheep’s clothing, fighting his way into a castle to save her.

It might seem silly, but there is something so incredibly moving about the scene when you watch him and his loyal friends surmount every obstacle to reach their goal. It is amazing to me how God weaves the gospel message in and through everyday life, and how something as simple as a children’s movie, one that includes magic potions and fairy spells—things that usually don’t strike us as “godly”, demonstrates so clearly the great love that Jesus has for us, and that he stopped at nothing, laying down his own life to unite with us once again.

Watch below and be touched by God’s immense love for you.


To watch the whole movie, select the photo below:

Where I Am Headed: An Update from the King of Eden

For regular followers of this blog, you know that immortality is in my blood. I haven’t written about it for months, which is a bit uncommon for me. Truth be told, the past few months have been a bit up and down for me. At any point in time there are many things spiritually that vie for my attention, and as much as I am interested in a bit of everything, I have to pare down my interests to focus in on the few things God is doing with me right now. I have met with some challenges in the past months as well. For example, my most recent book, Practical Keys to Raise the Dead (which will be released in the near future) took me far longer than expected given its size, and I have been focusing a lot on faith, resurrection, and how to express them in down-to-earth ways how to release the life of Christ. I hope to have a longer book, preliminarily titled Faith to Raise the Dead, published before Christmas, but with that deadline ahead of me I greatly appreciate your prayers.

A few months ago I had a dream that had a lot of confusing elements to it, but the one key part was a clear directive to write and put out the message of the Gospel of Immortality. I have started this process by laying the foundation for abundant life with the two books on Resurrection, but once Faith to Raise the Dead is finished I will be writing a book that lays a scriptural foundation for immortality throughout the entire Bible. It is all throughout the Old Testament, the New Testament, and in the gospels, especially the Gospel of John.


Physical immortality is a truth that God is restoring to the Body of Christ in this hour, and He is raising up men and women across the globe to share this message. It is my hope to set up a teaching curriculum on this subject in the future, but for now I value your prayers as I work on getting the resurrection books written and published, then buckle down to tackle what I consider to be the true message of the gospel–that Jesus died so you don’t have to. Thanks in advance for your love, prayers, and encouragement! As a side note, if you have a testimony of raising the dead that you would consider allowing me to include in Faith to Raise the Dead, please email me at Blessings!


5 Steps to Emotional Healing

One of the results of learning and teaching others about healing is that we discover both what works and what doesn’t. When healing doesn’t work, the natural question to ask is “why”, and the street healers have dealt with this for years, often with an “I don’t know” as the answer. And as uncomfortable as that may sound, the truth is we often don’t know why healing doesn’t occur in a given situation. This problem has set many of us on a quest–to discover why we don’t heal and how we can. And what we have found may surprise you: Emotional wounds are probably the number one reason why people don’t get physically healed.

The emotional roots of physical disease are a long-proven notion that is generally accepted in both psychology and spirituality. Anecdotal stories abound of people who let go of bitterness or other negative emotions and found both inner peace and physical restoration. The reason this works is that the body is a repository for emotions–and if these emotions don’t find a healthy release, they will find a painful one. Chinese medicine has an understanding of what organs store which emotions, and some of their herbal, acupuncture, and other energy treatments are designed to help restore homeostasis to organs that have become imbalanced with negative emotions. While this is a viable option, there are other methods that can help.

In my blog series Divine Healing That Works I have attempted to answer the “why” question as best as I can. I discuss some factors that can contribute to physical healing, and how we can increase our success rate. I cover a variety of topics including emotional healing, dealing with demons, and more. The biggest problem I see people have with emotional healing is that it feels difficult to access. With a cut or scrape, we know that we can clean the wound, apply various ointments or salves and over time our bodies will naturally heal. We can see the progress so we know we are getting something done. Inner healing doesn’t have any of these convenient options available, so it can be difficult to feel we are making progress, much less know where to begin.

