My latest book, Practical Keys to Raise the Dead, is now available on Amazon in both print and on Kindle!

God has taken me on a journey these past five-plus years to gain wisdom and understanding about raising the dead,  including conversations with others who have tried, whether they succeeded or failed.   Unlike the other books out there on resurrection that talk mostly about faith and testimonies, this book is all about practical things–the nuts and bolts of actually “doing it”.  How and where to store the body, how long it can be kept above ground, ways to actively and practically walk in faith to see it through, and even how to figure out if you need to stop praying and move forward.  This book is short–only 47 pages in print, but it is chock full of simple and practical wisdom not otherwise in print.  Please share this news with your family and friends and help get the word out, and I pray this book blesses you as I share with you Practical Keys to Raise the Dead!

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