Today’s article features a guest, Author and Prophet Matthew Robert Payne, who shares on his considerable experience with angels:

If there is something that fascinates Christians it is the subject of angels. I had been writing books for a few years when I produced a book called My Radical Encounters with Angels: Angels in the Flesh, Angels of Protection and More! and I was overwhelmed when it quickly became a bestseller in the angel section of Amazon.

My first encounter with an angel was when I was fourteen years of age and I couldn’t get to sleep one night. I had never had an issue with getting to sleep so after and hour of trying to get to sleep I got up and told my mother. She got up and gave me a sleeping pill. I went to bed and waited another hour before waking my mother up again. She was not happy!

She gave me one more pill and said that I had already had more then an adult dose of the pills and that if I could not get to sleep, I should pray and if I can’t still get to sleep, I should read some books. I went to bed and after an hour I was upset that I couldn’t sleep. It was 12 pm and I had seven hours before my father was due to get up.

I asked Jesus, “What is my angel’s name Jesus?”

Jesus replied, “Michael.”

“Thanks Jesus,” I said.

I held out my arm and said to the air, “Michael hold my hand please!”

As soon as I said that, something like electricity shot up my arm and the next thing I knew was I was waking up in the morning.

Do you know I was simply a child? I wasn’t anyone special but I had child-like faith. I believed that my angel held the answer to my sleeping problem. My mother had told me she couldn’t help me anymore and faced with 7 hours of staying up I was desperate.

I would say they are keys that you can glean from this.

First you would need to have faith and is best to have child-like innocent faith.

And secondly it would be good for you to be in a situation that needed an angel.

At one time I was being taught different ways to prophesy. One method was to pray for an hour and then write down scripture references that the Holy Spirit would give me for a person and their situation. I would then cut and paste the scriptures and ask Jesus to please prophesy around the scriptures and make sense of them to a person.

Another way I prophesied was to speak in the third person and prophesy over a person. And yet another way I would say Jesus says: and then type what Jesus says directly in the first person to them. It was around this time that Jesus taught me a fourth way to prophesy.

One day I was sitting down to do a couple of prophecy requests and I saw an angel appear to me. He had a scroll in his hands. I asked him what he was here for and what was written on the scroll. He told me the scroll had two prophecies for the two people that I had to prophesy over.

I asked him what I needed to do.

He told me that I simply need to open a Word file and take dictation for each of the people. I opened the computer and opened a Word file and the angel simply told me the prophecies from Papa God word for word. It was really simple and easy to do it this way as I didn’t have to exercise any faith of have any doubt that it was coming out right.

These angels came often, mostly when I needed to prophesy and when God wanted me to mix it up a bit.

The lesson we can learn from that is that I did not need faith to bring these angels to earth, and the fact that these angels did not come just to entertain me, but they came with a purpose. Many angels come to you with a purpose, even if it is just to encourage you.

I have been introduced to four angels that work closely with me now. One of the angels is a female angel called Bethany. She is really sweet. She is the angel that gives me all the subjects for the books I write and she works with the Holy Spirit to give me the contents of the books.  I had been speaking to her and interacting with her for a few months and early this year I was thinking about her and speaking to her when I saw a picture of the actress Keira Knightly flash up on my minds eye like a vision. I asked her what this was about and she told me that she looks like Keira.

Its funny, that even though I have the gift of spiritual sight, I don’t often really focus in on the visions of mine. I have met Jesus over two hundred times in visions and only seen his face clearly on two occasions when he wanted to show me something where I was going to learn something. I can tell you what colour robe a person (saint) or Jesus or and angel is wearing and I can tell you anything they have in their hands but I don’t often focus on faces.

I am a simple man of faith. I have written two books on my encounters with angels and other things. You can read them cheaply as they are 99 cents on Amazon Kindle. They are titled My Radical Encounters with Angels: Angels in the Flesh, Angels of Protection and More!, and My Radical Encounters with Angels Book Two: Meeting Angels, Witches, Demons, Satan, Jesus and More!


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Matthew Robert Payne is a prophet and a teacher of the Word of God.  Matthew shares on a blog and writes between six and eight books each year for the Kingdom of God. It is Matthew’s goal to introduce people to the prophetic, to share how people can become intimate with Jesus, and how they can learn to fulfill their destinies. You can see the books Matthew has written, read his blog, or request a prophecy off Matthew at   His books are available at via his Author Page.

You can also listen to an interview and discussion with Matthew on the Fire On Your Head podcast led and run by Steve Bremner.

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