For many years, prophets have spoken of a “Third Great Awakening” coming. I can’t agree or disagree having not had revelation on the subject one way or the other. What I have seen in the recent past is the latest Wave of Healing. In the past seven or eight years, street healing has become THE new thing God is doing in regards to healing. By street healing, I mean where believers politely ambush unsuspecting sick or injured people and heal them in Jesus’ name then continue on with their day. This Wave of Healing has raised up many champions who continue to faithfully teach and train an army of street healers who can heal in the community as easily as they can in church. I have recently felt nudged that there is a new healing wave about to crest–the Wave of Inner Healing.

The journey to physical healing can be a long one–full of anguish and very real pain, sometimes fraught with disappointment and even despair. Health is one of the largest industries worldwide and people spend billions upon billions of dollars each year to be in good health. Healing prayer is on the rise, but God is after something deeper–and more effective. What we street healers have discovered is that healing can be prevented–often by demons who block our healing efforts. These demons have come in through a variety of means, but often they can stay because the door that let them in is still open. We can command them out all day long, but if we don’t get to the root of the problem, they will continue to cause physical problems and block the healing. Even if we kick the demon out and heal the injury, it may resurface hours, days, or weeks later as the door is still open and the hidden problem is still there.

Inner healing is the solution to this problem. Many–and I daresay most–physical maladies have an emotional component behind them. Even with physical trauma such as car accidents, there can be an emotional issue that set up the conditions in the spirit realm that made room for the enemy to come in and create the physical trauma event. When the emotional wounds are healed, the physical injury becomes much easier to heal, and the risk of that injury returning significantly lessens. When I pray for physical healing I start with the physical problem, but if that doesn’t get rapid results, I quickly start to ask God for revelation on emotional contributors and deal with them before praying for healing again. When I do this, I find the success rate goes up.

The Lord revealed to me recently that the new Wave of Healing that He is releasing is that of Inner Healing. While this isn’t a “new” wave per se, the last wave wasn’t really “new” either. Waves are rhythmic, undulating, and repetitive. When one wave crests, another is returning beneath it, and another one follows close behind. The healingwavereason an inner healing wave will almost always follow a physical healing wave is for the reasons shared above–when physical healing fails, people start to ask questions, and when we ask the right questions, God shows us how emotional healing can play a part. Since the Street Healing Wave seems to be riding high and even cresting, the Inner Healing Wave is following close behind and God is raising up an army of Inner-Healers–usually from the ranks of the Street Healers.

If you have been getting discouraged with failed street healing, there is a reason and God is calling you to something deeper. If you have felt that God is moving you out of street healing and in another direction, don’t be surprised–there is a good chance God is trying to take you to the next level. If you are excited about physical healing and want to learn all you can, then now is as good a time as any to learn how inner healing can transform the physical body. This is not meant to discourage physical healing in any way, as it is still very important and something I do regularly–however, God is taking people a step further, expanding the healing arsenal, and taking us deeper.

If you want to learn more about how emotional healing can help you heal others, or maybe you just want to get healed yourself, check out my blog series titled “Divine Healing That Works”. In this series we will start to connect the dots between physical and emotional healing, and provide some keys that will help you get your healing and get others healed as well. May the Lord bless you in spirit, soul, and body, and may you go ever deeper in His love for you as you tread the path set before you.

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