In the previous installment of this series (here) we looked at practical aspects on how to cast out demons.  Now we will review the need for emotional healing, and how to successfully begin to deal with unhealthy and unfruitful emotions to step into a place of inner freedom.


Emotional healing can sometimes be a complex process, but I will attempt to simplify it as much as possible.  When beginning to deal with emotional issues, it is best to start with forgiveness.  When in doubt, forgive everything.  You can never over-forgive, and forgiveness needs to be revisited from time to time simply as things come up in life that we forget to forgive people for.  When we forgive, we often release anger, bitterness, and other related emotions, and this frees up a lot of emotional and soul-realm energy that the body now can put toward healing.  While forgiveness may seem like a too-simple solution to some problems, not all inner healing needs to be complex.

There are a variety of natural healing modalities that can be used to help resolve the frequencies carried by negative emotions, thereby neutralizing the harmful emotions within the body.  Flower essences and essential oils are two of the most common products that are very effective for this purpose (Check out Freedom Flowers for a good place to find flower essences).  Others have found a type of therapy called tapping to be helpful, of which  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is probably the most well-known, and there are a vast number of other therapies such as affirmations, meditation, sound therapy, art therapy, energy therapies, etc. which can help bring emotional healing and freedom as well.  Some of these do not set out to heal emotions, but given how the therapies work they often accomplish healing as a side-benefit.  Although there are a vast number of other therapies, products, etc. that can also be useful, different people get different results from each.

One of the problems people run into, especially in Christian circles, is the fear that they are going to get demonized when they try one of these therapies.  First, it is important to note that God is the God of freedom.  He isn’t as concerned with the trappings and appearance of something, as He is with getting us free.  God isn’t threatened by the New Age or any other belief system that might not agree 100% with the “Christian” worldview.  He isn’t waiting until people decide to become Christians to bring freedom into their lives.  In fact, there are some in the New Age who are madly in love with Jesus–it’s just judgmental Bible-thumping Christians they don’t like (and they’re not alone).  God regularly sets people free using non-Christian therapies because He’s a good God and has everyone’s freedom in mind with no ulterior motive other than for us to enjoy the freedom.

Luke 11:11-13 says “Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead?  Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”  In other words, if we are seeking emotional freedom, God will give us that freedom, not demonic bondage.  Even if we are doing something that has “risks” associated with it, as a general whole we can expect and live in faith that if we are seeking freedom, that’s what we will get.  2 Corinthians 3:17 say “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”  If we seek freedom, and God is giving us freedom, we simply aren’t going to get more demonized as a result.  If we go through a therapy that might not have a Christian title on it, but doesn’t actively involve casting spells or invoking demons or such, then we really don’t need to worry about getting even more bound as a general whole.  Mind you, there are demons that involve themselves with various spiritual modalities and methods, so discernment is still important, but the point is that we don’t have to walk around in fear that a demon is going to jump us.  The fact is that we are around demons all the time–we just can’t usually see them.  Likewise, we are also around angels all the time–and while we can’t usually see them either, most Christians seem to have been taught more to be afraid of the devil than to be confident in the angelic protection that we regularly enjoy–and as a result most people get what they focus on.  If we want freedom, seek freedom, and ask for freedom, that’s what we can step out in faith expecting, and it is what we will receive.

One of the things I have found is that some signs of demons leaving the body are common in various forms of meditation and energy cultivation practices.  While every yawn may not be a demon exiting the body, it is certain that we are releasing negative energies and emotional patterns when these things occur, even if the therapy is not, again, a “Christian” therapy.  God is more about freedom than He is about a man-made title attached to it.

When it comes to emotional healing prayer, there are many methods and means, but many of them require training or even an entire book of their own.  To simplify here for the reader, I have included below a short prayer that I often use.  I learned it from my friend Praying Medic a year or two ago, and I often use it when I address emotional issues, whether for myself or someone else, largely because it is quick, easy, and can be done anywhere.

First, identify the primary emotion or feeling that is bothering or afflicting you.  Take that emotion and pray: “Father, I don’t want this [name the negative emotion] anymore.  Please take it from me and heal all of the wounds that caused it.  I ask that you give me [state opposite positive emotions] in place of the [negative emotion].  I receive it now by faith, in Jesus’ name.”  Check to see if you feel that emotion associated with that situation anymore.  If you do, repeat the prayer.  If you don’t, move to the next problem-emotion.  Repeat these steps as needed until all the negative emotions for that situation are gone.  This is a simple method that is quite useful, but not foolproof.  Sometimes an emotional issue is complex and the simple-method doesn’t work for a variety of reasons.  I personally use this first and only pursue further if this is ineffective.

When it comes to pursuing further and deeper emotional healing, this is the part where it can become tricky, and oftentimes it helps to have a friend or prayer-counselor of some kind to help out.  I am familiar with a number of emotional healing methods, but I still regularly work with a friend who is what I refer to as a “Transformation Minister”–someone who works with people to bring inner healing, cast out demons, and help transform their beliefs to become healthier, bringing freedom and ultimately life transformation.  I work with this friend because I value my own freedom and as shocking as it may seem, I have not arrived at perfection yet either.  No one is “above” inner healing, and anyone who believes he is probably needs it all the more.

Praying Medic has written a short ebook on this subject and includes prayers for inner healing as well — you can find it here:  Emotional Healing in 3 Easy Steps

In the next installment of this series we will take a look at ways we get emotionally triggered by life events, how this relates to helping our soul fragments receive healing, and look at some basic means to work with them on our own when there aren’t prayer ministers conveniently available to help us work through our triggers.



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  1. Seneca

    Thanks for the Freedom Flowers mention Michael! What I really love is seeing flower essences working in tandem with other inner healing and deliverance. My first glimpse of this was running around Redding CA doing spontaneous “house calls” with a friend ministering deliverance. I would hang back and observe, scribbling down flowers as they came to me and then go mix the person something out of the trunk of my car.

    The main benefit of this according to the testimonials I got is that when the old thoughts and feelings came back and they either didn’t have the fortitude to fight it off for themselves, or didn’t have the presence of mind to do so, they had essences that put them back on track. When you can’t be there to pray for someone when they need it, it’s something you can leave them with.

    Here’s a little blog post on healing from rejection with flower essences.

  2. Therese bedard

    I thank you for sharing this with us. I have an emotional problem that needs to be resolved. I am trusting God that the prayer which I prayed 3 times will rid itself of it and replace it with a positive attribute. I thank you for all the help which you’ve provided to folks, including myself, over the years.

  3. Saralou

    Freedom! Your focus on His purpose is illuminating. Thank you.

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