I believe we can use a few simple, practical methods to get started, and as we do this and uncover new layers of inner wounding, we can pursue additional help as needed. My inner-healing prescription is the following Five Steps:
1). Forgive. Make a list of everyone you believe you have something against, praying for God to guide and remind you of people who should be on the list. Forgive them in prayer, and speak with them to resolve and reconcile if applicable.
2). Start taking flower essences. You can find essences that cover a very wide range of emotional problems at Freedom Flowers. I currently don’t receive any monetary benefit for sending you there–I just believe in the owner/manufacturer and the quality of her products, as well as the part flower essences can play in emotional healing. If you are just starting out, I recommend her Aftershock, Heart Healer, or Confidence essences. You can order a Custom Combo that comes with a consultation to design an essence specifically tailored to your needs. She has also written a book called Flower Power that will help you get started in the world of Flower Essences, and her website has a free e-course you can sign up for as well.
3). Buy Praying Medic’s book on emotional healing–it has a simple prayer you can use to help deal with problem emotions as they come up, and as you go down this road they WILL come up. You can find the book on Amazon at Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps. The book is only $0.99 and I both own the book and use the prayer script regularly.
4). Dig a little deeper with Karol Truman’s book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. This book has scripts you can pray that help identify and address emotions that you may not even be aware of. It also has some catch-all prayers you can use to jump-start emotional self-healing even if no specific problems come to mind. It also has a really great reference section at the end that can help pinpoint emotional roots of various physical problems.
5). Connect with an inner healing counselor to take you further. There are probably hundreds out there, and they may or may not meet your particular needs. Alice Arlene, Ltd Co. is one counselor you can turn to who may be able to help, and you can get in touch with her here. Paul Cox and Aslan’s Place Ministries also specialize in inner healing largely via the gift of discernment of spirits. They do it themselves either in person or online, but may be able to put you in touch with someone more local as well. You can find their “get started” information here, contact information here, and can also access many prayer scripts for free on the right side of their website.

I have done all or a variation of all of these steps myself, and I can tell you that without a doubt it is one of the wisest choices I have made in how I approach my life and spirituality. It is impossible to be significantly effective in healing ministry without major blowups over time or get any kind of personal growth without some measure of inner healing. And while God will always work emotional healing in our lives, it happens much faster when we pursue the blessings He has for us. Jesus let his heart be pierced so that He could heal yours–I encourage you to step out and see how inner healing can help you go further!


A Vision of an Enemy Attack

Eleven years ago I took a trip with my campus ministry to shadow another group at Arizona State University.  While I learned a little more about campus ministry while there, one of the things I most clearly remember wasn’t anything about the campus–it was a vision of an enemy attack.  On the plane ride there I got to imagining things about the ministry housing we were provided–mostly that a bunch of demons converged on the place.  At first I followed along with my imagination, then realized that I wasn’t just imagining the enemy doing something bad–I was being shown a vision of demonic plans.  I shared this vision with my roommate, who was also a close friend.  Both my roommate and I were regular intercessors for the church so we prayed against the enemy attack in-flight.

The trip was minimally informative, but I recall that one night, four or five days in, I woke up in the middle of the night.  This time my vision was of a demon sliding its way into my room.  I began to address it in prayer when I began to perceive that this was happening all over the house–my vision had come true and the house was being infiltrated.  I walked quietly through the house praying over everyone both in tongues and in English, and still nervous, I attempted to wake a pastor to let him know.   Unable to rouse him, I woke my roommate instead.  He is very prophetic and became aware of the problem as or before I even told him.  We spent some time in prayer over the ministry and everyone there, then went back to sleep.

All was not well on that trip and my roommate and I were on the receiving end of some unpleasant rebukes from a pastor, but what I remember to this day was the difference in response from the pastor and my roommate.  My roommate woke up and supported me in prayer when I brought a concern to him.  The pastor found out about our prayer session later and informed me that he would have been extremely angry if I had successfully woken him up.

Around this time the church was also going through a period of growth and the Board of Elders were in discussion about buying a new property and constructing a larger church building with gym facilities for outreach.  The entire group of intercessors were against it–God had shown each of us separately that the new building was a bad idea.   Although we brought this to the pastor’s attention, he had set his mind and ignored the multiple prophetic warnings.  The only thing left to do was take it to prayer.

The end result was that they built the building, and ten years later the building is still there, but the church I isn’t.  Well, the organization with the same name is there, but half the board and the majority of the pastoral staff left.  While one could say that this is normal change, it’s not that everyone moved away from town.  Many of them still live there–they just aren’t part of the church or campus ministry any longer.

