In the previous installment of this series (here) we discussed how demons can affect us and put us under bondage, what their legal authority actually is, and changes we can make in our lives to prevent their influence.


Soul fragments are another aspect of this emotional-wound issue.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, these fragments are the things that give people multiple personalities and are literally the result of our soul breaking into pieces.  To explain further, think of the soul as a gemstone. It is moderately strong, but life stressors act like a hammer, and when a hammer hits in just the right places over time this soul “gem” can crack and eventually cause pieces to chip off.  As a whole, soul fragmentation is not good, but it occurs as a protective mechanism. The majority of fragments form in younger years when children don’t have the coping mechanisms that adults do, and traumatic difficult life experiences children cannot cope with get transferred to a small portion of the soul that then fractures off to become a fragment.  As a result the core self, the main body of the gem, is able to continue life as usual with much less trauma and interruption than it would otherwise experience.  God designed the soul such that those fractured pieces don’t float off into the ethers and disappear; rather they stay tenuously connected to the main body of the soul gem.  Our job as believers when working with others and their fragments is to reconnect those fragments back to the original soul, eventually causing the soul gem to be whole once more.

This might sound simple at first, but it can be a lengthy and involved process.  In working with someone on my own fragment integration, I have learned a few things.  First, let me point out that prior to learning about this subject, I didn’t actually think I had multiple personalities.  I have since come to discover that not only do I have them, but literally everyone has them–and we just don’t know it.  Likewise, every human on the planet has some measure of demonic influence in their life whether they are aware of it or not.  Lack of awareness doesn’t make it any less there much in the same way that not being able to see wind makes it any less present during a storm.

Integrating fragments often involves casting demons out of the fragment, healing emotional wounds that the fragment carries, and working with it to change its erroneous beliefs and impart truth.  Working directly with fragments is much more effective than praying with the person’s core self to try to get at fragment-related issues.  One of a number of reasons for this is that fragments don’t share all of the same memories that the core self does.  They are often located in a nondescript space somewhere in the spirit realm, and at times find themselves locked in some kind of prison or jail.  They may or may not know Jesus, even if the core self has been a believer for years.  I have been a believer since I was 3 years old, but while most of my fragments so far have at least heard of Jesus, some of them don’t know him or have a poor opinion of him in spite of the fact that I have deeply loved Jesus most of my life.

When I work with a prayer counselor on my fragments, he literally prays and asks for fragments to come up.  What this means is that my core consciousness takes a bit of a back seat while these “other” consciousnesses start to express themselves.  One fragment was an adult male who had a southern accent and kept biting his lip.  Another was probably around age 5 and liked drawing airplanes–and I cannot recall ever having been a fan of drawing planes.  I have seen some of the fragments start out as females and as God healed them, their gender changed to that of a male.  I once had a teenage fragment who thought God the Father was angry and mean, but liked Jesus because he was kind and loving, and he had a fragment of his own that had fractured off to boot!  Some of my fragments have been madly in love with Jesus while still others have never heard of him or only tolerate him at best.  Some of them have heard of him but don’t know much about him or have never met him in person.  I will never forget the time the 5-year old plane-drawing fragment met Jesus–he began to cry when he saw Jesus because “he’s so beautiful!”  I was literally sitting there sobbing because Jesus is beautiful (and he is), but I, as my core self, was observing my actions from inside me with some detachment while this fragment was having an encounter with Jesus that I couldn’t see.

Please understand that I am being rather transparent in sharing this, and I understand that this may seem somewhat strange or completely made up to some, but I’ll be honest, as a nurse I have a somewhat scientific and logical mind and this is the last thing I would make up just for fun–because if it’s fake then it isn’t fun, just dumb.  There’s nothing remotely humorous, glamorous, or interesting about making up spiritual experiences because if they never actually happened then it’s just blatant stupidity, which I have little tolerance for.  I found this fragment-business a bit strange at first, and on some level still do, but if I am honest with myself it’s not really any more difficult to believe than the idea that the God of the entire universe decided to impregnate a virgin, become a human, grow up and die, only to come back to life a few days later with holes still in his hands, feet, and side, but not bleed to death again; who is both a lion, a lamb with horns, and a human all at once and is coming back someday on a white horse with a tattoo on his thigh to give us all white rocks and to take us to some other plane of existence to live happily ever after and eat leaves from special trees by a river, and the source of that river is underneath the throne of the king in the throne room of a temple.  It’s not any stranger than having the God of the universe speak to me about someone’s life in a prophetic word, or casting a demon out of someone and watching their face involuntarily contort, or watch them vomit as the spirit comes out.  It’s no less odd than gemstones, feathers, oil, gold dust, manna, or other supernatural objects appear in front of me miraculously from this alternate plane we call heaven.

When my core self takes a back seat during these sessions, I am able to hear, see, and interact as much as I want with everything that is going on.  I personally have been able to have my core self take back over whenever I want, and up to now I have been fully aware of everything that happens when we work with my fragments.  This is not the case for everyone, as I have heard stories from my prayer counselor of other clients where the core self basically goes to sleep and doesn’t remember any part of the session.  Sometimes demons take over the person’s body and they start to talk through the person’s mouth.  It is possible for the person to remember this but be unable to control himself, but it is equally possible for the person to have no recollection whatsoever.

