In the previous installment of this series (here) we looked at soul fragments–what they are, how to identify when fragments are at work, how they influence us, and how they contribute to sickness and disease.


The last major contributor to sickness and disease is our belief systems.  When we believe inaccurate things about ourselves and God’s nature, it influences how we perceive the world.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this series, we have to continually work with God to renew our minds and gain better understanding of God’s nature so that we become like Him.  Part of why this is so important goes back to how God made us—in His image.  God is a creator, and since we are made in His likeness, we also create on a daily basis.  Science has been able to prove that our minds and hearts send out energy waves on multiple types of wavelengths of the energy spectrum on an ongoing basis.  The principle of sowing and reaping comes into play here, as well as Proverbs 23:7 which says “as a man thinks in his heart, so he is”.  What we emanate out in vibrational patterns from our heart and mind, we receive back in like kind based on how God set up the laws of sowing and reaping in all of creation.  In other words, we literally create at least a portion of both the positive and negative things in our lives based off of the frequencies we emit, both conscious and subconscious.

Our awareness of the frequencies we are emitting is irrelevant–if we have beliefs that we hold, whether accurate or not, we will reap the results of those beliefs.  If I believe the world is out to get me and God is angry at me, I am prone to having my life experiences further confirm my star-crossed existence.  On the other hand, if I believe that God works everything in my life for good and that he has blessings to lavish on me each day, I am going to attract those blessings to me as a natural result of sowing and reaping without even giving it conscious thought.  The difficulty with this is that we tend to emit both positive and negative frequencies based on the level of healing we have–attracting both health and life and sickness and disease at the same time.  As I mentioned before, we emit darkness and light, and attract both angels and demons.  The more we consciously focus on good things, the more we minimize negative attraction and enhance positive attraction, all of which help the healing process.

Positive affirmations are one method people use to transform their beliefs–essentially rewiring their subconscious beliefs through repetition of an idea they want to believe on a deep level.  This can be a useful method to help transform one’s thinking, but at the end of the day it is only a means to an end.  In my opinion, the main problem we have with limiting beliefs has to do with our perception of our value.  In other words, it’s an identity problem.  When deep down we don’t really understand who God has made us to be and how He values us, that insecurity is going to trickle down into every aspect of our lives.

I have a few friends who spend time each day resting in God’s love for them.  For one it involves meditation, and experiencing God’s presence and love.  For another, it involves conversation with God where He simply reaffirms each day to my friend that He loves him unconditionally.  For each person it is going to look different, largely because we each experience and receive love differently.  Author Gary Chapman has broken the ways we receive love into 5 categories in his book “The 5 Love Languages:  The Secret to Love that Lasts”.  He has written an entire series on the subject, but the overly simplified version is that we each have a primary way in which we give and receive love, and one or more secondary ways as well.  The 5 languages are: physical touch, gift giving (and receiving), acts of service, quality time, and words of affirmation.  Each method is good, but some are more meaningful to us than others depending on our preferred “language”.  Personally, I prefer physical touch above all others–which means I tend to hug my friends, give shoulder rubs, etc. as a way of showing love.  I do it naturally–and I always have.  While everyone likes to receive gifts, it’s really not my love language, and it speaks to me far less than other things do.

Connecting this idea back to our beliefs, we all have a need to feel and believe that God loves us.  I believe the vast majority of the deficits we experience in our lives are at their core a result of feeling and believing we are unloved.  If we are able to identify the ways we experience love, and then focus on spending time with God in those ways, I believe we can reduce the amount of time it will take for us to go through inner healing, as well as to transform our beliefs about God.  When we know God loves us, it changes our outlook on life.  For some, it may involve hearing words of love daily from God.  For me, I need to have an encounter with His presence–feeling God’s energy on my skin, which when I take the time to do, I enjoy greatly.  For another person, they need to develop a heart of gratitude for the many lavish and even simple gifts that God gives them throughout the day–whether a physical item or something as seemingly irrelevant as a heart-shaped coffee stain from their morning coffee.  Whatever primary and secondary means we use to most effectively experience love, we need to capitalize on them and focus on experiencing God in those ways throughout our lives.  As we are transformed by God’s love, our beliefs will naturally transform–and when our beliefs about Him change, our experiences will transform in line with sowing and reaping as well.  When our experiences change, we will learn new things from our experiences about God, further cementing those new, positive beliefs.

While this blog is about how to get physically healed, it may seem that all we’ve done is talk about demons, emotions, fragments, and beliefs, and haven’t actually addressed how to get people healed.  I have been laying the necessary groundwork to understand the factors that contribute to physical disease and prevent healing, which we will continue to do before we start talking about praying for physical healing.  In the next installment of this series we will move beyond understanding about demons and look at how to actually cast them out.


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