As I was reminded of these events, it struck me how pivotal not just intercession is, but guided intercession.  God is in the business of giving us visions, dreams, and words of direction to know how to pray and how to act in our lives.  Whether about a demonic attack or church building project, or for something far more mundane and seemingly unspiritual, God has things He wants to share with you.  No part of life is more or less spiritual than another, and God wants to intimately connect with you about life events–ALL life events.  He wants to reveal areas of weakness and plans the enemy has to tear you down, but also God’s plans to build you up, encourage you, and set you on a straight path.

While I have enjoyed periods where I was able to spend hours on end in prayer, my life does not support that approach at this time.  Nevertheless, God still communicates things He wants me to know and how I can pray His will on earth as it is in heaven.  I am not some super-special person that God speaks to differently than everyone else.  God has new things to show you, pitfalls to help you avoid, and advice to make your day more enjoyable.  I encourage you to take a few minutes today and ask the Lord for wisdom and direction–for your family, your job, and your church, whether traditional or organic.  Spend a few more minutes praying over the wisdom God has given you and make your life today just a little bit more like heaven on earth.

Blessings to you.

You Are Not the Jackass Whisperer

As a forerunner, I often pursue topics that are ahead of the curve–and I’ve been doing it for much of my life.  I learned how to travel in the spirit around twelve years ago, before almost anyone I knew was talking about it (you can read the story here).  Over the past 4-5 years I have been focused toward not just trying to raise the dead, but teaching and providing an atmosphere for others to do the same–and only two other ministers I know do this.  The past number of years the Lord has been leading me to learn and teach on immortality, and I have authored numerous books that speak of signs, wonders and miracles.  In all of this running ahead of much of the pack, I have learned many things, one of which is:  I am not the jackass whisperer.

No, really.  I’m not.  And why is this important to a forerunner?  Because I run into it frequently–and if you blaze the trail for others in any area of life you need to hear this.  Every time I publish a new book about the miraculous, and probably in almost every discussion I have on social media about resurrection, immortality, or the miraculous, I get a variety of people.  Some are interested and want to hear more.  Some are skeptical or have differing thoughts than I but we have a good discussion.  Still others appear regularly on these threads with apparently no more goal than to disagree, and yet a fourth group appear out of nowhere, leveling the heresy finger, and expecting me to bow to their wishes.

I enjoy the first two, and the third group, while mildly entertaining and somewhat irritating all at once, is usually manageable.  The fourth group, however, I am reaching a point of no tolerance for.  Their seemingly only goal is to sow chaos and discord, doubt and confusion, and little to nothing they share is uplifting.  Quite often their comments are full of baseless assumptions that anyone who has spent any time around me, this blog, or even just connected with me on social media will know are simply not true.  Furthermore, they have the gall to tell me about the demonic nature of the contents of my books–books they have never read, mind you, nor would they ever be willing to.

I like to think of myself as someone who gives grace in a lot of situations (such as this one), but I have learned that at some point, I have to set boundaries, and firm ones.  I have come to the point where if someone shows up to cause trouble, they are not welcome and I will simply make them go away.  The “Block” feature on social media is a wonderful thing.  And don’t get me wrong–when someone who appears contrary first comments, I usually let it go for a time or two to see where they are going with it–and to see where their heart is at.  They could be one of the ones in group three above who is annoying and mildly contrary but not enough to really warrant blocking.  Then again, they could be an out-and-out internet troll, and I simply don’t have time for that.Blocking people - ELF meme

Correction.  I choose not to make time for that.  Really, I have far better things to do with my time than babysit the jackasses in the world.  I’m not the jackass whisperer–and neither are you!  It’s our job to run forward and pave the way.  To explore new things, test the waters, and discover all that is out there for us to find.  We don’t have the time to be held back by those whose only goal is to, well, hold us back.  So the next time you come across someone who is inexplicably contrary to you, remember that it’s not your job to fix them, and most likely they won’t let you.  Shake the dust off and keep walking.  After all, even if someone else signs up for the job, you are not the jackass whisperer either.

A New Season is Upon You

Ten years ago this month, the Lord sent me to a ministry school at a large charismatic church a few hours from where I lived.  During the five months I spent there (of what was supposed to be 2-year school) I ended up meeting a woman there who is now my wife.   At the Lord’s leading, I got married and resigned from the school–and we were both promptly kicked out of the church.  For those who don’t know me well, it was a very difficult season in my life, having been newly married in what was a completely God-ordained surprise, and having my family and almost all of my friends turn on me at the same time.  During that period my wife and I were also badly attacked spiritually by a local coven, and the ripple effects of that continued for years afterward.

