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It was around midnight and I was carrying my eldest granddaughter from my bed where she had fallen asleep down to her bed for the night.  There was a dim light on in her room, and as I walked toward her bed, I noticed something glint on the sheets at the edge of the bed.  As I neared it I instantly recognized that it was a gemstone, but not knowing if the kids had recently been playing with plastic stones or something, I wasn’t quite sure what I had found.  I put my granddaughter in bed, walked back upstairs, and turned on a flashlight to inspect further.

The moment I turned the flashlight on it I knew it was a gem from heaven, not of human origin.  I have seen thousands of these gems appear to date, but few of them have been with as little fanfare or completely out of the blue as this one was.  You see, a few years ago my wife and I were introduced to a couple who have seen gemstones manifest around them for years.  A year after that we invited them to do a series of meetings at our house, which expanded into some other meetings in other homes around the region as well.  We did this for about a year when there were some changes that took place and we stopped having those meetings.  Since then, the gems have appeared with scarcity, and the last ones prior to this were probably at least six months ago, so as can be imagined, I was pretty astounded to find the stone when I did.  Talk about unexpected!

I immediately showed my wife, who, with childlike abandon got giddy and gleeful as she celebrated the discovery of the stone.  For those of you who don’t know her, my wife is the most fun person to be around when she gets excited about God and what He is doing.  Childlike doesn’t even begin to describe the joy that spills out of her.

Tiny feathers have been appearing, floating by in the air, and disappearing for the past number of months with increasing frequency, but gemstones had not broken forth again until now.  God had spoken to me a week or two ago about wanting to bring forth the manifestation of gemstones, but I was not expecting anything as quick as this one happened.  I am still pondering the meaning of this event, and what God is saying and doing, but I am confident that there is much more to come, both for myself and my household, and for you, the reader.

God is readying the Body of Christ to receive a veritable explosion of the miraculous.  We are in the beginning stages of what is going to be a wild ride of the miraculous.  Signs, wonders, and miracles are becoming much more commonplace as Heaven invades the Earth realm, and this will only continue in the lives of those whose focus is turned heavenward.  After all, as we are ambassadors of Heaven, where we go Heaven follows, and where Heaven follows, miracles break out.  In the coming days diamonds falling from heaven will be the least of what God is doing–he is preparing to feed entire nations in a day, to make buildings appear where there was only rubble moments before, to make rivers dry up and resurge once those who need to cross have passed over.  God will make the desert wilderness to bloom like a garden, and these things I say are no figurative speech, but a literal reality.  God has far more prepared for each of us, more than eye has seen and ear has heard.

I encourage you to draw closer to the Lord in the coming months.  He has been speaking to a great many people about drawing closer and sitting with Him in this hour, to hear what it is He would share with us and to equip us to steward and release the visible manifestations of his love in power to our families, communities, and even the nations of the world.  As the light of a gemstone reflects the source of the light and brings new beauty into the room, spend time to sit with the Father and let His light transform you even more, refining the heavenly gemstone that you are to Him, that you can carry even more of His light into this world.



Note: The gemstone in the picture above is one that I found on my granddaughter’s bed, and the hand holding it is mine.  This was found and the picture taken on January 31st, 2015.


  1. Lonnette Harrell

    This is so awesome. Have you ever had any of the stones looked at by a jeweler to find out what they’re made of? That would be interesting!

  2. bedardtherese

    That is great that you found this gemstone. I’ve never even seen one from Heaven. Thanks for sharing from your heart and for being an encouragement to us, all.

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