I had one encounter with a friend, unrelated to my own prayer counseling, where he suddenly began manifesting a demon, and didn’t remember it after the fact, and he related to us what happened when the demon had taken over his body and his core consciousness had been pushed under.  The story is found on my blog titled “Breaking Free From a Spirit of Divination” but this demon revealed its presence during a gathering with friends as we were praying for healing for his neck pain.  An excerpt from that blog is as follows:

“This spirit had hidden itself quite nicely for approximately forty years, only to be unearthed now from its hiding place.  And when I say ‘unearthed,’ Chris was basically unconscious and the demon had control of his eyes and vocal cords.  The fact is that this demon made it that long largely because demons operate under the principle of ‘be heard but not seen.’  What I mean by that is that they will whisper all sorts of lies into the host’s mind and plant ideas that the host doesn’t realize aren’t actually his thoughts to begin with, but they will usually talk in first person to make it sound like the host is thinking them instead of the thoughts being planted.  In fact, this demon STILL didn’t really want to be made known because even when we spoke directly to it, the thing only answered in very short phrases using as few words as possible.

My prayer counselor was kind enough to explain to me at a later date that the spirit didn’t talk much because it wanted to give as little information as possible, but that when that spirit is talking to us, THAT is the moment to treat it like an interrogation session and pump that spirit for as much information as possible:  how did it get in there, how many other spirits are there, what are their names or functions, who is the spirit in charge of that spirit-cluster, etc.  The more information you can gather from the spirit, the better prepared you are to deal with it and its companions.

Interestingly enough, after dealing with the root point of access (in this case it was a childhood friend and the use of an Ouija board), we had the opportunity to ask Chris what his experience was while we were dealing with the demon.  He didn’t remember a single thing we had said or done from the time we started praying and his neck started having severe pain until we cast the demon out and he regained full consciousness.  What had happened was that he was still awake, more or less, but that his consciousness had gotten pushed under and the spirit’s consciousness was now the one on top and was talking with us.  However, Chris was able to tell us what he DID experience when he was under.  He said he felt he was in this enclosed space and he wanted to get out, so he started pushing against a wall.  However, this wall was a little like rubber and it was just bending with his pushing instead of giving way.  He kept pushing, and at one point in time he pushed and the wall gave way and he was out.  That moment that the wall gave way was the same moment that we case the spirit of divination out.  After that, we prayed for him and Chris began to have visions of fields and fields of flowers.  He was just so absolutely amazed by these tons of flowers and the beauty that God was showing him with these flowers.  While it might sound a little silly, God was restoring that place in his soul that had been occupied by that spirit, and God was bringing back everything the enemy had stolen from Chris and demonstrated that to him with visions of beautiful flowers.”

While inner healing and deliverance sessions are often less dramatic than that one, they have the potential to get interesting when working with the spirit realm.  The major benefit of this form of healing prayer is that it bypasses the conscious mind and gets at root issues, saving possibly months and years of time in prayer counseling.  Working directly with a fragment, we are able to healing its inner wounds, perform deliverance on it and correct its inaccurate beliefs, and then reintegrate it into the core self. As this happens, the individual becomes more resilient, more able to deal with life stressors, and incidentally more able to function in Kingdom power and authority. Since the soul is no longer divided into so many damaged parts, the individual doesn’t have as much internal “double-mindedness”. There are no longer multiple “streams” flowing from the same source, but one clear gushing river of life that flows into everything he does.

We can learn to identify the presence and/or manifestation of a fragment any time we have an emotional overreaction in a situation or what I refer to as a “trigger.”  When we encounter a situation that hits a little too close to home for a fragment based on its past trauma–trauma that it often re-lives on a daily basis, we have unnecessary reactions, often verbally lashing out in anger at a spouse, panic attacks, unexplained anxiety, or other emotions that if we were an outside observer, we would recognize were abnormal to the situation.  When noticing these triggers, I tend to write them down and bring them to my counselor for prayer, but when doing it alone we can take those same triggers to God in prayer, ask Him to reveal the fragmented part that is hurting, and ask Him to show us how to heal and integrate it into our core self.

For those interested in more information specifically on how to recognize and heal fragments and alters, check out my coauthored book Broken to Whole: Inner Healing for the Fragmented Soul.

You can also check out the Fragment Finder flower essence from Freedom Flowers

In the next installment of this series we will look at limiting beliefs–what they are, how they influence us, and how we can change them.



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  1. dktobeempowered

    this is ridiculous,,,,,, we are saved as a whole being, then as Jesus takes us through the process of working out our salvation, each lie is removed only as it is replaced by truth the closer we walk with Him. You are trying to make it more complication than it is.

    • Michael King

      The gospel is both exceedingly complex and very simple all at once. I simply tell it like I see it.

  2. Vickie

    This sounds like the Liebusters ministry….unearthing the fractured parts of our spirit and reuniting them with the person. Sounds strange when you first hear of it but the ministry is wonderful and it works!


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