Fast forward to last weekend, I was helping a friend out with a conference in the Portland area (we moved to Portland about 8 years ago).  Jeff Jansen and Gary Oates were the speakers, and it was a really awesome time.  The Friday night session, Jeff was speaking about us entering into a new cycle of time in the region and nation, and how the Lord is stirring things up to release the Kingdom in miracles, healing, and revival on an entirely new level yet again.    The Holy Spirit was moving on me the entire time–I was crying on and off, occasionally sobbing, throughout the entire message and during the ministry time afterwards.

At first I didn’t know why I was crying, although I could tell it was God at work, and then the Lord began to speak to me about renewing my destiny.  You see, ten years back I was passionate about miracles, signs, and wonders and seeing the Kingdom released in demonstrations of the Spirit’s power.  Those who know me will probably read this and wonder how that is different from right now, but trust me, it was.  It’s not that I am less passionate now, but I believe in that season there was a window of time the Lord had opened for me, and because of the situation surrounding my marriage, that opportunity was unknowingly lost.

From my perspective, I used to worship almost every night, spend usually one to two hours soaking in God’s presence every day, and regularly fast and pray over myself to increase in things of the spirit.  I used to spend six hours every weekend interceding for friends, family, the nation, my local church, and God’s plan for my life.  On the one hand, it could be said that I did a lot of “religious” activities, but for me at that juncture, it was how I was pursuing the things of God.  And truth be told, I still value those things even if I haven’t been doing them much in the years since.  The Lord even suggested to me that when I wake up at strange hours of the night due to my work schedule, and can’t fall back asleep, that I should spend some time soaking with Him and enjoying His presence–as a way to fit that into my current life schedule.

After the Lord shared this revelation with me, Jeff prophesied a brief word over me, speaking about touching the nations with miracles, signs, and wonders, and releasing God’s power into the world.  He spoke about teaching schools to help others learn to do this as well–something that my wife and I have been discussing recently.  My body was trembling as I stood there, and I could feel this electric power of Holy Spirit course through my legs and arms–a familiar feeling, but one I had not experienced for a while.  Even the atmosphere of the meeting was electric–and reminded me of how meetings used to be, back before my wife and I got the “big E” of excommunication.  In all honesty, I don’t think I have felt that level of glory in the ten years since, until the other night.

I am excited for the days ahead.  I am not entirely sure what God did that night, but I can tell some inner healing took place in areas I didn’t know needed it.  I feel that my spiritual vigor has been renewed in a hard-to-describe sort of way, and I am more excited now than I was before about seeing God’s heart of love change the nations of this world.  God told me that I have entered a new season in my life, and I believe it!

The story doesn’t end there–you see, I am beyond blessed that God touched me, but I still have things I am contending for and I know many others who are in a similar position.  God spoke to me during the Saturday morning session and said that someone there had been asking God for a prophetic word the entire conference–and hadn’t gotten it yet.  He shared the flowing with me, which I shared with the group.  Multiple people came up to me afterwards and told me that they were “that person.”  I believe it will speak to you as well:

“I am proud of you.  You have stood the test of time and I am releasing you into a new level of my presence.  Because you have been faithful with the little, so I will give you the increase in the coming days.”

I believe that a new season is coming upon many, and so I declare prophetically over you that YOU TOO are entering a new season of glory and grace.  You are entering a new time of refreshing and renewal, and God is empowering you to touch nations and peoples of this earth.  God is releasing angels to some of you with new assignments–some of them are carrying the breakthrough you have been contending over in prayer for years.  There is at least one person who is in litigation over a property dispute, and you will find that in the next few weeks that the problems seem to dissolve in front of you.  Where the judge was previously unfavorable, that is going to change.  Where lawyers and businesses were closed to you, favor is replacing it.  God is releasing a refreshing to many of you, and your ability to see in the spirit is going to increase considerably in the coming days.  Some of you have struggled to hear God’s voice, and that is going to clear up shortly.  And while all is not always daisies and roses, God is a good God and will always see you through the hard times, because He will never leave or forsake you, no matter how it feels.  Be blessed, and may a new level of renewal spark positive change in your life.

