I wrote this article last year, when it first aired as a guest post on PrayingMedic.com (here) and JesseBirkey.com (here).  As the new year starts I believe it is important to re-consider our goals and perspectives and how we can make a positive impact on society by transforming a culture on purpose.  Read on:


I have had the privilege over the past number of years to become increasingly connected with certain other believers who not only hold similar Kingdom values, but who have a similar goal in mind–to transform our culture by changing both what people think and how they think about it.

While this may sound a bit creepy at first, let me clarify. There is a group of individuals who are already doing this, and have been at it for years. Sometimes called the Illuminati, sometimes given other names, their goal is world-takeover on the highest levels, and they realized a long time ago that the way to do this was through socialization–changing what and how we think, as these two things directly impact how we live. I, too, want to transform our culture, but in a very different way. I believe it is our job to change the way the world thinks in order to see the Kingdom of God manifest on earth as it already is doing so in heaven.

This transformation doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen by accident. No, it is the result of an ongoing, purposeful attempt to steer thought and conversation in specific directions. Take, for example, the idea of Spirit Travel. I can remember that ten years ago, no one in Christian circles was talking about this subject. The VERY few people who were said almost nothing about it and the whole thing was very hush-hush. In other words, people were doing it and just not talking about it because the rest of the body would freak out about it.

Three and a half years ago I posted a Facebook note titled “To Project or Not to Project: That IS the Question” talking about spirit travel including terminology on the subject as well as common beliefs on the subject and offering a new perspective on this poorly-understood topic.  The conversation thread had over 200 comments, with a number of people who got extremely accusatory toward me, almost as though by discussing the topic I was directly performing witchcraft on them–which is absurd.  With a number of other things that went on behind the scenes I ended up having to block a number of people, as some were clearly not ready for this subject.  Just a few weeks ago (now this past spring), a close friend posted a thread on Facebook about Spirit Travel and got over 100 comments, only one of which was negative!

What was the difference between three and a half years ago and now? A lot. Over the past few years these friends of mine and I have done a lot of discussion on the subject. We have attempted to educate people on the topic and it seems to be working. I am not saying that my little group of friends and I have been single-handedly responsible for this shift. I should mention that conveniently, in the past three years there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are teaching on this topic, three main ones being Ian Clayton, Mike Parsons, and Justin Abraham. What I am saying, however, is that because we have been purposeful about shifting the conversation, it has opened many people up to the concept so that when these teachings by these other ministers have come along, the soil of their hearts was tilled and ready to receive.

There are a number of things I am pretty purposeful about talking about and sharing, including but not limited to translocation and spirit travel, resurrection from the dead and immortality, miracles, and inner healing and deliverance. I believe each of these areas needs additional attention from the Body of Christ, and that each of these subjects holds keys to transform this world. The point of being purposeful isn’t to bend the world to our will so much as it is to create a platform where a free flow of ideas creates an openness to the topics we find important. There is something about this idea of “collective consciousness” where when enough people get on board with a topic it starts to reach a critical mass. As this happens, the flow of revelation that comes from heaven to earth actually increases based on the demand we are placing on that revelation.

Our methods are pretty simple: open conversation on a subject even if it is poorly regarded, help other people view the subject in a new light, and continue to share new insights as we get them. As this happens, invariably new people with different insights are drawn into the conversation, and the total body of knowledge on the subject increases. As this happens, more and more people begin to get heavenly downloads and jump on board, and like a snowball rolling down a hill, the movement grows. I feel it is safe to say that just based on the response to Spirit Travel three years ago versus now that our methods are working. I should mention that we are very transparent about this, as evidenced by such things as this article you are reading now. Our goal isn’t to manipulate for untoward gain, but rather that as we all grow, we are better able to access Kingdom tools that God designed for us long ago.

I believe this is a method God has given us to help transform the earth, and I encourage you to see how you can put this to good use in your own life! You might begin by identifying key areas that you feel God is leading you to purposefully engage, and take a risk–step out on a limb and share something you might not get good feedback on. I know in my own life I began to talk about things because I believed that many other people were experiencing similar things but were too afraid to talk about them. By stepping out and being the “first one” I broke the silence. It was pretty amazing to me the number of other people who had confirming experiences, some of which were even more radical than my own! The key isn’t to get positive feedback, but rather to start the conversation. By opening up the floor, whether on social media, your own blog, in conversations with family and friends, or all of the above, you are putting a demand on heaven and God is ready and willing to respond! The flow of heaven is far more directed by our desires and expectations than you may think. Things are accelerating and change is breaking through at unprecedented speeds. Get started today and be surprised in a few years what differences you see.



If you would like to read more about the subject of traveling in the spirit, pick up a copy of my book The Beginner’s Guide to Traveling in the Spirit, available on Amazon.com in both print and Kindle.

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  1. Deb

    Michael, because of the group, I’ve begun to share about flower essences, and crystals. I can’t say I’ve had any positive response yet, either – but at least I haven’t had to block anyone. : )

    Most people are afraid of these subjects – just as I was, a few short years ago. But thanks to people like you, I’m getting a bit bolder all of the time, and not (too) afraid of negative reactions.

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