Hello Friends of Eden,

I am proud to announce my newest book The Gamer’s Guide to the Kingdom of God is now out on Amazon in both print AND on Kindle. It’s been a 3-year process to get this book in print, so I am excited to announce its release!

While at first glance this may appear to be a book for gamers (and it is), the spiritual truths in this book can be applied by anyone, and are explained in terms that most anyone can understand, although it does have a gaming-focus. In other words, if you aren’t a gamer, don’t let the title put you off!

This book covers Miracles, Healing, Prayer and Intercession, Faith, Angels and Demons, Resurrection and Immortality, Increasing Spiritual Power, Casting Out Demons, Translocation and Spirit Travel, and much more!

I’ll be honest, when I started writing this book, and even now, I haven’t seen a single book like it out on the market. There are a few books that talk about “leveling up” your life, but none of those I have seen are geared toward spiritual life (and in my highly-biased opinion my book is just plain better ^_^ ). I believe this book as great potential to touch people’s lives in the gaming community, and I can’t do that without your help. Take a look at the book, leave a review if you liked it, help me get the word out, and make sure to tell your friends and family who ARE gamers all about it!Thanks everyone!


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