Healing With The Seer Gift

I do a moderate amount of prayer for physical healing, mostly for family, friends, and coworkers.  Over the years I have learned the ways that tend to work for me, and while occasionally I pick up a trick or two, I’ve pretty much got my method down.  I have come to realize that I do it a bit differently than most people seem to, and that’s healing with the seer gift.

I’m not big on titles, so I don’t really consider myself a “seer”, but by rights I suppose I could.  When I work to heal others, I usually see energies in their body in my mind’s eye and get an idea of what needs to be fixed, where demons are and what they are doing, and what I need to do to heal the person.  Yes, it is always prayer in Jesus’ name, but the seer gift gives me visions of the problems and shows me how I can partner with God to get the job done.

As I said before, I often see energies–swirls of black,healing-hands1 gold, blue, red, and green are the most common.  To me, each color denotes a type of problem.  Black is death and bad-ness while red is more inflamed or irritated.  Gold is God’s glory, blue is healing energy, and green is life-energy.  Yes, technically they are all aspects of the same things but the seer gift is how God shows me what He is doing in the client’s body.

It doesn’t stop there.  I will see demons residing in organs and tissues, as well as other objects–swords, knives, arrows, and all other weaponry, vices, armor, clamps, pins, screws, and other metallic-looking items that really have no place on the body.  I have seen gobs of pus and goo that need to be removed, ropes, chains, and other long, string-like items that I have to pull out of the person, and more.  It’s not just as simple as imagining them gone, because I can imagine them gone all day long and they stay there.  I have to actually remove them.  Sometimes this is a physical pantomiming, other times I do it in the spirit, watching myself remove the objects with my mind’s eye.  It varies from time to time how I work, but the method is the same–look with an expectation to see something, see it, and address what I see by either opposing and removing it, or helping it correct a problem.

I have more recently been reminded that things go much more easily when I get angels involved to help me, so I have started doing that.  If I pay attention I can see angels sending glory-light into the person as well–it’s usually gold-colored.  There is a lot of trial and error involved, and sometimes I simply don’t know either what to do, or I do know what to do and don’t know how long it will take to fix it.  I am often fighting in the spirit against objects that appear to have sentience and resist being removed.  I sometimes will have to do things in segments because I simply can’t do it all at once.  Healing with the seer gift isn’t hard, but it’s not often taught.

To hear more about this idea, listen to a short healing interview with Daniel Thomas on the Heal the Sick Podcast by Dominion Fire where he discusses this same concept–and with similar experiences to my own.  If you have had these types of experiences, share your thoughts and comments below!  If you want to learn more about this, let me know that as well–it will help me to gauge interest for future books, webinars, and teaching material.  Blessings!

God Revealing Love Through Signs Wonders and Miracles

I use social media a lot–and for a variety of reasons. On occasion I will find a status update about God that saddens me, usually because it shows how little people understand the goodness of God. One recent status in particular stood out to me because it demonstrated how little people understand that much of the supernatural is God revealing love through signs wonders and miracles.

The status update said the following:
“Let’s not ooh and awe over feathers, gold dust and oil. Let’s ooh and awe over Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

At face value, this seems like a nice message, albeit a pithy one-liner, but it is so far from how God actually wants us to live. God is not threatened when we get excited over the amazing things He does.  In fact, it would be downright strange if we didn’t get excited. Remember in Luke 10 when Jesus sent the disciples out? It says “The seventy-two returned with joy and said, ‘Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.’ He replied, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.’” (Luke 10:17-20).

Jesus was excited with them, and the next verse goes on to say that Jesus was “full of joy through the Holy Spirit.” Jesus didn’t get upset that they rejoiced over the power He gave them, but he did refocus them.  He mentioned that they needed to keep their perception fixed on God, not on controlling demons–very different than the social media post essentially telling us not to appreciate God’s works.

What I found most sad was that at the time over 60 people had re-shared the status. It points to the fact that people are concerned about being deceived and/or have legitimate concerns about the excesses in this manifestation, but at the same time it also points to the fact that the Church is really immature when it comes to dealing with signs, wonders, and miracles. The truth is that if the Church had a greater level of maturity, we wouldn’t have as many problems dealing with the miraculous. We would know how to discern what God is doing in our midst, and we would deal with people who get into excess before things get so out of hand that it becomes a serious problem. We would be able to address people who fake miracles without letting it tarnish our enjoyment of God’s awesome works.

