In fall 2011 I attended a workshop hosted at some friends’ house related to sound, vibration, and quantum physics. I didn’t know it at the time but the woman teaching the workshop, Carla Reed, was not just speaking on the subject, but is an instructor in Soma Energetics’ Sound Therapy methods. Carla has a good many years of experience in this field, both as an ordained minister who has had many God-encounters that have led her towards this path, and as a certified Sound Therapist and Instructor.

At the time we met, I had already had a measure of experience in the realm of Quantum Spirituality, God having taken me on my own training journey over the past decade or so. Quantum science has shed unique light on ancient spiritual principles, and this integration of science with one’s spiritual journey is releasing even more revelation and spiritual wisdom into the earth.

Carla discussed the material over a few sessions and returned that next spring to teach the Level 1 Practitioner course, which teaches people to use tuning forks in a dualistic role as both a sound therapy and an energy therapy. I was not a part of this class, but my friend the hostess of the first workshop was and we have discussed the therapy as she has learned and grown, and I have been her guinea pig on more than one occasion. I also purchased a personal tuning kit and have used it sparingly on myself and family. Carla returned in 2013 and taught the Level 2 Practitioner course, and earlier this year she and my friend went to Spokane for the final level of training, including Brain Tuning and DNA and RNA tuning.

After having watched this process as a bystander over the past few years, I have been excited about the tuning and the results and have had noticeable results myself from tuning sessions. Since launching The Kings of Eden LLC, I made the jump and purchased the instruction material and Energy-tuner set of forks for the Practitioner Level 1 Sound Therapy.  Subsequently, I plan to post from time to time on my own learning process and the results I have obtained from tuning others. Having done energy-work for years, I feel confident that I will pick it up rapidly, but I look forward to both the results obtained via tuning others (as no energy therapy truly leaves the practitioner unchanged during the session) and the results on friends and family as they too become more ‘in tune’ with their own life journey!  I expect the journey to be both exciting and transforming.

Stay Tuned!

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