This past┬áSeptember (22-24, 2016) I helped a friend, Dr. Aaron Winter of Hearts of Fire International host the Encounter God conference in Portland, Oregon. The conference was pretty awesome, and many people received a touch from God in a variety of ways. I saw a friend there who I hadn’t seen for a few years, and we talked about angels for a little while. I shared with her some revelation a friend had shared with me a while back that really spoke to me–that angels are drawn to our worship, but it’s partly because they get healed in the glory. Angels love the presence of God, and when they are here on earth they are relatively bound to the same experience of God that we have–which means when we don’t engage God’s glory, they don’t get to either. When we worship, soak, and pray, and engage God’s presence and glory, however, they are able to heal and get empowered to battle and carry out God’s will in the earth.

As I shared with this here, I began to spontaneously cry. I could sense the emotions of the angels around me as I spoke, and I heard in my spirit some of them saying “Share this. Share this message. Tell this story on our behalf–the people need to know.” I didn’t get the feeling that conference was the appropriate forum for that particular message, but I knew in my spirit I needed to write this article, because it is a message from the angels–my angels, your angels.

I once heard someone share a prophetic word during a service (not at this conference) that they sensed angels flying in from miles around to be there and to participate in the glory that was present.

God wants you to empower your angels because YOU are the gate of heaven to earth. You are the convergence point of the glory, and message from your angelsyour ministering spirits are connected to the glory that you bring into your life. It is a nice idea to think that angels are constantly connected with God’s glory when they are around us, but in the same way that we can actively experience God’s presence at some times and not at others, angels have the same experience. While they are far more familiar with His glory than we are, they still require spiritual rejuvenation as they carry out assignments on the earth, and we are the solution to that problem.

Angels aren’t just mindless slaves that God sends out to do His bidding. They are created beings who have knowledge, reason, and will. They have no sin and are fully obedient to God, but they have different personalities, appearances, strengths, and weaknesses. When they are attacked by demons, they get hurt and they feel pain. This isn’t just some imaginary happening–angels deal daily with the demonic forces set against our lives, and while they may not be plagued by demons when in God’s presence in heaven, the same cannot be said of their time spent here.

Please keep in mind that your angels are sent to partner with you–they need your help. If you feel open to it, choose to take a few minutes, or longer if necessary, to connect with some of your angels–your guardian angel at the very least. Ask him or her what they find most difficult about watching over you, and how you can help them do their job better. I think you will be surprised at what you discover, and if you heed their advice, you may find things going just a little more smoothly in your life in the coming days.


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