There are a number of verses, many of them in Psalms, that talk about praising the works of God’s hands. It seems to me to be more important to praise God AND His works than it is to try to avoid enjoying His goodness as though that will somehow lessen God’s glory. In truth it’s a bit silly to think that praising God’s works will in some way detract from God’s glory. Consider a Nobel Prize Winner–does enjoying their invention take away from their glory, or does it give them joy that their work is so highly valued? Sure, it’s important to keep focus of the most important things in the midst of our joy over manifestations–such as God’s goodness and love, but we can’t let ourselves forget that these miracles ARE God showing His goodness and love.

psalm341_slide_0.pngTrying to push down one to raise up the other doesn’t do anything helpful. Not “oohing and awe-ing” at amazing stuff is not a sign of maturity–it’s absurd and immature. Rather, we need to encourage people to enjoy God THROUGH His signs, wonders, and miracles, and let signs BE signs–that point us to God. THAT’s what maturity looks like. Doing both but not letting the one detract from the other.

This sort of response is a large contributing factor behind why I wrote Gemstones From Heaven and its recently released companion book Feathers From Heaven. These books, along with the other future books in the series, are designed to bring a greater level of maturity to the Body of Christ. In them I discuss God’s purposes behind these manifestations and how we can discern whether it is God at work or not. Give a read, leave a review, and above all, let yourself enjoy both the works of God’s hand AND the goodness, kindness, and mercy of His heart. When it is God revealing love to us, we only win when we are open to receive it.  Blessings in Christ!!


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Traveling in the Spirit — Words of Wisdom

Traveling in the Spirit is becoming an increasingly prominent topic in parts of the Body of Christ.  However, in spite of this increasing prominence and popularity, there is little understanding of wisdom for those who might practice and engage this reality.  There has been much fear projected over the matter, and while there certainly are issues to be dealt with, we need to walk in wisdom, not fear.  I share this with you as a series of wisdom downloads from Heaven about the subject.  I truly believe that those who are willing to heed and submit themselves to this direction from God will find that He is able to entrust them with greater responsibility, authority, and an increased sphere of influence in this area.

Our Father is looking for those whom He can promote.  They eyes of God are looking to and fro in the earth seeking someone He can bestow His heart on, His love in, and His authority under.  But it doesn’t always happen overnight.   For many, there are seasons of testing and growth, where we prove our faithfulness at the level we are at, and as we do this we increase in glory.

Spirit travel has the potential to cause problems for people, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  The social issues are a combined part of social issues due to poor management of information gleaned when doing it, and along with trust issues that come along with the idea that you can spy on people at will.  Being wise with whom you share this information will greatly reduce the detriment it can cause to your social life – your friends, family, and neighbors.  Many are suspicious of that which they don’t understand, and as we travel increasingly in the Spirit, we are bound to encounter things we don’t understand, information we didn’t want to hear, and we will have to show maturity in dealing with this data.  The thing about information is once you learn it, you can’t un-know it except by the power of God.  Information is not always a good thing – there are times where ignorance of a thing is a blessing, not a curse.

My first word of wisdom and warning is to be wise to what you pay attention to.   “Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken from him.” Luke 8:18.  For those in this hour who are unwilling to listen to reason, who are unwilling to take heed to the advice of others, for those with an unteachable spirit, who are unwilling to converse with others and learn and grow, this will be your first problem.    “For by wise counsel you can wage your war, and in an abundance of counselors there is victory and safety.” Proverbs 24:6.  The way of Wisdom in this matter is to heed the wise counsel of others, for in that counsel is victory AND safety – and we want both.  So even as you find yourself traveling in the spirit, looking in on the lives of others, learning things you should not know, know that you are on a shaky path, one that leads to destruction.  For whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, if anything is excellent and praiseworthy, think about THESE things, and the God of Peace will be with you.

Emotional issues are also bound to arise as you embark on this path and pursuit.  If you are unwilling to deal with emotions and find yourself in a healthy place emotionally in life, this will be your undoing.  I say this not to scare people, but to give a word of wisdom and warning to those who are not ready for these things.  To be opening yourself to these sorts of energies as you travel is to invite problems if you are not emotionally capable of handling what comes your way.  For as you enter deep states of trance and the subconscious rises to the surface, so will deep inner emotions.  If you have a family – children, a spouse, close loved ones, and you are not able to address those emotions and get healing and release, this could be a problem for you and has the potential to negatively influence your relationships.

