This week The Kings of Eden features a guest blogger, Del Hungerford.

People ask me how I became interested in changing the tuning of my instruments to A=432. The other questions that tend to come my way involve what I think about the ancient solfeggio frequencies and how frequencies can be used in healing music. I’ll try weaving an acceptable short answer for your reading pleasure. With that, my name is Del, and I’m here to take you on a journey of musical frequencies! Enjoy!

I first became interested in how music affects the body while doing some research for a survey of music course that I teach. I ran across an ABC news interview with percussionist Evelyn Glennie. She’s profoundly deaf and “hears” pitches through her body. By performing barefoot, she can feel the vibrations through the floor. As she performs, her body vibrates differently for each musical pitch. It’s the same for all of us but because we hear notes, we don’t necessarily pay attention to how our bodies resonate with every musical pitch.

Being that I’m also into natural healing techniques, I’m aware that our bodies have resonant frequencies. Those pesky little diseases that love to latch onto us also have frequencies. Basically, everything has a resonant frequency; some good, and some bad. Determining what’s most helpful appears to be an ongoing debate. Taking a look at similarities throughout history, in math, in measurements, in our calendar, and within the earth and the cosmos, I decided there was enough evidence to determine that tuning to A=432 may actually bring our bodies to a place where they’re not having to compete with the many dissonant frequencies surrounding us.

I have several articles and blog posts on my site, Healing Frequencies Music, where I delve into the wonderful world of musical frequencies. For more specific information, I encourage you to check those out. In addition, those who sign up for my newsletter get small blurbs about “all things frequency” with some fun experiments to try!

I went to a conference in 2014 where I heard David Van Koevering speak about quantum physics in relation to music and Kingdom stuff. In his presentations, he continuously mentioned the importance of intent, which is another word for “purpose.” Our purpose behind doing something is very important and through quantum physics, David showed us way down at the molecular level, intent is very obvious and “goes into” what we do.

What does this have to do with music? When a musician sits down to record or perform, there’s intent behind it. That intent goes into the music (both instrumental and vocal) and then is “heard” by the body. Thoughts even have frequency and that’s all recorded in music. So, the short answer for those who desire to listen to music recorded with the ancient solfeggio frequencies… pay attention to the intent of the musician recording the music. You’ll then have a better idea if that music is helpful for you.

What may work for one, may not work for another. I chose to record my music at A=432 instead of the solfeggio frequencies because I felt that matching natural frequencies within the earth was important for use in general healing music. How did I come to this conclusion? Again, too many similarities between math and music, general measurements, the cosmos, our calendar, and actual frequencies in the earth appear to point towards a natural concert pitch of A=432.

As an example of how our bodies seem to like the A=432 concert pitch, it became apparent that our singing voices tend to gravitate towards notes within that concert pitch. I have an article on my website devoted to a little experiment I did with YouTube videos. In all the videos, people tend to naturally sing at or very close to notes within the A=432 concert pitch when not given a starting pitch on a keyboard or pitch pipe. That sealed the deal for me in choosing A=432 when I recorded the “Prophetic Musical Journey.” (Link to that article:


My goal as a musician who loves God with every fiber of my being, is to be able to present music that flows prophetically through me and into the listener. My intent is that of my Father whom I believe speaks His heart through my fingers. I often have no clue what I’m doing when I record music because I play as the Holy Spirit directs. My “Prophetic Musical Journey” ( was completely recorded simply by tuning into what Papa was saying through specific musical frequencies. In a way, I believe that when this music is played, it’s releasing the revelation of who God is into the atmosphere. For every individual who listens, that revelation will be different. It may bring healing emotionally, physically, or even spiritually depending on what the listener needs at that moment. Then, the next time you listen, you may get something different. It will also be the same for other types of healing music.

In closing, I do believe it’s important to pay attention to what we “put into” our bodies. That includes what we listen to, what we read, our conversations, what we watch on TV, etc. If the solfeggio frequencies work for you, then be sure the performer’s intent matches your desire. You may also find that you’ll really not like a tune and then all of a sudden, you do. That’s because your body needs the vibrational frequency of that music at that moment. So, pay attention to how your body resonates with the music you listen to.

My musical story in a flash:  I was trained as a classical clarinetist in a conservatory and played professionally in a variety of venues for several years while teaching in the public schools and then eventually, at the collegiate level once I completed my doctorate. In addition, I played keyboard on at least 17 praise teams. I have been told by the “church” that those who are classically trained struggle hearing from God musically because we’re too glued to the music. Thus began my adventure in learning how to flow in the Spirit.  My Prophetic Musical Journey (five CD’s) is a result of what my Father in Heaven has taught me. I hope that you will enjoy taking this prophetic musical journey with me! CD’s can only be purchased from and downloads are available on the site as well as through iTunes.

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