Traveling in the Spirit is becoming an increasingly prominent topic in parts of the Body of Christ.  However, in spite of this increasing prominence and popularity, there is little understanding of wisdom for those who might practice and engage this reality.  There has been much fear projected over the matter, and while there certainly are issues to be dealt with, we need to walk in wisdom, not fear.  I share this with you as a series of wisdom downloads from Heaven about the subject.  I truly believe that those who are willing to heed and submit themselves to this direction from God will find that He is able to entrust them with greater responsibility, authority, and an increased sphere of influence in this area.

Our Father is looking for those whom He can promote.  They eyes of God are looking to and fro in the earth seeking someone He can bestow His heart on, His love in, and His authority under.  But it doesn’t always happen overnight.   For many, there are seasons of testing and growth, where we prove our faithfulness at the level we are at, and as we do this we increase in glory.

Spirit travel has the potential to cause problems for people, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  The social issues are a combined part of social issues due to poor management of information gleaned when doing it, and along with trust issues that come along with the idea that you can spy on people at will.  Being wise with whom you share this information will greatly reduce the detriment it can cause to your social life – your friends, family, and neighbors.  Many are suspicious of that which they don’t understand, and as we travel increasingly in the Spirit, we are bound to encounter things we don’t understand, information we didn’t want to hear, and we will have to show maturity in dealing with this data.  The thing about information is once you learn it, you can’t un-know it except by the power of God.  Information is not always a good thing – there are times where ignorance of a thing is a blessing, not a curse.

My first word of wisdom and warning is to be wise to what you pay attention to.   “Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken from him.” Luke 8:18.  For those in this hour who are unwilling to listen to reason, who are unwilling to take heed to the advice of others, for those with an unteachable spirit, who are unwilling to converse with others and learn and grow, this will be your first problem.    “For by wise counsel you can wage your war, and in an abundance of counselors there is victory and safety.” Proverbs 24:6.  The way of Wisdom in this matter is to heed the wise counsel of others, for in that counsel is victory AND safety – and we want both.  So even as you find yourself traveling in the spirit, looking in on the lives of others, learning things you should not know, know that you are on a shaky path, one that leads to destruction.  For whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, if anything is excellent and praiseworthy, think about THESE things, and the God of Peace will be with you.

Emotional issues are also bound to arise as you embark on this path and pursuit.  If you are unwilling to deal with emotions and find yourself in a healthy place emotionally in life, this will be your undoing.  I say this not to scare people, but to give a word of wisdom and warning to those who are not ready for these things.  To be opening yourself to these sorts of energies as you travel is to invite problems if you are not emotionally capable of handling what comes your way.  For as you enter deep states of trance and the subconscious rises to the surface, so will deep inner emotions.  If you have a family – children, a spouse, close loved ones, and you are not able to address those emotions and get healing and release, this could be a problem for you and has the potential to negatively influence your relationships.

This does not mean that one needs to be in fear about this, but rather it means that a lifestyle of transparency is in order.  If we are willing to live as ones who are transparent about our emotions and thoughts, we will be able to receive the healing when we need it, will be able to acknowledge times when we are at fault, and will be able to walk in restoration in relationships instead of a breaking down of them.  It also means that we need to be actively seeking God for freedom in our emotions so that we CAN walk freely in this aspect of the Kingdom realm without fear and without anything holding us back.

The word of wisdom here is that if this is a pursuit you want to engage in, get inner healing.  Find someone who can help you unearth and heal deep and hidden wounds, and you will find this does not only affect your spiritual life, but your social and home life as well.  Its effects will be resounding in all areas of your life.

Spiritually, there are other cautions in this subject as well.  Many have been led astray by false spirits in the past, and it is bound to happen again as we all pursue this topic in greater measure.    It is of utmost important that our discernment increase in this hour. We must be willing to test the spirits and also ABLE to test and discern the presence and intent of spirits who come to us as we travel about the universe in our spirits.  Not every spirit who approaches you who appears kindly will actually be an angel of light.  Even as the Bible says, Satan masquerades as an angel of light, and he does this seeking whom he may devour.  Satan’s goal is destruction, and any means possible by which the enemy can make this happen is the method they will engage.  Do not let your guard down when traveling spiritually.  This does not mean that you need to be in fear either, but it does mean that you need to walk wisely in this path.  Wisdom is your friend in this.  Get to know her.

Spirits are not the only danger as we travel spiritually.  Other humans are also out and about in the ethers, and some of them, many of them, in fact, work for the dark side.  I have read and heard of stories where witches and other practitioners of dark arts have actively engaged and captured the spirits of others, taking them where they did not want to go.  This is a possible reality, and one we ought to be aware of.    We have been given authority over these and over all the power of the evil one, but when the rubber meets, the road, we need to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that in many ways we have inferior experience to this method of warfare.  We are as a Body increasing in our understanding of waging war in the heavens in this manner, but until we reach a greater maturity in this, we are stepping into an area that has been largely cultivated and invaded by dark spiritual forces.  We must be aware of this and prepared for it as we step in this realm.  It may require battles ahead to forcibly take back that which has been perverted by darkness in the airwaves and the ethers, but if those battles come, it is best that we be aware in advance and be willing to pay the price to win them.

The word of wisdom here is to be wise of the schemes of the enemy.  We are not unaware that we are in some ways walking into a hornets nest, but we have not come unprepared.  We must come together as a team when we walk through these battles, and we must choose to stand firm on the promises of God and live in His protection.  We will find that as we walk in love, these battles will come, but they will fall away more easily as the enemy has no foothold with which to take root.  Even those people whom we do battle against will find that our love overpowers their darkness, and that perfect love casts out fear.   When we walk in the love of the Father, His perfect agape love, we will be invincible to the powers of darkness, and they cannot stand against us in the face of His love.

Love is the key in this.  In fact, I think Love might be the ONLY key.  If we walk in love we will do things that demonstrate our love to others.  We will not spy on them, we will do things in keeping with the law of love.  If we love ourselves, we will seek healing for the hurts and wounds that have been inflicted upon us by others, and we will free ourselves up to walk in greater love.  If we love those who are trapped in darkness, and even those who have become servants of the prince of darkness, our battles will be won.  We will be fighting not just for our own selfish purposes, but to see the King of Glory manifest His love into darkened hearts, and as we do this we surely cannot fail.

I encourage each and everyone one of you who is seeking to travel in the spirit to pray about this word and see what things God would highlight to you that He wants to address to prepare you to walk in greater fullness.  This is a bit of a sobering word, one which isn’t full of the fun-and-games attitude that I prefer to live in, but I believe it is an important word which we need to hear.  God is opening up this realm to us, but He is not leaving us alone.  He is walking through this process with us, and even is giving us guidance and direction on how to prepare our hearts and our minds in advance so that we can live victorious as we go forth.  Blessings to all of you, and may this message touch your heart in a new way, that you might draw ever closer to Him.

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