This does not mean that one needs to be in fear about this, but rather it means that a lifestyle of transparency is in order.  If we are willing to live as ones who are transparent about our emotions and thoughts, we will be able to receive the healing when we need it, will be able to acknowledge times when we are at fault, and will be able to walk in restoration in relationships instead of a breaking down of them.  It also means that we need to be actively seeking God for freedom in our emotions so that we CAN walk freely in this aspect of the Kingdom realm without fear and without anything holding us back.

The word of wisdom here is that if this is a pursuit you want to engage in, get inner healing.  Find someone who can help you unearth and heal deep and hidden wounds, and you will find this does not only affect your spiritual life, but your social and home life as well.  Its effects will be resounding in all areas of your life.

Spiritually, there are other cautions in this subject as well.  Many have been led astray by false spirits in the past, and it is bound to happen again as we all pursue this topic in greater measure.    It is of utmost important that our discernment increase in this hour. We must be willing to test the spirits and also ABLE to test and discern the presence and intent of spirits who come to us as we travel about the universe in our spirits.  Not every spirit who approaches you who appears kindly will actually be an angel of light.  Even as the Bible says, Satan masquerades as an angel of light, and he does this seeking whom he may devour.  Satan’s goal is destruction, and any means possible by which the enemy can make this happen is the method they will engage.  Do not let your guard down when traveling spiritually.  This does not mean that you need to be in fear either, but it does mean that you need to walk wisely in this path.  Wisdom is your friend in this.  Get to know her.

Spirits are not the only danger as we travel spiritually.  Other humans are also out and about in the ethers, and some of them, many of them, in fact, work for the dark side.  I have read and heard of stories where witches and other practitioners of dark arts have actively engaged and captured the spirits of others, taking them where they did not want to go.  This is a possible reality, and one we ought to be aware of.    We have been given authority over these and over all the power of the evil one, but when the rubber meets, the road, we need to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that in many ways we have inferior experience to this method of warfare.  We are as a Body increasing in our understanding of waging war in the heavens in this manner, but until we reach a greater maturity in this, we are stepping into an area that has been largely cultivated and invaded by dark spiritual forces.  We must be aware of this and prepared for it as we step in this realm.  It may require battles ahead to forcibly take back that which has been perverted by darkness in the airwaves and the ethers, but if those battles come, it is best that we be aware in advance and be willing to pay the price to win them.

The word of wisdom here is to be wise of the schemes of the enemy.  We are not unaware that we are in some ways walking into a hornets nest, but we have not come unprepared.  We must come together as a team when we walk through these battles, and we must choose to stand firm on the promises of God and live in His protection.  We will find that as we walk in love, these battles will come, but they will fall away more easily as the enemy has no foothold with which to take root.  Even those people whom we do battle against will find that our love overpowers their darkness, and that perfect love casts out fear.   When we walk in the love of the Father, His perfect agape love, we will be invincible to the powers of darkness, and they cannot stand against us in the face of His love.

Love is the key in this.  In fact, I think Love might be the ONLY key.  If we walk in love we will do things that demonstrate our love to others.  We will not spy on them, we will do things in keeping with the law of love.  If we love ourselves, we will seek healing for the hurts and wounds that have been inflicted upon us by others, and we will free ourselves up to walk in greater love.  If we love those who are trapped in darkness, and even those who have become servants of the prince of darkness, our battles will be won.  We will be fighting not just for our own selfish purposes, but to see the King of Glory manifest His love into darkened hearts, and as we do this we surely cannot fail.

I encourage each and everyone one of you who is seeking to travel in the spirit to pray about this word and see what things God would highlight to you that He wants to address to prepare you to walk in greater fullness.  This is a bit of a sobering word, one which isn’t full of the fun-and-games attitude that I prefer to live in, but I believe it is an important word which we need to hear.  God is opening up this realm to us, but He is not leaving us alone.  He is walking through this process with us, and even is giving us guidance and direction on how to prepare our hearts and our minds in advance so that we can live victorious as we go forth.  Blessings to all of you, and may this message touch your heart in a new way, that you might draw ever closer to Him.


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